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09 Jun 2021 10:55:08
So EK is preparing another bid, 2 billion, if correct still not enough IMO. I think he has to be 2.5 billion and above to tempt the Americans.


1.) 09 Jun 2021 15:34:40
You just tagged on half a billion like it's nothing. Do you realise what half a billion actually is.

2.) 09 Jun 2021 20:08:26
Oh dear understand it in the context of the situation which you clearly don’t - to us it’s huge but the new offer won’t even raise an eyebrow on the Americans forehead . Yes to us it’s huge to a billionaire who has said “ we don’t need the money “ it’s nothing.

3.) 10 Jun 2021 00:12:47
Quick google search says that Arsenal are valued roughly around $2.8bn so I imagine the owners would want more than that.

4.) 10 Jun 2021 08:09:19
That’s right fuser which is why the yanks would want something approaching 3 billion . EK is way off the mark.

5.) 10 Jun 2021 15:09:17
It’s great to want someone who is passionate about your club being the owner but is he a realistic prospect? Spotify is only worth £3bn itself, so without another backer alongside EK I don’t see it as being realistic.

6.) 10 Jun 2021 21:16:37
Spotify is worth $46bn.

7.) 11 Jun 2021 13:26:54
It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are half a billion is a huge difference. I understand the original statement. Also $2.8 billion dollars is just under £2 billion pounds sterling as of this morning, if you can't grasp basic currency, don't band around fictitious figures.

8.) 11 Jun 2021 14:08:15
They aren't going to sell at all. Arsenal fc makes them money. Its a fairy tale that is never going to happen.



06 Apr 2021 11:15:12
Talk of Odegaard being offered out to other PL clubs this Summer, let’s hope he’s that happy with us he stays.


{Ed002's Note - Arsenal have no option to buy him.

Martin Odegaard (RW/AM) Arsenal beat Real Sociedad to a loan in January but have no option to buy. Real Madrid are happy to include him on a lengthy list of players that they are open to selling or including in exchanges in the summer - and that may suit Seville who have a player that Real Madrid are showing an interest in. Ideally Real Madrid would like an auction for him but will seek €40M for a cash sale. Arsenal would consider him on a permanent deal but it depends on finances which are tight.}

1.) 07 Apr 2021 20:20:25
If he has good options it's difficult to think why he would want to be at Arsenal next season.

Reasons staying would be game time he gets at Arsenal.

Reasons for not staying are it's highly likely we won't be playing European football next season plus there is nothing apart from wishful thinking to argue Arsenal will be any different next season under Arteta than they were last season or are this season under Arteta.

I don't know the lad and maybe there are reasons I'm not aware of why he would want to be at Arsenal next season but there certainly isn't any obvious reason to think he would.



05 Oct 2020 19:10:57
Partey isn’t done yet - I’d be amazed if we were to get him.


1.) 14 Oct 2020 10:09:55
Are you not amazed?!?!



05 Oct 2020 10:38:57
Guendozy and Torriera gone then, does this mean a midfielder coming in?


{Ed002's Note - There is a chance. Arsenal enquired after Maxime Lopez (but were told he is heading elsewhere) and Morgan Sanson (but wanted a loan exchange with Guendouzi and/or Saliba) and Marseille would not consider that unless there was an obligation to buy and Thauvin was sold. Arsenal have asked again about Amadou Diawara but I am not sure that there is sufficient time to do anything. Later it may become clearer.}

1.) 05 Oct 2020 11:55:01
Ed that’s great info to have at hand with things changing so quickly.
Greatly appreciated I hope you have the time to respond when available throughout the day and keep us informed. ✌️.

2.) 05 Oct 2020 13:21:39
Great insight. Thanks Ed. Still shambolic but I’d be happy with Diawara.




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15 Sep 2021 18:46:22
I don’t get why Xhaka declined the vax surely it’s beneficial all round for everyone concerned.


1.) 15 Sep 2021 19:15:37
Not sure Ox personal preference i suppose. i did think twice about it. But now i'm double jabbed, i have to stay away from anything metal. For some strange reason my left arm keeps sticking to things. ?.

2.) 15 Sep 2021 19:24:48
Is he the only one in the squad?

3.) 15 Sep 2021 19:47:48
I know what you mean JG93 mate, I've been wearing a tinfoil hat ever since I've had my jabs, it's not for my own sake, it's for Bill Gates sake, I wouldn't want to inflict my bizarre mind on him ?.

4.) 15 Sep 2021 19:58:32

5.) 15 Sep 2021 21:27:23
Might be a problem during the winter C.V. peak if countries insist on a vax passport.
It won't affect Arsenal this year but might impact players in the international games?

6.) 15 Sep 2021 22:38:12
I see your point Sally but you can't force someone to do something they are psychology not comfortable with doing, I am very pro jab myself but I appreciate some people are genuinely frightened unknown possible future.

Myself I convinced we are every bit as much likely to unforeseen bonus benefits long term as there are to see unforseen ill effects from jabs.

7.) 15 Sep 2021 22:55:55
Just thinking 93, surely personal preference could potentially create chaos for a club and you could end up with multiple players self isolating .

8.) 15 Sep 2021 23:14:51
Gunner62 amazing!

9.) 15 Sep 2021 23:29:35
My next door neighbour won't have it either as they are worried about any side effects that may come later, and for me that's totally understandable and I respect their decision 100%, even though personally I am having my flu jab this Saturday and will book my booster jab as soon as I'm invited to do so.

Mind you I couldn't help but remind my neighbour about the side effects of a new blood pressure tablet that was being trialled 20 years ago, when those on the trial were asked " Have you had any side effects? They all smiled and said " only really nice ones "
And so Viagra was born ???.

10.) 16 Sep 2021 13:49:20
People have every right to refuse the jab, I’ve declined to have the jabs, and will 100% will not have any type of jab that was made in a matter of weeks to cure a sickness that isn’t as deadly as they say, my rights no one else’s.

11.) 16 Sep 2021 17:32:38
No one is saying people don't have the right not to have it Welsh, it is and always has been and I'm sure will always be your personal choice Welsh mate.

12.) 16 Sep 2021 19:36:51
Absolutely everyone`s right not to have the jab bit like everyone having there own opinion on here! One for the regulars! Must be boring though not watching at all until MA goes COYG So are we assuming Gunnernicky is Welsh now?

13.) 16 Sep 2021 20:26:17
Definitely Ox, especially on the European stages and at international level. However its still a personal choice so the players who aren’t/ won’t get vaccinated will just have to miss out unfortunately.

No one can force anyone to have a jab, although they are trying there best with the care staff.

14.) 16 Sep 2021 20:40:02
I personally believe Nicky is Welsh Sussex mate as were Craig and Jelfy also, the posting style is indistinguishable from all 4 usernames.

Absolutely nothing wrong with changing your user name if you want or need to because you've forgotten your login details, but It's always better to be up front honest and open about than try to hide it.

Look at poor old RG, he must have changed names 10 or more times but his posts always revealed his true identity before long,

If I was to change my username, how long would it be before Hansom Chambers gave me away ❤?❤❤.

15.) 16 Sep 2021 22:05:50
Hi JG93 mate, the caring industry is a real tricky one mate.

The people who need the care have every right to be protected as much as humanely possible but equally no carers should be made to have the jab.

The job market is really buoyant right now and retaining existing carers and recruiting new ones will be tough because of the very difficult work, very low pay and now the jab rule.
Increase the wage from minimum wage to £15 would be a very good step in the right direction, and they are well worth every penny of that.

16.) 18 Sep 2021 07:37:11
Maybe he declined the vax because he prefers Dyson? Everyone has their own choice of vacuum cleaners.

Just to clarify, joking aside no vax was made “ in a matter of weeks” and without the facts people should not comment.



11 Sep 2021 23:20:26
Raducanu what an incredible win

Well done girl.


1.) 12 Sep 2021 00:02:57
100% what a fantastic achievement. Think we know where spoty trophy is going?.

2.) 12 Sep 2021 00:31:23
Wry true - great game from both of them. Can’t believe the amazing standard and maturity. Great speeches from both. Amazing win and game to watch.

3.) 12 Sep 2021 07:58:58
A fantastic example to all youngsters and us oldies alike, she was overcome by the occasion at Wimbledon, but just 2 months later she has well and truly put that setback behind her.

Sports personality of the year winner? Who else

So pleased for her.

4.) 12 Sep 2021 10:57:44
And she smashed her A levels! What a role model.

5.) 12 Sep 2021 12:03:36
Well done you Romanian legend.

6.) 12 Sep 2021 18:45:36
Just spent the international break reading/ rolling eyes at a schoolboy extra driving a jalopy allegedly taking every pharmaceutical known to man getting lap dances from Dirty Den supporting a team that`s won feck all who is a flighty supporter/ fan at best hoping the comments would improve after said break . Shame really COYG :)

7.) 12 Sep 2021 19:32:19
I'm hoping the comment isn't meant to be as ridiculous as it sounds Sussex mate.

Emma was born to a Romanian father and chineese mother in Canada and came to live in the UK at 2 years of age, she could quite legitimately identify as Romanian Chineese Canadian or British and represent any of those 4 nations.
All her memories and experiences are of living in and being British and she is quite clearly every bit as British as any of us are.

8.) 12 Sep 2021 20:05:23
Sure it wasn’t! COYG.

9.) 12 Sep 2021 20:30:18
The team that's won more European and league cups than Arsenal ??? spurs are poor I agree but Arsenal are absolutely finished mate,

10.) 12 Sep 2021 21:11:37
???? undoubtedly the worst put down I’ve read on here! More league cups ??? Come on Raver surely you can do better than that - oh no you can’t because as I’ve said you’ve won feck all COYG.

11.) 12 Sep 2021 22:30:28
Of course he's one of THOSE people.

12.) 12 Sep 2021 23:59:32
6th most successful club in English football not bad for a team that's won feck all????.

13.) 13 Sep 2021 00:01:09
16th and going absolutely nowhere, keep arteta at the wheel ??? by the way Brighton is your local club PLASTIC.

14.) 13 Sep 2021 07:12:09
Shocking what passes for banter these days. At least we're spared any talk of imaginary trouser reptiles.

15.) 13 Sep 2021 08:52:20
And relax De Niro COYG.



11 Sep 2021 19:15:54
Villa have done very well against Chelsea, Villa another side that look much improved . We most definitely have our work cut out this season.


1.) 11 Sep 2021 20:46:06
West ham have carried on from last season too mate, Leicester West ham Spurs seem to be on the road to establishing themselves as Europa league/ conference group behind the already established elite top 4.

Both Vila and Everton will consider themselves every bit as much if not more capable than us of breaking into that 7th to 5th group.

Getting back into Europe is starting to look like a long road now.

{Ed025's Note - more like a motorway G62.. :)

2.) 12 Sep 2021 08:17:09
Hi Ed025 mate brilliant to hear from you ?

Yes our journey back is starting to look more like completing route 66 on a push bike than popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk mate ?

Even when we do finally get our act together the teams who've overtaken us aren't simply going to bow to our history, we are going to have to earn our way back the hard way.

{Ed025's Note - hi G62, you know i love the gooners but they are a bit of a shambles at the moment mate, for me i dont expect a great deal of improvement either while Edu and Arteta are running things..

3.) 12 Sep 2021 10:14:15
I agree Ed025 mate, until Edu and Arteta go the journey back can't even begin, but once they finally do go we have to be realistic and humble enough to accept who we are now and not fool ourselves into believing because of our history everything will simply come good once we get a decent manager.

The clubs, players and fans of the clubs above us want it every bit as much as we do and are absolutely every bit as entitled to any success they earn as we are.

It's not going to be easy without Arteta but clearly it's proving absolutely impossible with him.

But on a more positive note, footbal is much like life, no one likes going tough times but without them how could we ever fully appreciate the highs and how really lucky we are to have them ????.



11 Sep 2021 17:07:46
Today was always looking like the most likely game from the next four to get 3 points

Arteta has Burnley Tottenham Brighton to follow, 5 points would probably keep him in a job.


1.) 11 Sep 2021 17:56:58
He is only one of the 3 stooges, so 0 points would probably keep him in a job ????.



04 Sep 2021 12:28:41
Q Can we aim our anger towards our owners? Biggest spend this window biggest net spend also since Edu has been with us .

So what more can we expect of our owners?


{Ed002's Note - The money has to be recovered still.}

1.) 04 Sep 2021 13:34:20
Yes it does but the owners have dug deep is my point, can a fan ask anymore?

Surely it’s the recruiting we vent the anger at and not the owners?

2.) 04 Sep 2021 16:13:02
I think investment wise we can ask no more but unfortunately money is all thry know and understand and running a successful football club is about much more than just spending money on huge fees, paying crazy wages and buying the services of agents.

Building good relationships with other clubs and the fans, making sure your players and other staff enjoy working for you and want to do a good job for you, plus making sure the people who you place in positions of power within in the club get the best out of those who work under them

The club fail on all counts but money and for me that's the problem at Arsenal, those in charge don't know how to treat people, while in sone industries you can get away with having a poor relationship with your employees and operate a high turnover of staff but football is different in so much as players get secure contracts and huge wages enabling them to simply go through the motions if not motivated and there is very little you can do to get rid of them without paying them a fortune in compensation to leave, hence we are where we are on and off the field.

3.) 04 Sep 2021 17:32:24
Agreed Banbury.

4.) 04 Sep 2021 22:23:42
I'm reading that Edu wanted to bring in Neto through Kia but Arteta stood his ground and got Ramsdale. Interesting dynamic going on.

5.) 05 Sep 2021 13:00:15
I get that 62 but I bet if a poll was taken across the fans of all PL clubs the over whelming answer would be they want their club to be successful on the pitch before anything else and you can’t do that without spending money and our owners have.

6.) 05 Sep 2021 16:48:23
I totally agree Banbury mate but equally if you polled all players and asked which managers got the best out of you, my guess is the top answer would be " the ones who were honest and treated everyone as individuals and listened as well as they talked.

Footballers are just like the rest of us they respond well to fairness compassion and understanding but not so well to dictators who treat them as their property.

{Ed014's Note - if you listen to the podcast in the first few minutes you’ll hear Ed01 and the others talk about Arteta and his training methods which the players don’t like.

It’s not great listening as a gooner! 🤦‍♂️

7.) 05 Sep 2021 18:07:09
Hi ed14, Trish didn’t hold any punches when it came to Arteta

When are you going to be on the podcast?

{Ed014's Note - none whatsoever mate and when I can get time. It was supposed to be Wednesday this week, which I could have done, then changed to Thursday and I couldn’t.

8.) 05 Sep 2021 18:38:57
Where is the podcast please Ed014 mate?

If people enjoy working for you they will produce thier best for you, let's face it, it's not a nice feeling for any of to know we've let someone down who has been good to us

On the other hand, if someone treats us and those around us disrespectfully chances are you can't wait to see the back of them

Money and power buy compliance not respect and genuine allegiance.

{Ed014's Note - it’s above this string of posts mate, it’s titled See you next Thursday, you click on that and it takes you to the podcast.

Guests are always welcome if you wanted to join in. There was a guy from the Liverpool page this week.

9.) 05 Sep 2021 19:20:36
I've found the podcast 😎😃😁😀😂 thank you.

Question, what can Arteta do to turn things around at Arsenal?
Quit! Replies Ed001 quick as a flash, brilliant 😀😁😁😂😃.

10.) 05 Sep 2021 18:47:56
Thank you Es014 mate.

{Ed014's Note - you’re welcome mate

11.) 05 Sep 2021 19:56:29
I so agree Arteta over coaches players, we heard that during lock down games on TV with Arteta constantly telling his players what to do during the games, this puts his players in two minds about everything and causes indecision and unnecessary mistakes.

On match days you've got trust your players once they are on the pitch and simply encourage and motivate them from the sidelines, not coach them, that's not showing any trust in your players at all.




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18 Aug 2021 21:17:22




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18 Aug 2021 18:43:33
Average player got a average side for a average club

Fits in well.




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10 Jun 2021 08:09:19
That’s right fuser which is why the yanks would want something approaching 3 billion . EK is way off the mark.




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09 Jun 2021 20:08:26
Oh dear understand it in the context of the situation which you clearly don’t - to us it’s huge but the new offer won’t even raise an eyebrow on the Americans forehead . Yes to us it’s huge to a billionaire who has said “ we don’t need the money “ it’s nothing.




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27 May 2021 08:07:33
He’s a good keeper IMO 👍.





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15 Sep 2021 22:55:55
Just thinking 93, surely personal preference could potentially create chaos for a club and you could end up with multiple players self isolating .




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15 Sep 2021 19:58:32




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15 Sep 2021 10:01:35
My apologies to Arsenal then

I’d tell him to stay there.




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13 Sep 2021 20:38:56
Typical of the way the club is run, get yourself sent off and go home for rest mate





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13 Sep 2021 11:36:20
A good read that can’t be disagreed with.