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10 Jan 2024 10:44:31
Any truth in us activating friimpong realise clause in the summer.

Stephen bristow

{Ed002's Note - Jeremie Frimpong (RB/RWB/RM/LB) Bayer Leverkusen would not be open to offers in January unless someone is offering close to €50M. Being versatile has made him attractive to Chelsea and Arsenal who will likely now have him as first choice after losing out on another. 10 years at Manchester City might be against a move to Manchester United, but they have looked. Agent is offering him around major European sides including Bayern Munich and Barcelona. Aston Villa may provide a wilcard option.}

1.) 11 Jan 2024 07:51:57
Thanks ed for you're reply and knowledge as always.



30 Jul 2023 07:42:18
I see Liverpool are link with a loan for mbappe any chance us getting him on loan or would it be too expensive.

Stephen bristow

{Ed025's Note - i cant see him going anywhere bar madrid Stephen..

1.) 30 Jul 2023 12:55:34
Yeah shame a season loan would of been nice haha.



08 Jul 2023 05:22:14
Hi eds do any of you know once rice and timber go through is it going to be just outgoings to gey some of the money we spent back or will more be arriving.

Stephen bristow

{Ed002's Note - You can expect at least a RB.}

1.) 08 Jul 2023 13:28:19
Great thanks ed.

2.) 08 Jul 2023 16:56:21
Do you think the rumours of a straight swap of Tierney for Cancelo have any legs Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City have a preferred target and I am not aware about a swap being discussed.}

3.) 08 Jul 2023 20:08:18
Cheers Ed appreciate the response enjoy your weekend



22 Jun 2023 23:35:29
Could we go for warde prowse I'd be happy with him if we can't get rice.

Stephen bristow

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any interest from Arsenal.}

1.) 23 Jun 2023 09:06:22
Thanks ed do you know if we have other players we're looking at in midfield incase we don't get rice.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, there are still options as has been previously explained but I would now discount Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and Carlos Baleba.}

2.) 23 Jun 2023 15:01:39
Thanks for the knowledge as always ed.



22 Jun 2023 08:50:17
Hi eds do you think Arsenal will get rice or do you think he will be going else where.

Stephen bristow

{Ed002's Note - Right now Arsenal will need to decide whether they will meet whatever price is acceptable to West Ham whilst West Ham may look for an auction knowing of the interest from Manchester United, Manchester City and perhaps Chelsea still. It can be done and Arsenal appear well placed.}

1.) 22 Jun 2023 12:45:43
That is so so good to hear! Arsenal need to put the money where their mouth is.

2.) 22 Jun 2023 15:47:53
If reports are to believed Arsenal may not be as well placed as they thought they were with news of an imminent City bid and reports that Rice is open to all offers.
Arsenal in danger here of looking foolish once again in their approach to signing a big time player only to see a hungrier club come in and swat us aside.
If this deal goes the same way as precious one’s questions need to be asked here.
Especially surrounding the Havertz deal because you can’t tell any reasonable person with half a football brain and functioning eyeballs that some of that Havertz money would have been much better served going towards securing Rice.

3.) 22 Jun 2023 14:53:31
Thanks for the reply Ed I have a feeling we will miss out as we try to penny pinch.

4.) 22 Jun 2023 17:16:55
Agree with most of what you say shambo but city a hungrier club? Nah just way deeper pockets and only arsenal fans think Rice should move to Arsenal- West Ham get more money Rice gets more money and although I Love Arsenal I would say City will win more trophies than us so attractive to Rice. It’s not like Spuds offering £100 mill for him as West Ham are happy but he’d win feck all. Maybe we see Havertz and Rice’s alternative as more important than Rice! COYG.

5.) 22 Jun 2023 22:53:41
Yeah but Man City still risk being sanctioned its a risk to go there. Arsenal isn’t penny pinching they need to balance priorities so the deal is heavily structured. It’s a more than reasonable amount for Rice.

But Man City have basically unlimited funds at their disposal and haven’t been held accountable for their alleged indiscretions yet.

6.) 22 Jun 2023 23:33:47
It's just my opinion. as westham have Sandall along 100mil plus and we have gone under waste of time bidding to be fair.

7.) 23 Jun 2023 16:15:15
I’ve got a fiat skudo 1998 for sale ere Steve. its yours for £10k mate ???

#yougottahustlealittle ❤️?.




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06 Dec 2023 10:34:25
Weather we win the league or not I'm just so happy to be part of a challenge again for the league and with how the team is winning ugly even when we're not at our best.

Stephen bristow

1.) 06 Dec 2023 18:54:58
If we win it Stephen it won’t be snowing ❄️ or cold ?there might be a little chill in the air but most likely it will be hot ?.

2.) 06 Dec 2023 20:42:42
Stephen, I hate to break it to you but we didn’t really challenge last year. City had it in the bag and we bottled it / collapsed. Decent journey but like the season before - we crashed when it mattered. No difference between our season and Newcastle’s season except they didn’t throw it away at the business end.

If we do the same - it’s a disaster as that’s 3 in a row.

I don’t think we will bottle it but I didn’t think we would last season. I honestly believe our squad will still come up short unless injuries fall into our lap as we didn’t strengthen enough in much needed positions and are exposed exactly as we were last year. The boss and club haven’t learned. Hopefully they prove me wrong in Jan window. We’ve also had a slightly easier run of games to date so need to go away to Liverpool, City and Spurs before we get too carried away.

I’ve not followed this club for ages to be happy not properly competing and City look a little vulnerable again, less hungry may be due to number of titles in a row or whatever. But we’ve shown faith in Arteta, invested an insane amount of money and are a big club. I’ll be pxssed if we don’t win it or are not competing come the last game of the season. That’s competing not last years bollox, albeit a big improvement but improvements need results and outcomes not consolations and players players trophies….

3.) 06 Dec 2023 21:11:42
How sy4 you will be a right laugh on a night out. Let Stephen have his moment in joy. of winning a very hard fought game. At times I was thinking a point may not be a bad thing from that game.

Yes we also made it hard work but Luton were on it they played well their fans gave it well too the pitch and stadium on their side created a really difficult game but we came out on top proud of the team proud of arteta.

Hoping for just as good if not slightly better second half and the league title hoping team stay fit and healthy.

Don’t think we have a strong enough squad to keep on all the stages will need choose which stages we want to risk all and which ones we can use for rotation purpose and get youngsters exposure.

4.) 06 Dec 2023 21:17:35
Hi SY, if City had it in the bag how can we have bottled it? Surely its impossible to throw away something yiu never had in the first place?

5.) 07 Dec 2023 18:59:48
How many points were we ahead at Christmas. & how many teams in that position managed to throw it away - is that not bottling it?

When we wobbled - City grabbed hold of it with both hands and quickly had it in the bag. It was impossible for them to win without a crash from us.

M a decent night out - a very expensive date.

6.) 08 Dec 2023 12:08:20
Hi 62 - hope well and ready for Christmas?

7.) 08 Dec 2023 17:19:25
Hi SY, yes all good in my hood thanks mate and hope everything is good with you too geeza.

Yes mate I'm looking forward to the 10 days off and turkey dinner very much mate, plus whatever santa ? brings me of course ? what about you mate,

8.) 08 Dec 2023 17:40:04
Great to hear.

All good here and can’t wait for Christmas . Ordered a huge amount of beef for Christmas and 25% off champagne from Sainsburys plus some really nice Portuguese red wine. Seeing both sides of the family and i'm really looking forward to it.

Hoping we have a great Christmas and run In to May as a team.

Enjoy and stay positive my friend.

9.) 08 Dec 2023 19:49:52
Have a brilliant one with you and yours mate, Christmas is a brilliant time for switching off and just enjoying the things we don't make enough time for the rest of the year mate, my jury is still out on whether the giving is better than receiving thing though ????.



09 Nov 2023 05:38:28
Nice win last night just what we needed shame about sala hopefully his injury is not a bad one.

Stephen bristow



05 Nov 2023 11:49:15
Is there a week where it seems the refs and var ain't against our club seems like they have an Arsenal agenda lol.

Stephen bristow

{Ed014's Note - don’t start that Stephen! ?

1.) 05 Nov 2023 12:40:39
Stephen their incompetence is league wide not team realated! Scrappy game no one deserved to win. Therefore I see as a lost point! But the incompetence is breath taking COYG.

2.) 05 Nov 2023 12:43:26
Its the Deep State Anti Arsenal Agenda Stephen, and absolutely anyone and everyone who denies existence of the DSAAA are so clearly and obviously part of the DSAAA????

The truth is out there fellow gooners ????.

3.) 05 Nov 2023 13:00:33
United supporter here lads. Thought that goal wouldn't stand. Looked a foul to me by Joelinton. On the ball being out they should probably change the rule to it being out if not touching the line. Easier than guessing if some of the ball overhangs the line.

4.) 05 Nov 2023 13:26:46
Sorry to pour water on your rule change Domcon - far too fecking sensible - not a chance they’ll implement COYG.

5.) 05 Nov 2023 13:51:25
Whatever happened to good old days where most of the ball had to be over the line, that was much easier to know ?????.

6.) 05 Nov 2023 13:53:38
I agree the have got it wrong for so many teams but city got a soft pen we had 2 clear ones at Chelsea nothing given then yesterday was a joke.

7.) 05 Nov 2023 13:52:02
Sorry Ed but I can't help it haha.

{Ed014's Note - ??

8.) 05 Nov 2023 15:57:03
It is the banter page after all.

9.) 05 Nov 2023 16:59:19
I don't think it's anti arsenal, if they were rigging things we woulda lost to city, no? But it does look suspiciously like match fixing in many games, and that presumably is related to gambling.

10.) 05 Nov 2023 18:22:11
Arsene Wenger once said " you have to believe the game is honest otherwise what's the point "

I'm with Arsene on this one SW, I believe those running var are inept but most certainly not corrupt.

11.) 05 Nov 2023 20:08:40
I agree g62, bizarre incompetence, but not corrupt. Especially that game, if they wanted us to lose the simplest thing was to just send Havertz off.

12.) 05 Nov 2023 22:07:17
Very good point Eden mate, few could have complained if Kai walked, but he didn't.

13.) 06 Nov 2023 00:24:53
Ive been trying to believe it for many years. Like I said, I don't believe in any anti-arsenal agendas, just an impossible level of ineptitude that looks incredibly dodgy (gambling is about far more than the mere result) .

Happy for anyone that still believes in the integrity of the competition within elite football, and indeed sports in general.

Ps: no camera angle available? Shift goal line technology to every line already, or invest in proper cameras, how hard can that be!

14.) 06 Nov 2023 21:00:40
We established years ago they aren’t cheats…. when the made a ref wear a mic…

Adams calls Ellery a cheat and questions decision…

Elleray to Adams

“OK, you’re frustrated but there is a variation of words you can use and cheat is not one of them. We may be useless but we don’t cheat. Alright? ”




25 Oct 2023 11:54:41
Please let ramsgate back in the team the guy has not done anything wrong.

Stephen bristow

1.) 25 Oct 2023 15:09:54
As Raya is only on loan I reckon Arteta's giving him lots of minutes to see how he shapes up re: a purchase Stephen.
He knows Ramsdale's qualities. I just hope he isn't too unsettled by the whole thing.

I'm not too worried about the little hiccups but I am slightly concerned about Raya's height. Especially as he has been told to play forward. It seems to leave him vulnerable.

2.) 25 Oct 2023 17:00:29
Trouble is Sally Ramsdale might say, I’m not being messed around in an experiment and clear off.

3.) 25 Oct 2023 17:10:02
I can see that Ox, but could we afford to have a less than brilliant kewper if Ramsdale got injured, especially in the. L?

4.) 25 Oct 2023 17:28:04
Oops I meant Champions League.

5.) 25 Oct 2023 18:27:31
Ramsdale wants to be England number one and to achieve that he needs to his clubs number one, if not Arsenal's then another clubs first choice, I personally couldn't blame the lad if he wants out in January, I'd be gutted for the team and fans but I'd definitely understand his reasons if he did want to move.

6.) 25 Oct 2023 19:11:05
I agree 62

Sal, Ramsgate won’t want to play 2nd fiddle he will go if this Carrie’s on.

7.) 25 Oct 2023 19:58:13
Ramsdale's save percentage was only 55% in the first 4 games, I don't get the he was dropped for no reason thing, he wasn't in great form just after we brought Raya in (maybe because of the added pressure) but there was a credible reason to try Raya instead. They've both been a bit wobbly, but personally I think Raya has been better overall.

8.) 25 Oct 2023 19:58:53
Absolutely Banbury mate we only have to put ourselves in the lads position, if we'd just been a huge part of the company we worked most successful year for a very long tine and our boss brought in someone else to do our job and demoted us we'd all naturally be offended and hurt, if our replacement was far better at the job than we were we'd have to reluctantly accept our boss was ruthless but right in his decision, but if our replacement struggled and our boss refused to accept his mistake I think we'd all be looking at the situations vacant ads, it's human nature.

9.) 25 Oct 2023 20:27:35
Even worse 62 - Ramsdale was dropped for no reason. I’m not the biggest Ramsdale’s fan as I think we need a better keeper on crosses and as a “sweeper. ” The criticism before we signed him still stands. But I believe every player should earn his shirt. Arteta has undermine thst by playing Kai and Raya. He’s annoyed Partey and Ramsdale plus I’d think Trossard ho can’t get a game. We questioned if Arteta had the experience to manage an unhappy dressing room, rotating, in game changes and not tinkering for tinkering sake or even being smart enough not to burn out Saka.

I think the manager has raised more questions about him than answers to be honest. Even if thst honesty isn’t popular on this site.

10.) 25 Oct 2023 21:02:03
I like ramsdale bug if he can't respect the managers decision than we are better without him. Although there has been nothing to say that he is not happy with the current setup. Managers need the opportunity to experiment. Football is a team sport and if you don't like being part of team then you are in the wrong game. Love ramsdale for coming out and stating even he thinks too much is being made of the gk situation at arsenal. Did his wife not give birth on the weekend maybe his head has been else where n that's why raya is given more chances. Stop following the media stay united behind the team and manager. Enjoy the moment.

11.) 25 Oct 2023 21:19:51
Hi SY, I think our league position last season and this season is very answer in response to our doubts about him, we could argue that we could have done even better but compared to where we've been for many years prior to last season that's being very picky in my opinion.

On paper Arteta is doing a very good job facts and results back that up far more than opinions take anything away, but personally I think Arteta is an extremely lucky manager in that something seems to always happen to save him from his self and his bizarre tactics and choices.

Personally I'd rather bave a lucky manager in the top 2 than a brilliant but unlucky manager in mid table.

12.) 25 Oct 2023 21:30:43
Hi G4 personally I don't do social media or newspapers either in print or online, i mainly get anything I hear from the Eds, and I might very occasional look at BBC gossip round, if I'm really bored, obviously I haven't been bored for weeks because I can't remember the last time I looked at the bbc gossip round up.

My thoughts and opinions are all my own mate, and I am only imagining hoe Ramsdale must be feeling because if I were him that's how I'd feel, and top footballers want to play for club and Country its only natural, on the way up tge bench is a starting point but once you've been number one for some time the bench ain't the place any ambitious player wants or needs to be, especially a keeper as there is only one place available.

13.) 26 Oct 2023 12:21:45
I think Ramsdale will give it more than the January window IMO, he has had to battle his whole career for his position and been in relegation fights etc, he has come to a club as a NO 2 and worked to no,1 for a club competing for league titles and competing in the champions league, i'd be surprised if he then thought its all going to be plain sailing from here.

we are all entitled to our opinions and that's why I love this site as we all share and we all have slightly different views, but ultimately we all want the Arsenal to succeed.

I am a Ramsdale fan, but I honestly do not think there is much between them as keepers, so there must be something in training or in their current personal lives that just edges it for Raya at the moment in Arteta's eyes ( my guess is the arrival of Ramsdales new Born child)

I think it was probably the same for Gaberial at the start of the season, it was no surprise for me that he started playing as soon as the Saudi window shut, so I wonder if there was something going on in the background.

Arteta is always going to raise questions as he manages one of the top clubs in the world and he is inexperienced and seems to try
different things, some come off and some don't.

but when the bigger managers try something new they are applauded and praised but I guess that's due to credit in the bank etc.

14.) 26 Oct 2023 13:38:26
I wonder if it is because we love Ramsdale's cheekiness and we miss that .



25 Sep 2023 06:45:42
Hi all not the best result yesterday but we didn't lose so that is a little plus from what I see we just never seem to clear the lines or concentrate when we have just scored a goal jorginho should of cleared it instead of trying to take it round the player also we need abetter st like a giroud type that will win headers the amount of crosses we put in but they was not attacked at is a joke.

Stephen bristow

1.) 25 Sep 2023 10:35:01
Meant it is a joke.




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11 Jan 2024 07:51:57
Thanks ed for you're reply and knowledge as always.

Stephen bristow



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30 Jul 2023 12:55:34
Yeah shame a season loan would of been nice haha.

Stephen bristow



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08 Jul 2023 13:28:19
Great thanks ed.

Stephen bristow



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27 Jun 2023 08:52:21
It's been rejected there might still be hope if our board sort it out correctly.

Stephen bristow



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23 Jun 2023 15:01:39
Thanks for the knowledge as always ed.

Stephen bristow




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12 Jan 2024 11:07:05
Wish football would do what rugby do show it on the big screen stop the clock and you can hear the refs talk to each other its so much better.

Stephen bristow

{Ed002's Note - Football fans are very different to rugby fans and it would never work.}



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09 Nov 2023 05:41:46
The red card was harsh though how can Rushford get one for that but the Newcastle player didn't even get a yellow.

Stephen bristow

{Ed014's Note - that’s VAR for you Stephen, zero consistency!



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05 Nov 2023 15:57:03
It is the banter page after all.

Stephen bristow



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05 Nov 2023 13:52:02
Sorry Ed but I can't help it haha.

Stephen bristow

{Ed014's Note - ??



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05 Nov 2023 13:54:44
To be fair a few teams have been screwed over by var but seems a weekly thing for us.

Stephen bristow