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18 Dec 2019 21:55:50
Apparently City are surprised by the talk of us announcing Artetta as our manager when we haven't even spoken to them and agreed compensation.
Whatever has happened at Arsenal we used to be so prim and proper in how we conducted our business.


1.) 19 Dec 2019 11:17:19
This could be because the way they poached our players in the past. Pay back I guess.

2.) 19 Dec 2019 12:48:18
I doubt it but if so how old is josh 5?
City have well moved on from the Mark Hughes buy Arsenal days and have no interest in any of our players now days.
I'd incompetence was the more likely explanation than pay back.



10 Nov 2019 09:02:59
I'm not sure if Emery can't or won't change his ways but either way it's plainly obvious his ways his methods his tactics just aren't working at premier league level.
What would be the point in continuing with Emery few more games or weeks! What is going to suddenly start working that hasn't worked upto this point in time?
9 points over 26 games isn't impossible to make up but neither will it be a formality for a new manager either.

There are absolutely no guarantees that if we change managers things will suddenly come good but there is a genuine possibility they might under a different manager that simply doesn't exist under Emery.

We have a squad that has the quality in abundance we just need someone who can organise and motivate them into a cohesive team that functions to its full potential.
There is no logical reason to carry on with Emery, I've read people saying the club don't want to pay his compensation money and would rather let him see out his contact to save what a £3 millions pay off?

But that's just people being negative towards the board because I'm sure Josh and Co are more than capable of working out the financial loss of champions league football money v £3 million in compensation without the need to consult the world's greatest mathematic brains first.


1.) 10 Nov 2019 13:24:20
As usual, nothing to disagree with from G62. I have little faith in the board to act decisively. They have a history of dithering and fiddling while the team burns on the pitch. As you said elsewhere, the only language they understand is empty terracing. I would rather listen to us lose on the radio, than freeze my arse off sitting at the Emirates.

I would love to be wrong, but those hoping for a sacking on Monday. I wouldn't hold my breath.

2.) 10 Nov 2019 15:08:24
Hi Urban mate I think you've got it bang on, vote with you bum if your not happy and spend your time doing something that does make you happy until the club team and manager give you reason to feel they are your best way of spending your time and money again.

3.) 10 Nov 2019 19:24:06
I just don’t know how emery is making Managing Arsenal look like a difficult job? This season I honestly couldn’t tell you what system we’re playing. Yes Wenger was dated, but you knew what you was getting. A team trying to play possession football until an opening presented itself. Against Leicester, we couldn’t even string 5 passes together. No one knew where each other are, we got strikers playing like wingers, playing so deep against a team that plays with 1 striker. Emery isn’t connected to his players and he’s not connected to the fans. Sack this tactical fraud, leave Freddie in charge til we can get a manager with a clear vision.

4.) 10 Nov 2019 19:43:08
It's true ice mate we have no identity no structure no Arsenal way of playing that the players can get they're heads around and become comfortable with and most importantly good at.
Every game a different starting 11 a different game plan a different formation what chance do our players have? And of course they are only human so are naturally becoming deflated and losing interest and motivation to simply indulge yet more nonsense.

5.) 11 Nov 2019 09:58:15
Icy, you are so right. It was embarrassing watching us play what amounted to a back five against a side with a lone striker. And Gunner, spot on about identity, we don't have one at all. We even had one under Graham, albeit based on grinding opponents down and a very flat back four with their hands up every five minutes. I watched Liverpool yesterday afternoon, and even with some (one) lucky breaks, they looked every bit the finished article where we look pedestrian. The worst of it is, our front three/ four are the measure of anything Liverpool have got. But the rest is disorganised, poorly deployed, and yes, lacking any kind of identity.

The papers (I know) are this morning reporting the boards confidence in Emery. If true, I'm not surprised. Of course, we don't want a trigger happy board, but one season, and a third of this one, is enough to know. It could be a long frustrating season.

6.) 11 Nov 2019 10:25:20
In a game that’s about numbers and statistics, I’d be curious to know which one Emery is impressing in, that’s keeping him in that seat.
Ed any inside news on what’s happening? I just can’t accept the board are content with him because under him, Speaking statistically, we won’t challenge top 4 and we don’t want to bank winning Europe when we can’t hold a clean sheet.

{Ed002's Note - It was a mistake brining him in and as I said he was far from first choice. The club has gambled financially on getting in to the top four come the end of the season, and that remains the primary target. It is difficult to see anything happening before the summer when I suspect there might well be a change.}

7.) 11 Nov 2019 10:54:47
The papers are all quoting Ormstein Urban mate so it's a highly credible that is the boards position.
I'm pinning my hopes on the board using Ormstein as a deflection tactic and going to surprise us all as they did when they let the papers run with the "we only had 40 million to spend" story all last summer then bosh! broke our transfer record :-) I know it's not a theory you'd want to put your house on being correct is it :-) ?
Like you said yesterday mate vote with your bum and if your not happy with what's being offered simply don't accept it and find a more enjoyable way of spending your time and money, 20,000 empty seats is an extremely difficult fans message to ignore for long.

8.) 12 Nov 2019 06:49:18
I'm with you 62 fingers crossed 🤞.



08 Aug 2019 08:37:02
Arsenal and Chelsea have agreed an 8 million fee for David Luiz and Tierney will complete his 25 million move today also.

Where's Wesley? Could be a very busy day for you Wes mate.




03 Jul 2019 19:57:15
126 million for a 19 year old who has made 26 first team appearances?
I think we forget about the Lacasette to Athloco rumours now:-)


1.) 04 Jul 2019 09:27:33
Who’s that mate.

2.) 04 Jul 2019 09:29:36
Sell him for 250 mil.

3.) 04 Jul 2019 19:39:16
Felix Welsh mate.



09 May 2019 21:17:34
I know this week has taught us it ain't over until it's over but Valencia now need 4 in the last 30 minutes plus stoppage time, even we can't throw this away, can we :-)





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12 Jan 2020 16:19:53
What a job Nigel Pearson is doing at Watford, a bit of a strange character but certainly good at his job and kudos to Watford to for not letting public opinion stand between them and premier league survival, if a manager isn't working out for them they don't worry what other people think they accept they've got it wrong and try someone else before its too late.




10 Jan 2020 21:16:07
A man was injured today when hit in the face with a bottle of Omega 3 capsules.

Luckily he only suffered with Super Fish oil wounds.


{Ed047's Note - 🤦‍♂️🤣

1.) 10 Jan 2020 23:54:48
Is that you dags?

2.) 11 Jan 2020 12:31:47
He must be an arsenal player if he’s injured.



02 Jan 2020 19:29:10
I think you have to be an Arsenal fan to really appreciate just how different last night's performance was for us and exactly why it was so exciting for us.

I can definitely understand why other clubs fans might think we are going completely ott about winning 1 game :-)


{Ed047's Note - to read some of the posts on the United page slating Arsenal and this so called media hype around our win was just embarrassing.

That Arteta has done more in a few weeks or less with our squad compared to what OGS has done with theirs in months is like light and day and they clearly don’t like it.

Whilst we can’t say our squad is the best by any stretch, there’s for me, for the money spent, is shocking.

They are probably further away from a title winning side as they were in 2013 after their last one.

You’d have to be stupid not to see what’s been achieved, yes it’s the first shoots, but that’s how it’s starts.

It’s just so pleasing to see us play as a team, in a system, with the right mentality. The latter bit being the most pleasing to see.

Where Arteta takes us or doesn’t is just something we wait to unfold and right now I am more than impressed with both him and the squad. In a minute Xhaka may even make me eat some humble! 🤦‍♂️

1.) 02 Jan 2020 19:58:34
Are we over reacting - probably but I was more p@ssed off with the under reaction to the flacid Emery. Give him time. Give him 3 seasons. bullsh@t

We’ve been frustrated for over 10 years and all the issues were known to almost everyone on this site. I could have done a better job at trying to sort the problem than Emery. when will we buy a CDM Vs another luxury player. why are we playing a high line with Per. why are both full backs and 1 CD pushing forward when we’re 1 up.

That’s why we are passionate about what Arteta is doing and a number of pundits took 18 months to see Emery had no clothes. We’re tired of the library, we’re tired of being rolled over by the same pass or same cross - of course we’re going to over react and get excited. 🖕 if you don’t like it - where’s the harm in supporting your club. I’m glad Utd are annoyed at us because as soon as Fergie said nice things - I knew he didn’t see us as a threat.

I’m proud to over react and be happy about a vision of our club we’ve all been crying out for. Worry about your own team and let us celebrate small victories as every oak tree started as an acorn. I’m excited and hopeful - like I haven’t been for years.


2.) 02 Jan 2020 19:59:06
Did I over-react? 👊.

3.) 02 Jan 2020 20:04:09
I'm with you 100% Ed047 mate but I really do understand why fans of lots of other clubs don't get why it's such a huge deal for us, I think it's one of those you need to have been there and lived it to actually truly get it.

{Ed047's Note - like you I’m not immediately expecting the world but the green shoots are just something we haven’t seen for what seems like ever.

4.) 02 Jan 2020 20:29:57
Again i totally agree Ed mate, Artetta has come in and said " look look first you need to put on your under pants then your trousers, then you need to put on your socks before you put on your shoes not the other way round :-) .
I might not seem a big deal to other people but after years and years of us fans screaming at Arsene and Dick to take the gloves off their feet and pants off their heads last night was revelation and brilliant reminder on the art of looking good feeling good.

{Ed047's Note - and like SY said it’s not an overreaction but just a pleasure to see mate. Baby steps.

5.) 02 Jan 2020 21:29:54
Absolutely! Someone finally addressing what has for so long needed to be addressed with comon sense tactics methods and ideas that makes perfect sense to every man and his dog is a very good reason for every player and every fan to once again finally think " maybe just maybe " with real conviction rather than having to look for positives and pretend to ourselves the obvious Negatives didn't exist.

Who knew if the back 4 weren't totally exposed throughout the 90 minutes they might actually not look so awful as they've been painted as either a group or as individuals and a central midfield partnership with clear instructions who trained in between games as they would be asked to play on match days might actually know what was expected of them and suddenly deliver it.

6.) 03 Jan 2020 23:22:19
As we all know our players individually cannot be that awful to be rolled over this way. So yes we have every right to get excited and as sy said over react because we have seen something in this team.
Also ed about xhaka I really hope you are right. At least then we can see why arsene and other thought he's useful.

{Ed047's Note - me too Moe, it’s just not something I’d ever thought I’d see but if he comes good I’ll be more than happy.



01 Jan 2020 20:46:48
Comon you Arsenal.


1.) 01 Jan 2020 20:52:14
Great half of football - getting our club back and crowd are playing their bit also as they’ve been awesome also. Well done boys, Mikel and fans! Really good half - organised, shape is excellent, passion, zip and now shots on target which was missing against Chelsea. Well done Mikel - now let’s keep the shape and energy in second half. 👊.

2.) 01 Jan 2020 20:54:59
No matter what happens second half how long has it been since we've had 45 minutes like that?
11 training sessions 2 and half games and Ozil back Pepe is showing his pre Arsenal form and everything is looking so different to anything we've produced in how many years?
Yes it's only half time but is the most encouraging Arsenal for a very very long time.

3.) 01 Jan 2020 21:12:38
Kola has his fizz back also.

4.) 01 Jan 2020 21:28:21
Luis looks excellent under Mikel too, I know your not a fan but he does.

5.) 01 Jan 2020 21:29:46
He’s had a pretty good game - yes.

6.) 01 Jan 2020 21:30:42
Torriera also.

7.) 01 Jan 2020 21:48:09
Absolutely mate, everything we've been asking for years from the team and individuals is showing brilliant positive signs suddenly, not just tonight but v Bournemouth and Chelsea too but just more each game.



01 Jan 2020 17:41:22
The cereal winner strikes again as Southampton leap frog us but it could have been worse as both Burnley and Brighton blew thier chance to put us in 15th spot.

Big shout for Leicester who might easily have caved in after a couple of poor results but impressively they have shown real character and got themselves bang back on track.

If Spurs aren't having second thoughts already about making a quick panic decision when replacing Poch hopefully Mikel and the Arsenal players can show them the value of taking your time tonight and the rest of the season.

Up the Arsenal.


{Ed047's Note - it’s been unbelievable how bad Spurs have been, their best ever squad has just failed time after time.

Kane has done his hamstring yet again so nothing going right for them.

1.) 01 Jan 2020 17:57:44
I still fancy us for top 4.

We just need to win 2 or 3 games in a row, to get some momentum

3-1 to the Arsenal tonight.

2.) 01 Jan 2020 18:05:16
Very true - we’ve got a good run to come! COYG let’s start tonight!

3.) 01 Jan 2020 18:50:46
The more time goes by the happier I am with Mikel as I think he's right for the job we want done with the resources we have to offer.

I'm also becoming a fan of the Watford Southampton and Leicester managerial philosophies of if you get it wrong don't be afraid to admit it and change it, even if it means having 2 3 or 4 managers in quick succession it works for them as it has Chelsea too.

4.) 01 Jan 2020 18:52:34
I adore the optimism, a defeat could leave us 4 points above the dreaded drop zone. Despite the Arteta optimism we have drawn with bottom three Bournemouth and lost to Chelsea who just drew with Brighton.

I pray I’m wrong and we get something out of tonight’s match. I just have a horrible feeling we have made a dreadful mistake in appointing a manager with zero experience.

{Ed047's Note - well we’ve just sacked one whose CV you’ve lauded who was an absolute disaster and took as further back than Wenger in his final years.

Can you not see a difference in us already in such a short space of time?

Emery didn’t do that in 18 months. He never even came close.

5.) 01 Jan 2020 18:58:09
Fancy Arsenal for top 4 Malaga lol you are 14th in the league you Muppet 😁.

6.) 01 Jan 2020 19:13:27
62 - Mikel had the squad training this morning! got to love that.

{Ed047's Note - definitely

7.) 01 Jan 2020 19:16:48
How you enjoying your cheerios, no go pops and what the heck being served up from the cereal winner Raver mate?

8.) 01 Jan 2020 19:22:44
Hi Ed, Emery had won trophies and had a decent first season: More points than the previous season, a place higher and a Cup Final. He has won many trophies in his managerial career. I felt that having eventually turned on Wenger, his replacement would suffer the same fate as soon as results turned against him, which proved correct.

Fans tend to give former players more support, hence OGS at United and now Arteta is being lorded by the fans. Of course having been appointed he must be given time.

However, I reiterate and it is only my humble opinion, appointing a coach with zero management experience was a huge risk.

Bournemouth currently being thrashed by West Ham, falling into the bottom three, with a host of injuries and 7 defeats over the last 9 matches was a match to win and we drew. Against Chelsea, many positive signs, but undone by the defensive errors that have plagued us for some time.

I hate to think of the consequences if we suffer defeat tonight. We could be only 4 points off the bottom three, having no benefit from the new manager in terms of points after 3 matches. I will be giving all my support to the team and manager today, but I cannot hide my feelings that the appointment was way too risky.

{Ed047's Note - the thing about Emery is in the whole time he was here he simply didn’t improve us as a team or individuals.

His record as a manager, the single title win with a multi million pound squad in France, was simply 2nd tier. He was never good enough for us.

We wanted to see a change in mentality and a change in our team as a defensive unit.

These are the exact things Arteta has shown in just a few games, as an example look at how Aubameyang played last time out. When did you ever see him making saving tackles in our defence when Emery was here.

Look at how Torriera is playing now he’s being used properly.

No one can legislate for the error made by Leno because up to that point Chelsea never got close to us.

Yes we need points on the board and what better game than tonight but I for one like the way Arteta is taking us which I never liked with Emery.

9.) 01 Jan 2020 19:47:09
If we win lose or draw tonight it won't suddenly mean Mikel is brilliant average or rubbish.
Emery was given time by most fans it was only after 4 months of seeing absolutely no improvement in our defensive issues that had plagued us for a decade under Arsene despite some quality additions in playing staff by Sven that people began to have serious doubts about Emerys abilty tactics methods and philosophies and the longer he went on the worse we became resulting in our second half of last season and the first half of this season us seeing the worst Arsenal side for 40 years or more.
Emery got 4 months free ride at least give Artetta 4 games rather than the 2 you've written him off by already.

10.) 01 Jan 2020 20:02:54
Raver, you say Malaga is a muppet for believing in Arsenal making top 4. A win tonight and 4 points behind the spuds, 5 behind Manu and 9 behind Chelsea. A good run and your backside will be twitching for certain. Come on the gunners, let’s start tonight. I believe Arteta has had a massive influence on the players, individually and as a team. I believe we are so close to getting it right.
Raver, may you eat your words.

11.) 01 Jan 2020 20:49:57
Apologies Raver, 3 behind spuds and 4 behind Manu. Come on the Arsenal.

12.) 01 Jan 2020 23:33:16
Yes andylat but you still won't make top 4 mate, neither will spurs.

13.) 02 Jan 2020 08:47:32
I’m with Malaga on this, I believe we will. All the best Raver for the new year mate.




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20 Jan 2020 08:24:21
I Just think we need to be honest with ourselves about what is and what isn't possible and what it would require to make any big move possible.
If we could and did sell Mustafi for 10 million that's the type of funds we'd have available to replace him with.
I know it's not very exciting but it is what it is and there are other ways than spending that we can improve.




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19 Jan 2020 21:14:52
Auba Lacca who else has big value DG mate? We can't keep saying sell Mustafi Xhaka and Elneny to raise money for top player replacements.
I wouldn't be against letting one of Lacasette or Auba go if we could strengthen elsewhere but these are the kind of decisions we have to make it we want to buy.
We gambled everything and more in summer and it will take time to rebuild funds.




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17 Jan 2020 16:55:42
Apparently he's prepared to move now in order to play football rather than wait until the summer when he could probably negotiate a much betrer financial package for himself, so that's a good sign.
I just hope if he comes it's because Artetta really wants him and sees a real benefit in having over the next 5 years or so rather than just taking him because he's available for nothing or worse still because Edu and Raul have chosen him.
If he's a genuine Arteta target and signing happy days but we really don't need yet another player to come in and struggle.
As a club we really need some non Sven successful signings rather than more of those who were signed before and since Svens brief Arsenal stay.
Transfer success record is awful and has been for far too long.




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17 Jan 2020 10:59:20
The beast of North London would be a most welcome addition Glen, Eamauel Petit was a CB before being transformed into our and Frances midfield beast and went on to win the double with us and world cup euros double with France.
If we can't find ready made it might be worth looking to transform someone we already have or buy cheap and transform an average CB into an excellent DM beast.




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17 Jan 2020 06:49:17
The problem is would Lemar have joined us last summer?
We weren't exactly an attractive proposition for anyone with decent options under Emery with our concede chances for fun mentality, how the first half of the season has played out hasn't exactly stunned football, I think many people totally expected it.





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22 Jan 2020 10:03:48
You've taken that comment well out of what it was ever meant to be Ed001 mate, in no way shape or form do I think Liverpool have achieved anything through luck, if you look at all my previous comments on Liverpool and Klopp you will see just how much I admire everything that Klopp the players fans and club have achieved together.
To me and many other people it did seem that pre Christmas var decisions were going Liverpools way and some very important ones too but that doesn't mean I or anyone else is claimimg Liverpool aren't the best team in the world right now and are a brilliant example to everyone else what can be achieved without unlimited funds.
Every team no matter who they are or how good they are needs a bit of luck going their way every now and then mate be it Barcelona under Pep or Leicester city unders Claudio.


{Ed001's Note - but my point is those decisions were not going Liverpool's way, it just felt that way because all the ones that went against Liverpool were made irrelevant by the team going and scoring more. Some of the decisions the media are claiming were going in Liverpool's favour were clearly correct anyway. It is just that it gives them a chance to complain about VAR, which is their latest agenda. Anything VAR does is bad according to the media, even when it gets it right.}



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22 Jan 2020 08:57:06
Sometimes theses things go for you sometimes against you, that's football.
Liverpool certainly got the rub of the Var green before Christmas but it wouldn't surprise me if somewhere between now and May Var completely robs them of going the season unbeaten and of course Liverpool fans will feel var robbed them of being invincibles.
Fans of all clubs complain about refs costing them games points, titles or whatever but quickly forget all the wrong decisions that went their way in the past.
Rooney dived to end our unbeaten run on 49 games but Pires dived v Portsmouth very early in that 49 unbeaten run, no refs mistakes no invincibles, swings and roundabouts in my opinion Punami mate.


{Ed001's Note - how have Liverpool had the rub of the green? Two goals disallowed for armpit hair being offside, numerous (and I do mean numerous) blatant penalties not given etc etc. It has certainly not been helpful for Liverpool, it is just unlike the rest they do not whine about it and are good enough to just go and get the goals needed to make the bad calls irrelevant. It is not luck or VAR, it is a great team and manager that are winning by a huge margin because the rest are simply nowhere near as good.}



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22 Jan 2020 08:25:30
This is an Arsenal we haven't seen for a very long time and no teenage gooners will have ever seen before.
Passion effort determination total unreserved commitment plus they are organised into a team that works for each other and the club and gives 100% of what they have to give win lose or draw.
Yes we really do have our Arsenal back this time and Adams Wrighty Dixon and Co must be thinking " that's what it was like with us". Brilliant to see again.




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21 Jan 2020 23:03:00
I see us as a fighter who is in his early 30s who has always had the potential but equally spent the last 15 years coasting just doing enough to get by but lacking the work ethic ambition determination and commitment needed to be the contender they could have been, out of nowhere a coach has emerged that has reignited the fire in our belly and has us working training fighting like never before.
Step forward Rocky BilArsenal :-)




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21 Jan 2020 22:40:22
Our chances of being relegated have gone from ( certainly not out of the question) to ( extremely unlikely) sine Arteta arrived.
This season really isn't about where we finish in the table 10th is as good as 7th in my opinion, it's all about getting ready for next season.