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18 Dec 2019 21:55:50
Apparently City are surprised by the talk of us announcing Artetta as our manager when we haven't even spoken to them and agreed compensation.
Whatever has happened at Arsenal we used to be so prim and proper in how we conducted our business.


1.) 19 Dec 2019 11:17:19
This could be because the way they poached our players in the past. Pay back I guess.

2.) 19 Dec 2019 12:48:18
I doubt it but if so how old is josh 5?
City have well moved on from the Mark Hughes buy Arsenal days and have no interest in any of our players now days.
I'd incompetence was the more likely explanation than pay back.



10 Nov 2019 09:02:59
I'm not sure if Emery can't or won't change his ways but either way it's plainly obvious his ways his methods his tactics just aren't working at premier league level.
What would be the point in continuing with Emery few more games or weeks! What is going to suddenly start working that hasn't worked upto this point in time?
9 points over 26 games isn't impossible to make up but neither will it be a formality for a new manager either.

There are absolutely no guarantees that if we change managers things will suddenly come good but there is a genuine possibility they might under a different manager that simply doesn't exist under Emery.

We have a squad that has the quality in abundance we just need someone who can organise and motivate them into a cohesive team that functions to its full potential.
There is no logical reason to carry on with Emery, I've read people saying the club don't want to pay his compensation money and would rather let him see out his contact to save what a £3 millions pay off?

But that's just people being negative towards the board because I'm sure Josh and Co are more than capable of working out the financial loss of champions league football money v £3 million in compensation without the need to consult the world's greatest mathematic brains first.


1.) 10 Nov 2019 13:24:20
As usual, nothing to disagree with from G62. I have little faith in the board to act decisively. They have a history of dithering and fiddling while the team burns on the pitch. As you said elsewhere, the only language they understand is empty terracing. I would rather listen to us lose on the radio, than freeze my arse off sitting at the Emirates.

I would love to be wrong, but those hoping for a sacking on Monday. I wouldn't hold my breath.

2.) 10 Nov 2019 15:08:24
Hi Urban mate I think you've got it bang on, vote with you bum if your not happy and spend your time doing something that does make you happy until the club team and manager give you reason to feel they are your best way of spending your time and money again.

3.) 10 Nov 2019 19:24:06
I just don’t know how emery is making Managing Arsenal look like a difficult job? This season I honestly couldn’t tell you what system we’re playing. Yes Wenger was dated, but you knew what you was getting. A team trying to play possession football until an opening presented itself. Against Leicester, we couldn’t even string 5 passes together. No one knew where each other are, we got strikers playing like wingers, playing so deep against a team that plays with 1 striker. Emery isn’t connected to his players and he’s not connected to the fans. Sack this tactical fraud, leave Freddie in charge til we can get a manager with a clear vision.

4.) 10 Nov 2019 19:43:08
It's true ice mate we have no identity no structure no Arsenal way of playing that the players can get they're heads around and become comfortable with and most importantly good at.
Every game a different starting 11 a different game plan a different formation what chance do our players have? And of course they are only human so are naturally becoming deflated and losing interest and motivation to simply indulge yet more nonsense.

5.) 11 Nov 2019 09:58:15
Icy, you are so right. It was embarrassing watching us play what amounted to a back five against a side with a lone striker. And Gunner, spot on about identity, we don't have one at all. We even had one under Graham, albeit based on grinding opponents down and a very flat back four with their hands up every five minutes. I watched Liverpool yesterday afternoon, and even with some (one) lucky breaks, they looked every bit the finished article where we look pedestrian. The worst of it is, our front three/ four are the measure of anything Liverpool have got. But the rest is disorganised, poorly deployed, and yes, lacking any kind of identity.

The papers (I know) are this morning reporting the boards confidence in Emery. If true, I'm not surprised. Of course, we don't want a trigger happy board, but one season, and a third of this one, is enough to know. It could be a long frustrating season.

6.) 11 Nov 2019 10:25:20
In a game that’s about numbers and statistics, I’d be curious to know which one Emery is impressing in, that’s keeping him in that seat.
Ed any inside news on what’s happening? I just can’t accept the board are content with him because under him, Speaking statistically, we won’t challenge top 4 and we don’t want to bank winning Europe when we can’t hold a clean sheet.

{Ed002's Note - It was a mistake brining him in and as I said he was far from first choice. The club has gambled financially on getting in to the top four come the end of the season, and that remains the primary target. It is difficult to see anything happening before the summer when I suspect there might well be a change.}

7.) 11 Nov 2019 10:54:47
The papers are all quoting Ormstein Urban mate so it's a highly credible that is the boards position.
I'm pinning my hopes on the board using Ormstein as a deflection tactic and going to surprise us all as they did when they let the papers run with the "we only had 40 million to spend" story all last summer then bosh! broke our transfer record :-) I know it's not a theory you'd want to put your house on being correct is it :-) ?
Like you said yesterday mate vote with your bum and if your not happy with what's being offered simply don't accept it and find a more enjoyable way of spending your time and money, 20,000 empty seats is an extremely difficult fans message to ignore for long.

8.) 12 Nov 2019 06:49:18
I'm with you 62 fingers crossed 🤞.



08 Aug 2019 08:37:02
Arsenal and Chelsea have agreed an 8 million fee for David Luiz and Tierney will complete his 25 million move today also.

Where's Wesley? Could be a very busy day for you Wes mate.




03 Jul 2019 19:57:15
126 million for a 19 year old who has made 26 first team appearances?
I think we forget about the Lacasette to Athloco rumours now:-)


1.) 04 Jul 2019 09:27:33
Who’s that mate.

2.) 04 Jul 2019 09:29:36
Sell him for 250 mil.

3.) 04 Jul 2019 19:39:16
Felix Welsh mate.



09 May 2019 21:17:34
I know this week has taught us it ain't over until it's over but Valencia now need 4 in the last 30 minutes plus stoppage time, even we can't throw this away, can we :-)





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27 Sep 2020 16:29:32
If push comes to shove and we have to do this season with what we already have.
How can we improve our midfield weaknesses from within without making the defence or attack weaker?
What haven't we tried already that might Just be the solution to our problems without spending?


1.) 27 Sep 2020 17:10:53
Granit, Torreira and AMN midfield 3

Ideally I would like - 4 2 3 1 Saka ESR Willian with PEA spearheading but that can’t happen with Granit as a midfield 2.

3 CDs, 3 CMs plus 2 Wingbacks with 2 up front - because we have a weak CM we need 3 defence minded midfielders but will then lack creativity and or width.

2.) 27 Sep 2020 17:29:07
It’s not doing to bad at the moment.

3.) 27 Sep 2020 18:03:20
Yes but Fulham were terrible and West Ham cut through us very easily and created too many chances without being that good.

We need to keep improving.

Pepe was a big risk but also a stupid signing that wasn’t needed. Let’s not judge that signing as to what or what we shouldn’t do plus we will give him another season before we judge him.

Everyone knows we need a CDM so let’s not kid ourselves or be too scared to say we need it. We know the restrictions so if it doesn’t happen because of that then that’s ok but not trying speaks volumes of our ambition.

Ideally we need two CDMs and to sell Granit but that won’t happen. So the least I can ask for is a CDM beast. Otherwise, why did we sell our best keeper if not to balance the books to allow investment.

4.) 27 Sep 2020 18:06:02
I agree with the 5 3 2 or 3 5 2 which ever way you chose to call it SY mate but I'd play Ainsly and Xhaka in the middle with Dani Just in front of them where he's able to join the attack as well as be the first line of defence.
The front two is an embarrassment of riches with Auba and one other from Willian Saka Martinelli Pepe Laca.
The more dependable Ainsly and Xhaka become the more free Belerin Dani and Tierney will be to support the front two. I wouldn't be afraid to use Elneny if Xhaka or Ainsly simply can't hack that holding duty as I think Elneny is very capable of doing a Le Coq. In fact the more I think about an Ainsly-Elneny partnership in the middle might the more I think it might just be an unlikely solution as both are enthusiastic energetic and eager to do whatever is asked of them.

5.) 27 Sep 2020 18:40:05
I'm not sure there's a tactical tweak that's suddenly going to make us considerably better. I'd say the best improvement is going to come through hard work on the training ground. For this to work the players need to be fully committed and also Arteta has to be capable of improving them through coaching. I've been impressed with how well Arteta has achieved the former and hopefully he will be just as successful with the latter as well.

6.) 27 Sep 2020 18:43:11
Mikel won’t drop Granit mate - not a chance. Elneny and AMN won’t scare any top 6 team. it’s Granit plus 1 and that’s a poorman’s midfield without a significant addition.

I agree that Granit needs to go.

7.) 27 Sep 2020 18:47:20
Dani just isn’t quite the answer either mate - he’s another vanilla compromise li, e Granit, Torriera and Elneny.

From those 4 who would get into City, Liverpool, Utd or Chelsea or Leicester or Everton midfield. Not sure they would even make the bench in the top 4.

8.) 27 Sep 2020 19:25:16
I agree Mikel won't leave Xhaka out as neither would Emery or Arsene but personally I just can't see the attraction. Apparently he's a brilliant trainer and works tirelessly to improve but on the pitch I just don't see the that effort determination and commitment from him, people always took about did you see Xhaka's pass or Xhaka's shot but very rarely his overall performance.
I also agree Elneny and Ainsly wouldn't get on the bench at Liverpool City United or Chelsea but neither would Danny Simpson or Wes Morgan back in 2016, sometimes somethings just work for some strange reason. The Le Coq-Caz partnership was the best cmf partnership with had in how many years? But few of us thought 'oh brilliant Le Coq is playing ' ahead of that win at City.

9.) 27 Sep 2020 20:20:41
I liked Song as a CDM until he thought he was the next DB10.

We’ve been starved and to be fair Coq wasn’t super fantastic when you compare to Gilberto, Petit, Paddy etc. Compared to recent experience at the time, he was godsend

Caz made that midfield special as he intercepted passes, could receive the ball from defenders and turn to attack quickly.

I’m old Skool - I want a beast in midfield, we just might get away with a beast plus Granit, I’d love to sell Granit but we can’t sell shxt at the moment. I

I really don’t want any of Dani, Granit, Elneny or Torriera in our midfield. If we sell Granit we could get there 21/ 22. But every time we delay - we are a season further away from comleting plus a season nearer losing an aging PEA or Willian etc, then we are back at stage 1 again. Always 2 signings away from being good. Remind you of anytime in our history ( last 15 years? ) . Hence I saw - bite the billet and sort midfield out. We may not get another PEA / Willian etc for a while.

10.) 27 Sep 2020 21:14:43
You’ve not said 1 positive thing about a midfield that won the FA Cup 6 weeks ago.

Yes we need reinforcements but you’re being idiotic in your cutting down of our players for no good reason.

11.) 27 Sep 2020 21:27:18
I totally understand your view point SY mate your spot on about Auba and Willian being now players and if we don't capitalise on Auba soon it will be to late, much like with Kos and others who we've wasted.
But I hope the difference will be with Auba is that he will help us move forward back to the champions league before he's past his best and Martinelli will take over, the problem in the past with Kos and others was we were always happy to stand still and maintain what we had rather than have any real desire and sense of despondency about not challenging for titles.
We must never ever again see 4th as good enough but only as a stepping stone to 1st, top 6 this season top 4 next and a genuine title challenge the season after that or taxi for Mr Arteta please, no apology needed no excuses acceptable.

12.) 27 Sep 2020 22:53:07
I still would try Torreira in the DM role G62, especially as we don’t seem to be able to find a buyer willing to meet our requirements. As previously mentioned, because we play Xhaka in the deep lying playmaker role, Torreira has always had to play the box to box role as part of the central midfield pairing, which is a compromise. So how about swapping them, with Xhaka playing a more forward role, more like what he does for Switzerland, and letting Torreira play in his best position, as the DM?

13.) 28 Sep 2020 07:31:29
I agree Epping mate, I'd play Torreira too but I think I'd overlooked him because he's frozen out by Mikel.
I guess in my mind I've completely ruled out Ozil Guendozi Torreira because the club and manager have.

14.) 28 Sep 2020 11:32:22
I guess while we are still paying their wages G62 Mikel will have to change his mind. All need to be included until sold.



25 Sep 2020 19:26:13
If we get a result Monday at Anfield it will really create a positive vibe about our season.
Yes we beat Liverpool at home in July but to be fair they were already well over the line in the title race and somewhat in cruse control, but if we can get a point or more at Anfield when it really matters it would get everyone thinking a top 4 return this season might actually be a genuine possibility. Of course it's a big ask but if Mikel and the team can pull it off things will get very exciting.


1.) 25 Sep 2020 21:40:33
We've got a pretty rough run over the next 5 games in the league!

2.) 25 Sep 2020 22:00:17
True Eden but what about if we got 10 or 11 points from them, 3 wins 1 draw and not being embarrassed in the other even if we lost it? We'd be excited little gooners then, wouldn't we?

3.) 26 Sep 2020 09:05:45
100% Gunner mate. I'm taking it one game at a time and I'm confident that we can cause an upset but I'd take a point at Anfield any day. What we don't want is to lose with a really poor performance to knock our confidence. Every game we're growing as a team and a result, whether it be a draw or a win is important.

4.) 26 Sep 2020 13:09:51
Beat Sheffield United Leicester and Man United and it's happy days Glen if we can add to those 3 wins a point at Liverpool or City or even at both that would put us in dreamland. If you want to finish higher in the league you've got to achieve better results.



19 Sep 2020 19:47:04
The only thing in footbal more enjoyable than Manchester United losing is Arsenal winning. Up the Palace.




16 Sep 2020 16:33:40
Really hope Spurs don't get Gareth Bale. It would be great to see him back in the premier league as he's a very top quality player who would make neutral games more interesting to watch as he would definitely improve any squad he joined, but not Spurs! They are just fine as they are and he could complely jeopardise there chances of finishing outside the top 8 as they look more than capable of without him sticking his nose in where it's not wanted, well I don't want it and that's what matters.
The stop the high speed Bale link campaign starts here!


1.) 16 Sep 2020 16:57:55
He's coming home gunner, Regullion signed from Real Madrid today and apparently we are going for big names in the next 2 weeks, all the moaning the raver has been doing looks like levy has listened mate😁.

2.) 16 Sep 2020 17:40:03
Bale is washed up now, won’t handle the pace of the EPL you’re welcome to him.

3.) 16 Sep 2020 18:16:36
Bouncer, it don’t matter who you sign, you’ll still play slow crappie football under the gimp.

4.) 16 Sep 2020 18:31:21
They said that about Tony Christie 773 but then in 2005 boom! And He's Back! Suddenly the whole country is singing Amarrilo once again, both young and old, whether they want to or not!
You've been warned! Join the Stop the Bale to Spurs campaign Now!

5.) 16 Sep 2020 19:03:40
How’s the job going John?

6.) 16 Sep 2020 19:32:30
It's not happening Raver, the Ban The Bale campaign will put a stop to it mate.
Spurs and Jose are heading nowhere together completely naturally and Bale will just spoil everything!
Forget about a no deal Brexit the no Bale to Spurs campaign is far far more important.

7.) 16 Sep 2020 20:20:05
Hi Mark it's unbelievably brilliant thank you mate, my manager and area manger are fantastic, really supportive and patient and I couldn't ask for better fellow team members to work with, everyone is so genuinely nice and willing to help you in any way they can and very very patient, my IT skills are most definitely non league level at best but everyone is happy to show me the sane old things over and over until I finally get it, did I mention how patient everyone is? :-) and on top of all that we get to try and help people who aren't currently in the best place get back to a happier more enjoyable place.
I've fallen so so lucky mate and I'm really excited about what I do and what we all collectively do our best to achieve for those who just need a little bit of help at this moment in time.

8.) 16 Sep 2020 20:34:17
Great news 62 - glad you are enjoying your new job and it’s adding to society. Very happy for you

Glen - didn’t you start a new role. are we too happy gooners for 2?

9.) 16 Sep 2020 20:58:46
Great to hear it’s going well G62.

10.) 16 Sep 2020 21:20:23
Thank you SY mate, I'm so lucky, happy and very grateful mate.

{Ed047's Note - great news 62 and believe it not I too am changing jobs next month. It’s all going on in here lately on the job front.

We just need to find new jobs for Özil, Guendouzi and a few others and happy happy days! 🤣

11.) 16 Sep 2020 21:33:03
Feck me John, I was expecting a 4 word reply not a 2 paragraph reply! . Lol

Glad your ok son.

12.) 16 Sep 2020 22:03:51
Sorry Mark I get a bit excitable :-)

13.) 16 Sep 2020 21:49:20
Thank you Epping, I really appreciate that mate and i appreciate all yours and everyones else's support leading up to my interview, it really does mean a lot to me.

That's brilliant news Ed047 congratulations mate, What you going to be doing?

{Ed047's Note - contracts manager at Arsenal mate! 🤣🤣

14.) 16 Sep 2020 22:50:31
Nice one Ed047 mate, that means you'll have loads of spare time to edit this page from now on then. How difficult can Arsenal contracts manager be?
What do you want?
Um, ah, ok here it is! Job done :-)

{Ed047's Note - it would be great to know what crazy demands some of these players and their agents make. I’d bet we’d be astounded!

15.) 16 Sep 2020 23:27:48
Personally I'd listen to their demands then say ok let's just pop and explain to the fans who are hospital porters or carers and who earn 20k a year if thier lucky why they have to pay more to watch you next season and if you can convince them your current 4 million a year isn't good enough then I'll give you what you want! I wonder how many would really have the nerve to meet the fans face to face and justify their demands mate?



11 Sep 2020 07:52:36
The annual poll of every BBC pundits top 4 predictions are released.
Good old Wrighty has tipped us for 4th while Joleon Lescott has us down as 3rd, but unfortunately none of the rest fancy us to make a champions league qualifying return this time round.
Chris Waddle thinks Manchester United will win the league? I wonder if he wants to buy tower bridge from me :-)


1.) 11 Sep 2020 08:21:43
John I keep saying we will be the surprise package this season.

I’m going to have a bet on us to win the league.

2.) 11 Sep 2020 08:45:05
Fair enough Mark mate, oh I just had a thought, your not in the market to buy a bridge by any chance are you Mark? :-)

3.) 11 Sep 2020 08:48:22
Haha mate. Funny you say bridge, I watched A Bridge to Far last night.

4.) 11 Sep 2020 08:58:20
Malaga if we get auour and partey we will be a massive surprise. Although that seems unlikely the club are trying to do both.

5.) 11 Sep 2020 09:09:51
Absolutely brilliant thene tune to that film mate! I've never quite been sure why but I love it.

6.) 11 Sep 2020 09:25:47
Personally I've no real idea where this season will go for us but I'm hoping this time next year we will be able to tip the Arsenal for a really good season with genuine confidence. If our defence isn't a major negative talking point this season in my book that would be outstanding progress as I can't remember the last season neither we or the pundits were talking about our defensive failings for most part of a season.




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25 Sep 2020 21:44:25
Wow that's weird, everyone in the petrol station were saying exactly that earlier this evening mate!




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25 Sep 2020 17:48:54
Has Partey ever said he wanted to leave? Amongst the many many rumours I've not seen one where Partey has actually said he wants to leave Athletico. With all the buzz about what clubs want and what clubs are prepared to offer or accept the players feelings and opinions seem to get totally forgotten, which is strange when without their agreement everything else is totally irrelevant.




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23 Sep 2020 17:20:10
Hopefully it involves Partey coming in opposit direction 373 mate.




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22 Sep 2020 17:32:26
Is he still playing? We were linked with him back in 2014 because he's Mesuts mate, he must be in his 50s now? So yes it's a possibility 😀.




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19 Sep 2020 15:02:48
So far Mikel has shown both the awareness and the ambition to tackle our most notorious of weakness, our awful inability to limit the oppositions scoring chances.

Both previous managers preferred to pretty much ignore the problems and concentrate on our strengths by adopting a win 5 3 philosophy.

Mikel has already set about solving the CBs problem and I'm sure he's working on the DM problem too, whether that's getting someone in if possible or trying to resolve with what he already has available to him on a temporary or permanent basis.





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29 Sep 2020 21:58:28
Personally I think it's a Gerrard and Lampard situation, you really want the partnership to work and live up to the theoretical potential but it never quite does on a consistent formidable basis.


{Ed047's Note - apologies for the cut and paste but this was a piece I read on Aubameyang whilst he was at Dortmund, it initially said how Klopp predominantly played him on the right wing but he wasn’t that effective.

He then moved to the central striker role and came into his own.

The Tuchel arrived and the report said this;

“Now, under Tuchel, we are beginning to see the next phase in Aubameyang's evolution as a player. Where Klopp had the pacy forward simple chasing long balls for much of the season, Tuchel's side instead prefer to play with the ball on the ground. And that has brought out a whole new side to the forward.

For so long, Aubameyang was considered a quick, one-dimensional forward. Sure, he could run in behind lines and nick a goal on the counter, but when he was asked to challenge deeper back lines or better defenders in Europe, he was deemed ineffective. That has all changed.

Under Tuchel, the striker looks more complete. Now found with his back to goal, allowing roaming midfielders such as Mkhitaryan and Marco Reus to play off him, Aubameyang is beginning to resemble the man he replaced up front.“



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29 Sep 2020 21:30:57
Both Laca and Auba are fine strikers but I don't think they are a compatible paring, i think we are better with one of the two and Auba is better at what he does than Laca is at his job.

Willian Auba Saka for me with Martinelli and Eddie providing cover. Just my 10 peneth worth.


{Ed047's Note - I’m with you mate and I guess the question is how much weaker would we be with quality either side of Aubameyang.

Until we see that in motion I guess we’ll never know.



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29 Sep 2020 19:46:38
Very good post Renegade mate, you should definitely post more often mate.




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29 Sep 2020 19:32:13
When was mocking other people's opinions and being rude funny? Oh I remember, in the primary school playground.
There was absolutely nothing remotely ammussing about your reply Welsh mate, it was intended to belittle Max opinions simply because you didn't share his views, pretty sad way to get your kicks in my opinion.
A sense humour is one of the best things anyone can have but in order for something to actually be funny it's really important people other than the person making the comment need to find it funny too,
I wouldn't quite your job to be a stand up comedian Just yet Welsh, your material is in need of an awful lot of work.




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29 Sep 2020 13:37:43
Respectful to others as always I see Welsh, yes your entitled to your opinion but do you really have to be so rude and disrespectful to others when voicing it? Takes all sorts I guess but fortunately for society most people take a different approach to your own.