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22 Jan 2020 14:41:40
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22 Jan 2020 14:39:41
It's interesting that the fans, including me, and players adore Arteta, yet he has made the worst start to his Arsenal management career than any other Arsenal manager!

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22 Jan 2020 13:42:50
Hi Ed,
With injuries and changes over the past few weeks, just curious if anyone will be departing permanently this window?


{Ed002's Note - I cannot answer questions about the timings of transfers.}

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22 Jan 2020 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 22nd January 2020

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22 Jan 2020 07:16:35
Massively impressed with Arteta. Despite going down to 10 men early on, the formation, tactics and desire were evident. All the players were clearly behind Arteta and his vision. I felt sorry for Mustafi, who made a horrendous mistake, but actually played well. The most impressive thing for me was watching Bellerin who finally resembled a defender and had a final product offensively. Xhaka was awesome, showing the fans what managers see in him. He slotted in at CB and didn't put a foot wrong. Saka and Martinelli, two 18 year olds, worked tirelessly. Great to see such passion back at the club.

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22 Jan 2020 08:25:30
This is an Arsenal we haven't seen for a very long time and no teenage gooners will have ever seen before.
Passion effort determination total unreserved commitment plus they are organised into a team that works for each other and the club and gives 100% of what they have to give win lose or draw.
Yes we really do have our Arsenal back this time and Adams Wrighty Dixon and Co must be thinking " that's what it was like with us". Brilliant to see again.

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22 Jan 2020 10:57:53
Massively impressed with Arteta he's hardly won a match 😂🤣😂 the specialist in draws.

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22 Jan 2020 12:31:25
Raver61- and Mourinho is doing such a wonderful job at the toot! This will be the first club that he won’t win a single trophy at! Remind us when you last won the league? The pain at The Lane just goes on. Early 60 years and waiting!

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22 Jan 2020 12:42:52
Jose has been poor RG but we are having our worst season in many years and still guaranteed to finish above Arsenal again.

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22 Jan 2020 14:03:24
Raver61 - so that’s success for the Toot! Remind us of the trophies toot have won during your lifetime? You have just had the most successful period in decades and yet you won nothing!

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22 Jan 2020 14:28:18
Agree with original post but have I just tuned into 2014!?

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21 Jan 2020 22:44:11
Excellent performance tonight by us against all odds. Arteta has surely improved us, especially defensively and should be backed in the transfer market.

that aside, i am no conspiracy theorist but in my entire years of watching football, i have never seen a series of bad refereeing decisions go against one team, like it has happened to us this season.

in the watford game, Deulofeu was encroaching on the penalty area for one of the goals. Against crystal palace, we scored a goal and the ref gave a penalty to zaha. An exact replica of the foul on pepe was not given against Sheffield united the other day. We were not awarded a clear pen against Sheffield united at brammal lane earlier this season too.

jorginho escaping a second yellow in the emirates game was one of the most shocking refereeing decisons ever. yet when we make a foul or anything we get red carded and penalties are given against us. It is shocking and completely unfair.

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21 Jan 2020 23:04:19
Such spirit! Great comeback by Bellerin, worked his socks off as did Saka and Martinelli. Never seen anyone as haunted as Mustafi and I can't help but feel for him. He did redeem himself somewhat and all in all I'm an extremely proud Gooner tonight 😊.

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21 Jan 2020 23:26:37
Very gritty and confident performance. I’m with you p gunner.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t T Abraham interfering with play by shift himself from not blocking the ball after walking from an off side position?

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22 Jan 2020 01:34:53
yah chelsea's second goal should have been disallowed in my opinion. Even towards the end of the first half, emerson handled the ball. No free kick and VAR didn't bother to check. If it is arsenal, they will obsess over the decision for five minutes. The level of officiating this season has been shocking.

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22 Jan 2020 08:57:06
Sometimes theses things go for you sometimes against you, that's football.
Liverpool certainly got the rub of the Var green before Christmas but it wouldn't surprise me if somewhere between now and May Var completely robs them of going the season unbeaten and of course Liverpool fans will feel var robbed them of being invincibles.
Fans of all clubs complain about refs costing them games points, titles or whatever but quickly forget all the wrong decisions that went their way in the past.
Rooney dived to end our unbeaten run on 49 games but Pires dived v Portsmouth very early in that 49 unbeaten run, no refs mistakes no invincibles, swings and roundabouts in my opinion Punami mate.

{Ed001's Note - how have Liverpool had the rub of the green? Two goals disallowed for armpit hair being offside, numerous (and I do mean numerous) blatant penalties not given etc etc. It has certainly not been helpful for Liverpool, it is just unlike the rest they do not whine about it and are good enough to just go and get the goals needed to make the bad calls irrelevant. It is not luck or VAR, it is a great team and manager that are winning by a huge margin because the rest are simply nowhere near as good.}

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22 Jan 2020 10:03:48
You've taken that comment well out of what it was ever meant to be Ed001 mate, in no way shape or form do I think Liverpool have achieved anything through luck, if you look at all my previous comments on Liverpool and Klopp you will see just how much I admire everything that Klopp the players fans and club have achieved together.
To me and many other people it did seem that pre Christmas var decisions were going Liverpools way and some very important ones too but that doesn't mean I or anyone else is claimimg Liverpool aren't the best team in the world right now and are a brilliant example to everyone else what can be achieved without unlimited funds.
Every team no matter who they are or how good they are needs a bit of luck going their way every now and then mate be it Barcelona under Pep or Leicester city unders Claudio.

{Ed001's Note - but my point is those decisions were not going Liverpool's way, it just felt that way because all the ones that went against Liverpool were made irrelevant by the team going and scoring more. Some of the decisions the media are claiming were going in Liverpool's favour were clearly correct anyway. It is just that it gives them a chance to complain about VAR, which is their latest agenda. Anything VAR does is bad according to the media, even when it gets it right.}

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21 Jan 2020 22:23:00
Positives? Arteta got it spot on I think, the players are working so hard and Martinelli x Saka is looking good.

Negatives? While Mustafi's form has picked up recently, it's those induvidial errors that are costing us so much and he needs to leave the club, both for Arsenals gain and his own, the relationship is so toxic its helping nobody.

The fitness is so poor I really wonder what those double sessions Emery had them doing entailed.

I'm thinking of this season as collateral damage/ damage limitation now. Get a respectable position (don't get relegated) and have a proper pre season and hopefully get a lot of players out. I'd be happy to see the back of Mustafi, Luiz, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Ozil and Laca (Laca could be a debatable one, just not doing it for me. ) it's never been 100% right with those players IMO and it's best to get rid and get some fresh faces in, and scare a few players who think they are guaranteed a place in this team.

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21 Jan 2020 22:40:22
Our chances of being relegated have gone from ( certainly not out of the question) to ( extremely unlikely) sine Arteta arrived.
This season really isn't about where we finish in the table 10th is as good as 7th in my opinion, it's all about getting ready for next season.

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21 Jan 2020 23:27:16
Very good performance the Arsenal a shift that would make any fan from any club proud. A very good decision from the manager not to rush into the change after the red card. He sent them back out to believe in their ability and to be judged on their performance and be counted and they delivered.

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21 Jan 2020 22:09:33
Awesome performance after the first goal. Heroic performances from so many players: Bellerin, Xhaka, Saka, etc. A hard earned point won.

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21 Jan 2020 22:19:18
That is a very different point to any we've seen from an Arsenal side in a very very long time.
10 men away to top 4 Chelsea, behind twice and instead of the usual Arsenal surrender we've all come to know and moan about for years and years we get guts effort commitment fight.
Impressed to say the least.

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21 Jan 2020 22:23:02
It's all about positive waves

Well done lads.

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21 Jan 2020 22:39:05
Awesome second half and I can’t say enough about that finish from Martinelli “take a bow”

1 down, away from home, 10 men, unlucky in last game, injuries, no PEA, youngsters - old Arsenal would have caved in for sure. New Arsenal fought and fought. Then went behind again in 10 to go. Old Arsenal would have folded - new Arsenal fought and fought. Score is irrelevant - performance was key and inspired. Well done boys - hard earned point and very well done Mikel.

{Ed047's Note - totally agree

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21 Jan 2020 23:03:00
I see us as a fighter who is in his early 30s who has always had the potential but equally spent the last 15 years coasting just doing enough to get by but lacking the work ethic ambition determination and commitment needed to be the contender they could have been, out of nowhere a coach has emerged that has reignited the fire in our belly and has us working training fighting like never before.
Step forward Rocky BilArsenal :-)

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21 Jan 2020 23:28:21
We had a rocky start and I’m Proud of our Rocky finish.

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21 Jan 2020 20:47:28
Nice one mustafi.

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21 Jan 2020 21:02:35
It's amazing that he is still playing for us! Ha ha.

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