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08 Jul 2020 13:41:58
Most of the posts go to the Arsenal Banter page.

Also more posts are being added to the Arsenal Discussion Posts page.

05 Jul 2020 09:39:49
Saw the Express and Graham Hunter talking about us trying to sign Partey (likely) plus Luka Jovic and Dayot Upamecano.

Talk about addressing our weaknesses.

I'd be happy if we didn't sign Jovic but rather spent the money in CM as the above sorts the defence out. I'd still be happy if Laca moves on to facilitate one of the above transfers.

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05 Jul 2020 19:27:01
Lacca is class we need to keep both pea and lacca.

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08 Jul 2020 02:06:17
ED, as always a lot can change. So this is just a light question, would Arteta look to sign both Ceballos and Partrey or is he interested in adding just one midfielder as it stands?

{Ed002's Note - The transfers are unrelated as they play in different positions. A DM is wanted to replace players who are available and Arsenal had a firm taget they lost out on but Partey is an expensive option for a club in a financial mess. Real Madrid want cash for Ceballos and it is unclear if the player would change his mind and stay on - much will depend on another club.}

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08 Jul 2020 12:27:01
I think Ceballos will choose the highest level option on offer to him this summer. The lad seems very football ambitious rather than money or easy opinion driven, shame because we really need players with that ambitious mentality at Arsenal.

{Ed002's Note - Dani Ceballos (CM) agent is investigating other options as the player is edging away from signing for Arsenal. It is about direction, opportunity and the future. The idea is he gets another loan, gets to the Euros, gets to talk options with Real Madrid and the decides on a practical way forward - perhaps with a more progressive side. Loan to Milan, Real Betis or Valencia might give a short-term solution.}

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04 Jul 2020 16:49:46
Hi Eds was wondering if the club now have Ceballos in their long term plans. His quality is there when healthy and Arteta seems to value what he brings to the side.

{Ed002's Note - Dani Ceballos (CM) agent is investigating other options as the player is edging away from signing for Arsenal who would like to keep him. It is about direction, opportunity and the future. The idea is he gets another loan, gets to the Euros, gets to talk options with Real Madrid and the decides on a practical way forward - perhaps with a progressive side like Real Betis. Else he needs to look to stay at Arsenal on loan perhaps as money is a major issue.}

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04 Jul 2020 17:27:56
Cheers Ed, great info as always.

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03 Jul 2020 15:42:42
Hi Ed do arsenal hold an interest in Dominik Szoboszlai?

{Ed002's Note - Dominik Szoboszlai (LM/CM) Ralf Rangnick will look to take him to Milan but RBS will not be happy, Milan has serious financial issues and the club may not be as keen as the new coach who will be given a budget using funds from pre-agreed sales and will have to generate the rest through further sales - so it is a case of prioritising. Szoboszlai is the first choice Sergej Milinkovic-Savic replacement for Lazio since the summer of 2019. Lazio have informed RBS of their interest and at the right price RBS could take the money. Inter have spoken with RBS but have other priorities and will step away. Juventus interest dates back before Sarri took over as coach and Arsenal interest was from a scout the club fired and a previous coach. Chelsea were interested when he was younger but could not offer him regular game time now. The likes of Dortmund and Fiorentina have scouted him but it has gone no further just yet.}

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04 Jul 2020 13:35:13
Thank you Ed, I’m not sure if anyone has asked but why did we buy Cedric? Was he a replacement for Bellerin or Maitlan-Niles?

{Ed002's Note - I don't know. Hector Bellerin (RB) Sevilla are looking for support and eventual replacement of the aging Jesus Navas and Bellerin is their first choice.
Ainsley Maitland-Niles (RB/RM/DM) may be dependent on whether Arsenal take up their option on Cedric Soares - it would be a kick in the gonads for the kid and he may have to think about other options. The complexity is that he wants to play CM but the club do not see him as good enough to play there.

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04 Jul 2020 14:55:17
Thanks ed. Cedric might be a good purchase and more of a replacement for Bellerin it seems but I may be wrong.

{Ed002's Note - I am not convinced.}

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01 Jul 2020 13:48:17
Great news about Saka extending his deal.

"It's Arsenal, you know. Come on, it's Arsenal! " He said. "The stadium is great, the fans are great, the club is great. Everything about this club is great. "

How many shirts will we see with his name on next year. COYG.

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01 Jul 2020 15:55:12
None in the ground itself mate, well not as things stand anyway!
It really is brilliant news though, we needed that news.

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01 Jul 2020 13:02:01
Any truth about us having an interest in Reims defender Axel Disasi,

{Ed002's Note - Try searching.}

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01 Jul 2020 11:53:15
Partey is on his way to the Arsenal.

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01 Jul 2020 13:02:26

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01 Jul 2020 15:56:56
It bet he's traveling by snail with an eta of 2035.

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01 Jul 2020 20:00:12
M'Vila springs to mind. Until he's starting his first game for Arsenal I won't believe it 😂.

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04 Jul 2020 09:28:09
hahahaha yeah man, didn't he turn out for the mighty sunderland at one point after all that b.s. turned to nothing. hahaha mvila, i heard ya.

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01 Jul 2020 09:37:00
Looks like Saka's deal is done and he's staying! And Arteta has said the club is wanting to keep Balogun which is huge news if true! A good morning for once.

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01 Jul 2020 10:06:03
That the club wanted to keep Balogun was never in doubt, it was whether he was willing to stay. Loved the Saka news.

Eds, is the fractious situation between Arsenal and St Etienne anything to worry about? I wouldn't be surprised if this puts a red flag over our negotiations with other clubs this summer.

{Ed002's Note - I know nothing of it.}

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30 Jun 2020 22:06:01
Thought we had been offers 10m for Mkhitaryan. That wasn't high enough. Now he's out on a loan.

Maybe I'm missing something, or have wires crossed.

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30 Jun 2020 23:02:28
You'd think something was up wouldn't you, but no. This is Arsenal.

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01 Jul 2020 08:39:04
Hi Ed do you know if anything has changed with Partey? I know you said interest from clubs is a lightyear away. David Ornstein (bbc reporter) is saying that arsenal are “intensifying” their interest, wanted to know if you have heard anything yourself?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained that Arsenal cannot get their preferred target. If they can raise money through sales then Partey will become an option. Atletico have made the situation clear. Don't take the "light year" comment out of context.}

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01 Jul 2020 11:10:59
Thanks Ed, I assumed because arsenal would struggle selling players and the fact we have such little money that a Partey transfer is highly unlikely, or if I use your words- “I didn’t want to hold my breath”.

{Ed002's Note - The problem is that to buy him Arsenal would either need to pay his release clause in cash (so €50M) or to have them accept a player in part exchange (perhaps Lacazette as their previous idea has slipped away. Juventus are also interested in Party but not as their first choice - but that is slipping away as well.) Atletico need money and certainly the likes of Fekir and Llorente could be sold - even perhaps Saul - but they wish to hang on to Partey.}

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01 Jul 2020 12:52:16
Who was our first choice ed.

{Ed002's Note - Try searching as I have to keep answering the same questions.}

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01 Jul 2020 13:46:42
Thanks Ed! And welsh first choice was some guy who plays in the french league, he kinda signed for Watford but claims the contract was in English so he didn’t understand it.

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