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06 May 2024 14:12:28
Liverpool fan in peace. Just want to say how refreshing it is to see a page of fans grateful for how far Arteta has taken your team despite not delivering the big one. Too many fans throw their toys out of the pram unless anything less than 1st place is achieved.


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06 May 2024 15:58:09
Arteta OUT! Someone was going to say it so may as well be me. Carry on as you were and hope you lads land a decent manager.

#COYG #bewarethewatchtheif.

06 May 2024 16:00:29
Hi 78 mate, how very true, I haven't looked at the Liverpool page since the early stages of last season when some fans were calling for Jurgens head just a few months after your brilliant season prior to last seasons, total madness in my opinion. I think what every Liverpool Arsenal City Chelsea and United fan wants is for their club to compete at the top and not be too far away from the eventual winners. All are big clubs and no fan is going to be happy to finish 20 to 30 points behind the eventual champions for two or three consecutive seasons but any team that is within 5 or 6 points after 38 games is doing ok in my book mate.

How optimistic are you about life immediately after Jurgen 78 mate?

06 May 2024 18:33:32
Cheers g62,

It’s always going to be unnerving seeing a post Klopp era, but if you don’t have hope as supporter, what’s the point?!

I don’t know much about Slot tbh but am hopeful that our overall structure and squad means he’s in a good place to succeed.

It’s not often you takeover a big club that’s in a pretty good place squad wise.

06 May 2024 19:11:58
Hi 78 mate, best of luck and I hope you adjust really quickly to not having Jurgen around. In my opinion the premier league needs a strong Liverpool to be at its best, I'd be more than happy to see you boy's, ourselves and City fighting it out again into May next season ?.

06 May 2024 19:28:53
The flip side some might say is that’s an attitude of losers - something I vehemently disagree with ( along with people ‘losing’ a battle to cancer) . The worst people I’ve come across are the second is first loser merchants! Feckwits most of them! No doubt there will be the ‘bottle job ‘ jibes - I don’t see it all I see is everyone pulling in the same direction which hasn’t happened for a while at the Arsenal! MA is paid a fortune and has learned under Wenger and Pep ( two of the best) and I’d rather he made the decisions rather than listen to those with a vested interest but nothing to lose! We are still in this and the super computer whatever that is says city will drop points! Just two wins then! On another note I’d be interested to hear Sy’s thoughts on MA and King Kai
#notatheifyouboughtthemfairandsquare COYG.

06 May 2024 21:27:37
It reminds me of when you say to some who's going on holiday " have a brilliant holiday " and they come back with a long list of conditions that must be met in full before they will agree to have a brilliant holiday, " as long as the weather's good, the food is spot on, the other people at the hotel aren't rowdy, the hotel staff all speak perfect English, and of course isn't to hot, then and only then, will I agree to enjoy myself and have a great time"

Life must be one long disappointment for these people.

07 May 2024 00:58:52
It's the closest to the top we've been since Eduardo broke his leg, we're playing great, have a fantastic squad, and are 2nd only to a team that noone can compete with financially. anyone calling for change would be a lunatic - much praise to arteta for getting us here!

07 May 2024 10:51:26
Hi Sw not only do City have most money they also have an incredibly brilliant manager who is at the top of his game and gets the best out of his players, it's looking more and more like we have one of those managers too now ?.



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