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04 May 2024 17:59:42
City given a soft pen what a shock.

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04 May 2024 19:26:56
Stop the steal, stop the steal ??.

04 May 2024 19:44:24
It is what it is mate enjoy the season I'm hoping either Fulhamor West ham to but it in our favour. Either way I have loved every moment the last couple of seasons and that's down to the club manager and the team so a big than you from me and hoping for trophies to start rolling in from next season.

{Ed025's Note - don’t rule out this season yet G4E. Strange things happen in football mate..

04 May 2024 20:39:43
If we go into the last game of the season still very much in the hunt what a season no matter how it ends, we fans have been treated to outstanding performances and results and if we end up as champions that would be the icing on the icing on the cake. Still all to play for in this wonderful season where we are officially back in big boy pants and looking damned hansom in them too.

05 May 2024 05:30:22
I think Fulham are our only hope, but alas they have nothing to play for.

05 May 2024 11:03:12
As long as we keep our end of the bargain by beating United and Everton I'm extremely happy with whatever happens SW mate. I don't suppose I'll be getting in winners pr runners up medal or allow to put trophy on my mantle piece how ever it goes.

Personally my medal and trophy are enjoying a wonderful season and The Arsenal being back where I always wanted us to be.

05 May 2024 11:50:35
I agree G62. I said at the start of the season winning the league requires Lady Luck to be on your side. Man City seem to have Lady Luck chained up at Etihad. Coming second 2 seasons in a row is nothing to be ashamed of. We should remember were we have been for the past 20 years. This season for me has shown or first team is formidable and one that can hold their own against any team. We fell short by having a weaker squad than the rest and therefore not being able to rotate. This showed before the break we had this season and our team was able to reenergise. Next season I would like to see us to be able to keep our starting 11 and on long term contracts with the club being in players that would improve our bench and give the youth an opportunity like in the wenger era use them in cup games to take pressure of the main squad. Overall I’m a happy gunner and happy in the direction we are heading.

05 May 2024 14:08:42
Absolutely G4, the real prize for the fans is how well our team runs the race rather than whether our team cross's the line first or second. Yes the winning team and its fans get ti celebrate for a week and bragging rights over the summer but just a few day's after race has been run all thoughts and talk quickly turns to next seasons new race and how we can run it even more superbly run than last seasons race.

Of course it's not nice to win and be the crowned champions for the season just ended but enjoying the 9 month race itself is far the biggest and best prize on offer each season.

05 May 2024 14:47:18
Theo Walcott was talking on Radio 5 during our champions league last 16 game with Porto and he was explaining that during his time at Arsenal there was never any real expectation or pressure on the players to win or even challenge for 1st place and that all the players knew top 4 was 100% expected of them and heads would definitely roll if top 4 wasn't achieved each season. Theo aslo said that in 2016 when Leicester won the title there was a feeling among the players that the title was within their capability to win but there simply wasn't the hunger or the expectation from anyone at the club for them to have to achieve it, he went on to admit how envious he was of our current squad of players to be playing for the club at a time where absolutely everyone at the club was 100% committed to Arsenal being champions of England and Europe this season and every other season.

For me personally knowing that absolutely everyone at the club genuinely wants it as badly as the fans want it again is absolutely good enough for me because no one can promise to be the best team in the country each year but everyone can promise to give all they have to be the best team in the country each and every season.

05 May 2024 16:20:39
Hello John mate.
I think the 2016 season was when Arsene definitely missed his chance of a 4th premier title.
The biggest gripe I got with Wenger is the spin he put out to us Gooners of 4th spot is a good as a trophy and throwing his toys out of his pram if anybody had the audacity to question him, telling everybody of the right financial restrictions put on him and we should remember his past record and all the time being one of the highest paid managers in the world.
Your right John, no one has the right to be top dogs, you have to earn that and Mikel and the boys are certainly giving it a go and I am absolutely loving this journey wether it will be watching at the Emirates, on the tv on the radio, live chat or when my nerves are shredded behind the setter

05 May 2024 17:16:08
Let's not blame lord Wenger. N holding his wage against him is definetly wrong considering the role he had was not just a manager role but also the scout the finance and guarantor for the huge bank loan we had. What he did for Arsenal no other person would have done for any club. We should all move on we get a great time under Wenger who managed to take us to Emirates and pay the loan while still keeping us in the mix. We have an excellent future as long as the owners don't start selling our best assets come the summer and do invest in a better squad players. We need to bring in our youth and show the fans a glimbs of the future.

05 May 2024 18:04:41
Hi Bill and G4 i am just sharing what Theo shared about his time at Arsenal and his envy for what today's Arsenal squad receive and have expected of them and the results performances this mentality brings. No one can argue that something was very wrong when our player's used totally surrender on the pitch to Liverpool City and Chelsea and get absolutely thrashed then go straight into the changing room and post selfies of themselves laughing and smiling, why was that ever allowed to happen once let alone repeatedly, that doesn't create the impression of a club that is committed to being the best and it does back up what Theo says.

For me personally having had to endure that period of lack of desire and near enough being more than good enough at the club makes me fully appreciate today's squad and manager and trust that even on the bad days when things don't go well they are every bit as disappointed and care every bit as much as we fans care, and that for me is why today's Arsenal deserve our totally our respect regardless if they finish up champions or runners up this season.

06 May 2024 00:42:03
Always be glad of what we have I mean imagine being a Tottenham supporter?



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