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15 May 2024 11:33:04
I can see big ange handing his notice in. he was very p.ed off with the fans, he look disgusted with them, it’s probably the most embarrassing thing i've ever seen in football, it just goes to show, we live in every spuds fans head rent free.

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15 May 2024 22:33:12
I was genuinely amazed at how much of a loser mentality they had. I've never paid too much thought to the 'banter' between Arsenal and Spurs, like many of us I have family who are Spurs fans and it's mostly just friendly. This time was different though, going by what I saw online it was vindictive. Just goes to show they are a small club and this is all they can take pleasure in.

15 May 2024 23:43:57
I liken it to my Scots mates who over recent years have taken great delight at England getting knocked out of a tournament they weren`t even qualified for. I just say it`s like a great party that`s going on with everyone enjoying themselves and Scotland ( read Spurs) are outside looking in because they aren`t good enough to be invited! Never works though they`re always going to be ABE. It`s fun being a Gooner can`t say the same for those down the road COYG
#easysharpieitsjustmyscotsmatesnotallscotsnosweepinggeneralisationshere :)

16 May 2024 06:06:21
Imagine making a post just to let people know you have mates.

{Ed001's Note - he is just showing off. The only mates I have ever had are a pack of expired condoms in the back of my wallet that I am hoping one day I might get to use.}

16 May 2024 06:38:45
A whole pack, Ed001? I mean, I love your optimism ?

How you been? Not seen you mucking about on here in ages.

{Ed001's Note - if it was trainers, it would be classified as BNDS. In other words still in the wrapper unopened. One day. It has only been 20 years, it might just happen if I show a bit of patience.

Good thanks. Just been really busy with life to be honest. My dad is showing signs of old age catching up, touch of alzheimer's, so I am trying to sort out moving back to Dubai as he loves going there for visits. Apparently giving him something to look forward to will help stave off the disease I have been told. Better time zone for doing the sites as well! Getting up at 3 or 4am to watch midweek matches is killer. I end up sitting down and falling asleep just before kick-off usually. So annoying when you have gone to the effort of dragging yourself out of bed for nothing.

How are things with you?}

16 May 2024 07:05:18
Sorry to hear about your dad, mate. No personal experience, but everything I've heard or read about the disease suggests it's quite cruel. Especially for loved ones.

How long have you been in the Philippines now? Has it been a year? Besides the time difference issues do you like it there over Dubai?

I'm good, yeah. Trying my best to behave, and by and large, I'm succeeding (I think) .

16 May 2024 08:02:02
2 years. The first year was fairly easy but as time has gone on I have just ended up feeling more and more tired all the time. The people are lovely but it is nowhere near as nice to live as Dubai - apart from being much cheaper. But the traffic is insane, it took me months to even figure out which side of the road they drive on because no one else seems to know either! They just go where they want. Crossing a road is a case of just holding your hand up in the air and hoping they stop to let you across because there is never a gap in the traffic.

Behave? I will believe that when I see it.

As for my dad, it is hard on me ma, which is why this will be a big help as she can have a nice break too. They can stay with me as long as they like with no worries. }.

16 May 2024 15:06:20
Good thoughts Ed01 to you and your family and hope all goes well! Sharpie you caught me bang to rights but as I’m from Sussex can I count Harry and Meghan as friends? Love your predictions - can I have some please? COYG.

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate, much appreciated.}

16 May 2024 20:21:47
Best wishes to you and your family Trish.

{Ed001's Note - thank you mal.}



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