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15 May 2024 17:33:02
Not sure if it has been on the City rumours page for a while but the charge list looks pretty daunting!

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15 May 2024 18:19:19
Hello Sally
The charges are incredible.
What strikes me is the most recent of all them charges is 2018,thats 6 years ago so why has it taken them so long considering Evertons and Forest charges are pretty recent.

15 May 2024 18:38:44
Sorry i stand corrected, the last charge is dated 2023,failure to comply with PL regulations.

15 May 2024 22:38:06
I saw this summary by the Swedish Rumble, I have no idea how accurate it is:

"There is one reason and one reason only why this case is not settled yet. When the PL launched the procedure for the 115 charges, City made sure that it got stuck in the courts for almost 3 years challenging every technical aspect it could to delay it.

A summary:
November-December 2018: The Premier League write to City requesting certain information and documents in relation to potential breaches of their rules — known as the information claim. City object to the request — after what has been published by Der Spiegel/ the Football Leaks.
21 August 2019: The PL issue a complaint against City, since it has still not received the documents and information it has the right to receive under the Premier League Rules and which City refuse to give the PL access to. City responds by challenging the PL's disciplinary system, challenging a technicality (only highly regarded barristers could be elected for the commission) .
22 October 2019: With the documents and information not forthcoming, the PL begin arbitration against the club seeking a declaration that they are contractually obliged to provide them. The club try to stop the arbitration by arguing to the tribunal involved that the PL had no power to start it. They also claim that the tribunal does not appear impartial.
26 June 2020: City issue an application in the Commercial Court repeating their argument that the tribunal lacks jurisdiction on the information claim and is tainted with “bias”.
2 November 2020: City’s claim that it has no obligation to to pass on the requested information and documents to the PL — is rejected. It’s clearly stated in the rules that they must do so. The order to provide them is however postponed pending the outcome of the Commercial Court case.
17 March 2021: In the Commercial Court, Mrs Justice Moulder more or less summarily dismisses the club's challenge to the jurisdiction and impartiality of the tribunal, dismantling the City’s lawyers arguments clearly hinting that it was felt that it had abused the public court system. She refuses permission to appeal her judgment.
24 March 2021: Mrs Justice Moulder said her judgment should be published, in order to reveal the lengths to which City had attempted to resist passing on information to the PL. City successfully seeked permission to appeal the decision to make the information public in the Court of Appeal. So we get another delay (I think you are starting to get the drift by now, it’s an appeal of an appeal of an appeal about a pure nonsense technicality. On a side
30 June 2021: The Court of Appeal opens its hearing into the club's appeal against publication. The Court of Appeal handed down its decision dismissing the appeal.

So it took the PL almost three years to just have it sorted out that it has the right to receive the information the Premier League Rules clearly states that City must submit to the PL. After this, we know that City made another challenge of the impartiality of an experienced barrister in no way connected to the Premier League, in KC Murray Rosen. How much delay this caused is unknown.

During this time, City was also sentenced by UEFA for failing to produce requested information and delaying procedures. "

16 May 2024 17:38:04
Do any eds know if this summary is accurate please.

{Ed001's Note - it looks pretty much spot on.}

17 May 2024 00:25:54
Thanks ed.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome. It is sad that you could lose this to a bunch of cheats, but if you do win it will make it all the sweeter.}

17 May 2024 11:08:29
Cheers Ed! I feel 2nd place is the new 1st place. lol.

{Ed001's Note - well it is first of the ones within the rules.}



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