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14 May 2024 15:59:21
Typical chicken on a beach ball, serial trophy dodgers mentality. a lot of spuds actually want their team to get beat tonight. (and miss out on the chance for top four/ champions league ) . exact reason why they haven't and won't win anything. proper ? mentality, I've never ever, ever wanted THE ARSENAL to lose a game. but that's why spursy spurs will always be no marks. that lot up the road have no balls about them at all.

I honestly think city will batter them tonight. and we will have to hope West Ham can do the unthinkable and get some sort of result against city. we just have to take care of ourselves against Everton. COYG/ VTH. N?RTH LONDON. FOREVER. p. s Jamie O'hara is the biggest ?️? of all.

{Ed014's Note - I’d be amazed if the don’t get an utter tonking, their best midfielder Bissouma is out injured so they’ll no doubt play the legend that is Hoijberg! ?

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14 May 2024 16:32:54
Hello Ed mate is that the Hoijberg whose motto is if it moves kick it.
Like you Ed i will be amazed if they keep City below 3 goals.

{Ed014's Note - that’s him mate, a proper nugget!

Do you mean three in the first 20 minutes? ?

14 May 2024 16:47:12
Rational people making rational statements very seldom make headlines, the headlines are almost always dominated by crazy irrational people saying crazy irrational things.

Social media sites like twitter are designed for irrational people to share the hate on.

14 May 2024 16:58:10
Hi ed014 hope all’s well. Hoijberg is a proper spurs player ??, complete ?️?. if he plays tonight, KDB and CO will rip him a new one.

{Ed014's Note - yes all good mate and you’ve described him to a tee! ?

14 May 2024 17:09:03
Sorry Ed 014,I forgot to say that spurs will have to unleash James I don’t love myself too much Maddison on city tonight. he could blind side them with his devilishly good looks ?‍♂️ whilst son takes city apart. (not) .

{Ed014's Note - he hasn’t made the starting 11 for a few weeks so maybe Ange has been saving him for this one so he can run towards the city 18yd area, fall over just outside and take the free kick himself.

Obvs then blaze it over the bar! ?

14 May 2024 18:22:39
Hello Gabi mate
The reason Brendan Rogers dropped him at Leicester because he was so up himself.

14 May 2024 18:44:52
Nothing irrational about slating an entire demographic for using a platform or reading a paper, apparently ?.

14 May 2024 18:46:46
Evening bill, hope alls well, I can totally believe that about Brendon Rogers. so glad we stayed well away from signing Maddison. and signed Declan the human shield rice. what a signing he’s been for us, still got his best years ahead. and with us. THE MIGHTY ARSENAL. ?⚪️❤️.

14 May 2024 19:09:30
I strongly dislike Twitters freedom to spread hate policy Sharpie so I am extremely negative in my opinion towards that platform. I wonder what result Odd Bod is hoping for tonight? I always found his claiming to be an Arsenal fan while spending all his time in the spurs page irrational.

14 May 2024 19:34:07
Freedom to spread hate policy? Pretty sure that's not a policy. Just like any other large community, X has it's share of people with differing outlooks on just about anything. It doesn't help that sense and sensibilities fly out the window when people discuss things that they're passionate about and they meet opposition.

This place would be just like X if comments didn't require to be pre-approved. That's just not possible on mega platforms.

Have you ever used X (twitter) ?

14 May 2024 20:07:27
I know that Elon Musk allowed the previously banned American user Alex Jones who spread those awful stories about the innocent victims of tragic events in America to rejoin and have the freedom to resume his own cruel freedom to spread hate campaign.

14 May 2024 20:34:17
The Pope, the Dalai Lama, etc. also have accounts on X. Should they be banned too just because I don't believe in fairy people in the sky?

You've plucked one person you don't like and decided that the other millions of people on the platform are also irrational.

In reality, any rational thinking person should be capable of ignoring or using the block tools on these platforms to drown out the noises you don't want to hear.

Additionally, hate speach is a police matter, not a platform matter. The authorities obviously see nothing wrong with this bloke you're talking about.

14 May 2024 21:29:40
He was fined millions after pleading guilty to spreading cruel misinformation in the American courts. Not a nice person but he's welcome once again on twitter to post anything he likes since Elon Musk made freedom of hate speech open to anyone.

14 May 2024 22:14:49
62, he's a conspiracy theorist, and that has nothing to do with hate speech. Facts matter. The guy is an absolute nut, but ultimately, this is a free speech issue, not a hate speech issue.

Let's circle back though. You're suggesting anyone using the platform is irrational because of this? That's quite the blanket statement.



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