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02 Aug 2022 06:52:55
This is for Sy4.
Just my honest opinion.
I have just read what I think was the most pathetic post I believe I have ever read on this site.
OBVIOUSLY the England ladies team was chosen according to who were the best players available at the time and not by
who are the WHITEST.
I'm sure your comments were posted to reveal
the ignorance in it and not because of its intellectual content.

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02 Aug 2022 07:42:38
I agree with you allred, an absolutely pathetic comment by him, no doubt people will say we are both racist, but that is complete nonsense, teams should be picked purely by talent and who’s good enough at the time, to even suggest otherwise is stupidity, I’ve never heard such a silly comment in my life, my old boss used to have a go at arsenal because we had so many French players and no English players, but I used to say if they English players aren't good enough then they shouldn’t play the best players at the time start, can’t pick a team purely on race or where your born it 100% has to be the best players, and whoever disagrees has no clue about football, have a great day everyone.

02 Aug 2022 08:03:08
Absolutely Martinelli.
I am also of the opinion that black football supporters and black players would not find these type of ridiculous comments helpful or necessary when so much hard work is being done in order to bring equality into place.
As a matter of fact I would say that ridiculous comments like that are more harmful than helpful.

02 Aug 2022 08:18:36
Correct allred.

02 Aug 2022 08:52:12
Sy4 is allowed his own opinion, the last time I looked we are not living in Syria

One of the posters is on a ban and the other prefers to post on the toots page and hardly ever comes on here

You two are fairly new to the page unless you’ve changed your name’s

Sy4 is not controversial and never causes trouble.

02 Aug 2022 09:34:51
I feel like you both just missed the point. He didn’t say anything about whether the team should be picked based on race. Of course, the current team will be picked based on the best players available.

He just raised a point that it was a shame that there wasn’t much diversity in the team, especially in comparison to the men’s team. And then, is there something that needs to be done at gross roots level for it to be more inclusive.

Bizarre how many people jumped down his throat at the mere mention of the issue.

02 Aug 2022 09:52:21
I didn't for one moment think Sy's comment was racist, more a genuine reflection on the difference between the women's and men's games.

02 Aug 2022 09:54:30
Arnt we aloud to post ours too mal this is a banter page after all, and I’ve never said he’s causing trouble all I’ve said is players should be picked on form not colour or country there from, maybe you should read the post correctly before you start accusing people, I think it’s a silly comment too and players should be picked on form as every manger does, and as for being new to the page that has nothing to do with it I have every right to post if I’ve been her 2 minutes or 2 years or 20 years, maybe people like you stop new members from posting, I remember I was greeted very warmly by you and gunner62 and I even thought about not posting again because of the treatment and Accusations towards me, but then I thought I’m not being bullied and having negative people force me away, have a great day I won’t be replying to any more comments on this thread, have a great day all.

02 Aug 2022 10:08:39
As you didn’t read my post

I never attacked you or Allred I was making a point that the two idiots we’re making accusations about Stephen

Have a nice day.

02 Aug 2022 10:36:56
Mal your saying You have never attacked me when I first joined! mal you and gunner tortured me for being someone you argued with, I had no clue what to say to it apart from say it wasn’t me, then a few weeks later I was accused again saying the old me was back because I didn’t agree with someone, just because I signed up a few days after, And I wish people on this group would stop putting words in other peoples mouths I’ve never said sy is a racist if I have please show me, all I’ve said it was a silly comment and teams should be picked on form not race or where your from.

02 Aug 2022 10:39:34
I’m sure if you look back it’s all there in black and white i was given aloud of abuse being accused of something I haven’t done, I was on here only a few hours before it started, that’s a great welcome, what ever happened between you gunner and that person has nothing to do with me, as I said then I’ll say again I don’t like negativity in my life and won’t have it in my life, have a great day ☺️.

02 Aug 2022 10:40:22
Oh and who are the two “idiots “.

02 Aug 2022 10:56:23
VM I apologise if I gave you hard time and was wrong to accuse you for being some one else

I got it wrong.

02 Aug 2022 11:03:50
Apology accepted, and if anyone thinks I’m calling sy racist I’m not and apologise if it’s coming across that way, I’m just saying teams should be picked on form that’s all have a great day all and thank you mal.

02 Aug 2022 11:53:13
I totally agree Henry 100%, all SY did was point out the lack of diversity, he never once accused any one of anything.

I genuinely believe me you and SY are all on the same page in simply wanting equal opportunity for all and none of us could care less if the entire squad is black, white or brown or a mixture of all 3, we all want players picked on ability not colour but we also want all kids to have equal opportunities to be anything they wish to be, regardless of what colour or community they just happened to live in.

I genuinely don't believe it was SY who made this about racism, I think the credit for that belongs fairly and squarely with other people for their own reasons.

02 Aug 2022 13:39:30
Nice touch with the apology Mal. I knew there was a reason I liked you - besides your obvious good looks, of course.

So what's all this new drama about? If it isn't one thing, it's another with you lot. I'll bet that stoner caused it all too!

02 Aug 2022 13:40:32
Vodka martinelli it’s me he’s referring to and that’s because I don’t agree with malaga-gooner either, that’s what he does on this site he’s a bully, I pointed out sy comment but unfortunately some people will only ever see colour and not merit.

02 Aug 2022 13:45:13
What own reasons? Pointing out the lionesses are not racist and what does colour have anything to with it. When someone points out about the diversity of a team because of the colour doesn’t look good, don’t try and flip it.

02 Aug 2022 14:41:44
SY4 post…
The piece that stood out for the wrong reason was the lack of diversity in the team. Why are black women not making the starting 11.

Because they chose the team from the best players available…

Is that a racist reply.?

Can anyone explain then why there are no white runners in the GB mens 4x 400 metre relay team.

Or did THEY choose the team from the best available runners.

{Ed014's Note - didn’t SY not simply ask a question relating to the diversity of player within the squad and you and another have turned this into some racist bullshit.

Give it a rest ffs!

02 Aug 2022 14:42:56
There isn't anything to flip, the thread is there clearly to see, starting with SY innocent observations and comments followed by other people's reactions to SY innocent observations and comments.

02 Aug 2022 15:05:40
Sy4 is a stand up guy, there was nothing wrong with the original post.

02 Aug 2022 15:06:58
Ok, I'm all caught up.

Firstly, everyone calm down! You don't think rationally when you're upset. Trust me, I know!

Two things to note
1. Virtue signalling is a thing
2. Racism is an even bigger thing

With regards to what Sy said, I think the few of you thinking he said that maliciously are barking mad. I'm Arab, I read it, I saw no offense. Especially since he pointedly asked if this was a problem at grassroots.

Someone, correctly but in the wrong spirit, pointed out "Maybe its because not many young black girls want to play football". Let's discuss that! It's got to be more interesting than this nonsense back and forth.

Think about this - neither of you are racist, but you're fighting with each other about racism. Who does that? F*cking idiots, that's who!

{Ed014's Note - thank you Mr Sharpe ?

02 Aug 2022 15:21:40
P. S. Who did Gooner123 use to be?

02 Aug 2022 16:19:31
Absolutely no problem with Sy comments. For me, it was more of a query. He could of said, why isn't there more girls/ women playing football as opposed to boys/ men, is it grassroots or society. If he had, then this conversation wouldn't of turned out this way. In my eyes, absolutely nothing even close to related to racism, a genuine question. I think some have read into it a bit too much.
There are some fantastic views/ opinions on this site, be great if it stayed that way.
Me personally, value everyones input, so, let's step back, and look forward to new season.
Lets remember sagalout great post last week, that's what matters.

02 Aug 2022 16:25:14
Gunnerbod sharpie.

{Ed014's Note - wodbod oddbod and all the other names he’s used on the spuds page.

02 Aug 2022 16:33:47
Your right, no one is saying anything racist, or accusing anyone of being racist, I was pointing out what a sad world we now live in when a fabulous sporting achievement can get comments about the colour of the team. This woke nonsense will only get worse.

02 Aug 2022 16:55:06
But I don't for one minute think it was regarded in that way. I don't think anything woke about it, was purely an observation, and wondering if this can be eradicated from grassroots up. Like, encouraging everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity to take up the sport.

Can honestly say, I've never read anything racist related on this site, and i'm 100% sure, eds wouldn't of put it up if it was. Maybe the hot weather got to everyone ?

Lets just agree to disagree, and move on with new season.

If there's ever a post we're not sure about, why not send a reply asking in what context it's meant, rather than jumping on bandwagon and creating situations that don't need to exist.

That is in no way meant for any particular poster, as we're all guilty of over exaggeration.

We're all gooners, and let's respect everyone's opinions and have a class debate. don't bring us down to spuds level ?

Take care everyone ?.

02 Aug 2022 18:29:43
Why do your posts always end in accusation or a dig 123? Have you spent so much time on the spuds page that you no longer know how to allow others to speak for themselves?

{Ed014's Note - he has ensured that he has zero credibility and the more he comments on this thread the more uneducated he makes himself look unfortunately.

02 Aug 2022 15:11:25
Haha a bully.

02 Aug 2022 18:54:20
Crikey what have I missed! If we`re having a go at people can I take a full swing at Jamie O`Hara! Saying Saliba isn`t good enough! Ed014 help me out here :) COYG.

{Ed014's Note - Jamie O’Hara ?? just the name says everything, I’ve heard that nugget on the radio, what a ??.

Didn’t he have a few games for the little leaguers down the road? ?

02 Aug 2022 19:33:59
Rumours are that lot have joined what3words and their stadium gives the words won feck all! No it’s true ?? COYG true about O’Hara though Ed.

{Ed014's Note - ?? love it, it truly shows how little they really are when all they can talk about is finishing higher in the league than us! ?‍♂️?

02 Aug 2022 21:08:26
Blimey, I go offline for a few days and WW3 breaks out. Blame that gender/ race obsessed Aunty Beeb for all this, they had the exact same thing on their website. How about let’s all concentrate on Friday instead shall we!

02 Aug 2022 21:14:20
So you think I’ make myself look uneducated by saying the lioness are not racist and the team selection mirrors the census in our country, how did you work that out then?

02 Aug 2022 23:10:03
Spot on Epping, are you a bbc lover ed14? You call me uneducated are you educated by the bbc then?

{Ed033's Note - People think they're 'educated' if they can repeat the Buzzwords of the BBC/mainstream media :)



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