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14 Mar 2024 14:22:35
Great news
Ben White signs long term contract ??.

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14 Mar 2024 17:49:20
Hes also made himself unavailable for England, which I personally totally get. Apparently Ben keeps his real life and work very separate and is 100% dedicated to work while ar work but totally turns off from football once at home.

Although footballers are fabulously financially rewarded at work its really intense way of earning living where you have to eat and drink pretty much what is acceptable to your employers for10 months of the year. I definitely understand why he and anyone else would really valuable their 6 week summer freedom to just be themselves.

Your only young once and although players retire in their mid 30s they do sacrifice the freedom of their teens and 20s for their jobs the overwhelming majority of the year, some players need time off more than others.

14 Mar 2024 18:41:32
I watched a video when he was first called up for England duty 62 and he was buzzing. Whatever happened at that England camp must have been a problem for him and obviously still is.

14 Mar 2024 19:06:12
Maybe he was homesick Sally, we know how some people love good juicy gosip story over a boring true story. Ode says people misinterpret Ben's commitment to his time off from football as a lack of commitment to football and the Arsenal cause but Ode insists no one is more committed to the Arsenal cause than Ben White in the training and in games. White himself says once at home home football never crosses his mind.

Personally the lad sounds like he's got his work and personal lives brilliantly ballanced to me.

14 Mar 2024 19:48:11
I think you have hit the nail on the head John mate, he doesn't want to spend time away from his family anymore than he has to. The media have come up with a story that Southgate categorically denies, but the media are looking for something that ain't their.

14 Mar 2024 20:06:31
I agree Bill, fake bad news and fictional football rumours sell must faster and get more hits than simple but dull boring truths.

15 Mar 2024 08:16:38
His statement is he doesn’t want to be considered at this time which is very telling.

I think the fallout from this is a testament to White, as he has been outstanding this season, and football fans (including some of our own) are realising what a fantastic player he is.

{Ed014's Note - I think he just realises with Southgate he’s zero chance of winning anything and he just plays his favourites.

15 Mar 2024 09:23:51
I think during the World Cup he felt he was just a squad member with no chance of playing! He was behind Walker Trippier TAA and James. Now they are injured Southgate has gone to pick him and Ben has said no thanks I`m not filling in only to become a squad member or not picked. Yet he could be a massive asset with Saka but others preferred including Mcguire which is baffling. Good news for his club though COYG.

15 Mar 2024 12:45:39
I might by proved wrong but I think this group of English players are completely wasted on Southgate.

16 Mar 2024 10:22:29
I find it a littlw sad he would give up the chance in a Euro Year. England came soooo close last time. Perhaps he will make himself available nearer the time?

16 Mar 2024 12:17:44
I agree this England squad is waisted on the yes man Southgate if we win anything with him in charge it will be a minor miracle and more to do with the players talent than his managerial ability.

We would of already won the Euros if it was not for him 1 nil up in a final at home and he wants the team to sit back and try and hold off when every person watching the game apart from Southgate could see this was not working and Italy was going to score truly away game management he bottled it big time then left it on the shoulders of kids in the shootout.

16 Mar 2024 15:35:58
To be fair Southgates record as England manager is only second to Alf Ramseys and is actually far superior to all others, including the wonderful late Sir Bobby Robsons record.

The fools golden generation was truly wasted under Sven Ericskson.

{Ed014's Note - as this one under Southgate will be, did nothing at league level and is, in my opinion, a very poor manager summed up perfectly by RG.

Saying he has the best record after Sir Alf is akin to saying Ten Hag has the best record after Sir Alex.

16 Mar 2024 20:03:33
Hi Ed014, Ramsey is the only England manager to win anything and Southgate is the only other manager to take England to a final, which was lost on penalties.

He also equaled Sir Bobby's World cup semi final best performance outside England. His ability at club level isn't the question, if it was then my opinion would be different as the results are very different to his international record.

{Ed014's Note - his lack of ability bar getting to a final via possibly the easiest route ever and then messing that up against a pretty average Italy is the question.

International or club level he’s a poor manager who plays safety first garbage.

But of course that’s my opinion but I’m defo sticking to it. ?

17 Mar 2024 15:07:17
Fair comment Ed014 mate ? ?.

{Ed014's Note - I’d love to start watching England again mate but it’s just such a frustrating watch with him at the helm.

I think he’d be a perfect fit for the United job when he’s finally offloaded. ?

17 Mar 2024 19:01:26
I plan on watching as much as i can of the Euros Ed014 mate especially as I didn't watch any of the Qatar World Cup, I must confess I haven't watched a qaulifer or friendly for longer than I can remember as they are pretty much a non event, especially the friendlys since they started allowing 7 trillions substitutions ?, I'm sure some fans sneak on during the confusion of of it all.

If Southgate leaves England I don't wish united on him, he definitely doesn't deserve that horribleness in his life mate, what's wrong with them and Jose getting back together ????????????.

{Ed014's Note - well enjoy mate, I’ve no idea whose in it aside from the obvious I guess and no idea whose in Englands group, assuming there are groups ?

That’s a good point about Southgate, guess it would be a little unfair but fingers crossed they’ll keep Ten Hag now they’re in a semi final! ?

17 Mar 2024 19:46:09
United and Chelsea have a dilemma Ed014 mate, do they twist again like they did last summer like they do most years, or do they celebrate and glamorise the 5th place trophy and Europa league and conference league qualifications as fantastic footballing achievements and stick with the managers they have. Decisions decisions ?.



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