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05 Mar 2024 13:11:40
Guys, Liverpool fan again in peace - honestly, for a neutral how good is this season?

3 clubs within touching distance at the top points and good wise is fantastic

You were a bit behind on the good front a few games ago but man, you haven't half sorted that out have you in just a few games lol?

Add to the above then, City's next 2 league games are away at Anfield and then home to a rampant Arsenal and honestly who knows what twists and turns this title race will take?

Fair play lads, you are playing some great football at the minute and you're a great bunch of fans too - I'll be glad to see you finish 2nd to us and above City lol

Best of luck in the run in lads, playing some great footie at the minute.

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05 Mar 2024 17:32:19
Hi Bill, it really is an exciting title race this season with very room for error all 3 teams looking likely between now and May. We all want to be champions but how lucky are we fans of all 3 clubs just to be involved in such an exciting title race at all, there are another 27 set's of fans wishing they were as lucky as us mate ?

Enjoy the rest of the season Bill whatever it brings.

{Ed025's Note - i think you mean 17 G62..

05 Mar 2024 20:02:19
Oh yes, thanks Ed025 mate, geometry has never been my strong point ???.

{Ed025's Note - love it G62..

06 Mar 2024 00:06:53
Enjoy the run in Bill and, if it's not us, I hope you knock City off their perch :)

06 Mar 2024 07:16:15
Bill, sorry mate but I really don't want Liverpool to win it. Mostly because I have a cousin who is a Liverpool fan and if you lot win, he'll become even more annoying than he is now. And so will Ed001 (don't tell him I said that) .

06 Mar 2024 10:21:03
Lol RSharpe I know - mind you my brother in law is an Everton fan and a couple of seasons ago we nearly did a quadruple and they were nearly relegated the same season haha jeez he'd have heard me then alright - maybe this season? One can hope ???

Aye Gunner and Sally, great run in isn't it? - like you yeah I'd just like to see City knocked off their perch, obviously rather it was us but tell you what you guys aren't half playing some scintillating footie at the minute but truly will be interesting what the next couple of games will do to the table - good luck!

06 Mar 2024 12:36:47
Also a Liverpool fan here. If we don't win it, I would much rather Arsenal over city. A club with a identity and fan base who have suffered for the better part of 20 years would be good to have winning the league. Having been through this for most of my life with Liverpool, I know what it would mean for the fans. Also it would be a more honest win than the club with 100+ odd charges for cheating.

I find myself at the Emirates a lot for the womens games, so I guess I have to put Arsenal above city!

06 Mar 2024 18:31:48
Hi Taurus I think it's good for the game that 3 clubs are chasing the title and the club in 4th place isn't a million miles away. It's also good for the game that no club or two clubs completely dominate the title, Rangers or Celtic, Real or Barcelona has predominantly been the way of Scottish and Spanish football for more decades than enough. The Pl is the best league in the world in my opinion and the more competitive the title race the stronger it becomes ?.

06 Mar 2024 22:27:52
I completely agree gunner62, competition is a healthy thing for the league.

07 Mar 2024 15:54:05
I agree too Gunner and fair play to Arteta in fairness - many criticised him over the last few seasons, with players he got rid of etc; but he has built a great team now that are a proper team, none of the big egos and 'all about me' types but a proper team and looks like they'll all go through a wall for each other

Some footie he has you playing too and Rice was a great purchase in the summer - honestly doesn't look much between all 3 teams at the top does there?

Great for a neutral, but doesn't half cause health issues on game nights for fans of those 3 lol.

07 Mar 2024 20:48:34
Hi Taurus and Bill

In truth I'm just really happy for us to be genuinely back in the business of competing for title's again, keeping an eye on the Liverpool and City scores, just hoping other teams will nick a point or 3 from you, and regularly looking at the run in futures for Liverpool and City thinking where you might possibly drop points ect, it's fantastic to be back in the thick of the big time rather than on the outside looking in and reminiscing about how things used to be for us once upon a time ?? Don't get me wrong of course I'd love us to be champions but just genuinely being back in race itself is a brilliant feeling all on its own.

One things for sure, come the end of May the best team over 38 games will definitely be very worthy champions, be that us, you lads or City ???.



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