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27 Jul 2022 18:59:33
Wow has anyone seen Arteta's team talk after the 3 defeats, mindblowing!

{Ed014's Note - are you going to share or keep us in suspense Sally? ?

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27 Jul 2022 20:20:52
I take back everything I've said about him after seeing that. I've heard he comes out of the documentary very well.

27 Jul 2022 20:48:02
Just watched it - well done MA impressed.

{Ed014's Note - likewise, very good

27 Jul 2022 21:38:40
I will need to take a look, sounds like something that might improve my opinion of his management skills.

28 Jul 2022 02:14:43
I got to be honest, as far as inspirational sporting speeches go, that was very very tame.
From the look of a few of those players, I’d say few of them were on the same wavelength as him, and that sheet at the end just looked like a mess I’m not sure what you could take from it as a player.
Yes it’s great to see him strip things back and open up, but really and truly that was not a team talk that sends your starting 11 ready to run through walls for you.
I don’t know what’s happening that so many people find this praise worthy, and it’s nothing personal against MA, but it was so tame I couldn’t believe what all the hype was about.

28 Jul 2022 09:10:05
Oops maybe I shouldn't watch it after all Shambo mate ?????.

28 Jul 2022 10:52:30
Bit unfair Shambo. We went on a 10 match unbeaten run following that talk.

28 Jul 2022 11:02:50
I'm with shambo; very underwhelming. I can see what he was going for, but he just doesn't have the personality for a rousing speech.

28 Jul 2022 13:03:10
Perhaps he understands the players a bit better and felt that was the right way to go about things, and yes he won't get the part in the next gladiator film based on the dramatic nature of his voice and tone.
but as Glen said, the players responded to him which is the most important thing.
He has always come across as a professional and controlled person, even in his playing days so I am a bit unsure what some people were expecting.

28 Jul 2022 13:27:02
More of a fart than a hairdryer.

28 Jul 2022 13:58:17
So interesting to see such conflicting opinions on the video clip!

28 Jul 2022 16:02:11
I think he just divides opinions Sally, I am and have been a fan of his since the start, I think he has done a really good job in his time as Arsenal boss, while not exceeding. but defiantly has built a squad who seem to play for the club rather than their wage packet.

So that means that I usually look at what he does with rose-tinted glasses a bit, which I call optimism and passion but in reality, is sometimes just foolish haha

Some were not happy from the start or have grown impatient with him or just feel that he is not a top-class manager ( which I agree with but appreciate that for a manager with 2.5 years experience I think he is better than most of the current top class manager were) so perhaps don't allow themselves to get carried away with the stuff, that say I would (like the video clip)

but we are all entitled to our thoughts and this site is a great place to have that debate, I used to come on here a lot a few years back and it all got a bit aggy, whereas more recently it seems a much more fun place to share your thoughts, even when they are coming from different angles.

28 Jul 2022 17:08:47
Obviously the most important thing is, does Arteta inspire motivate and get the best out of his players, and the answer so far has been, sometimes he can and does and sometimes he isn't able to so doesn't.

Let's hope he's worked out why that is over the summer and we see the positive results of his learning in the months ahead ?.

{Ed014's Note - we’ve played some great stuff under and some awful stuff, he pretty much has rid of everyone that was potentially causing problems so this is his time to lead and inspire with a group of players who it seems want to play for him.

I really hope, despite my reservations, that he smashes it and does the business consistently.

Think we’d all love that.

28 Jul 2022 18:08:02
Perhaps your right Glenn mate, I just call it as I see it. I read Sallys post and had high hopes, but found it quite underwhelming. I looked in the eyes of those players and I didn’t see collective recognition, I didn’t see them rising to their feet in unison in raw nervous energy at the end, rather it was sporadic token clapping and I think the way he walked out so fast at the end took away from it maybe.

And look you have to remember he had some players back then who were hard to motivate so I’m not anti Arteta, far from it like Ed I just want to see him match the talk with some walk.

I’d rather see that reaction he had on the sideline at Anfield last season than that clip, I mean it was a little counter intuitive to reference a team of skilled individuals who only do what they do because they love it and that he was relying on them to save him only to then take all burden away by saying no matter what they do he will relieve them of all responsibility because he knows they are ‘good’.

Ah look maybe it is harsh because he also has to speak using words they all recognise in a room where English is not universally spoken as the first language. But, unlike Hampshire, I don’t see it as a speech that was focused on an intimate knowledge of the players, he can be quite fractious depending on which player you hear from, but that’s not a quality I dislike in my manager I think he’s managed the change of personnel in a really impressive way that could be the making of him.

Bottom line tho is he’s given us a side to be excited about again, you can see there’s a different mood around the club and on the pages here. We just need to get behind them now and give them that extra push. and hope those ‘rousing’ motivational speeches get those players a little more roused next time, hahahah.

28 Jul 2022 18:31:28
. and on a side note, show us the pre match talk before the Spurs and Newcastle games, they’d be the real interesting ones!

28 Jul 2022 19:51:05
I don`t think he`s a tubthumping hairdryer sort of manager but assume he does sometimes when needed. He does take some ballsy decisions though Ozil Pea etc. Was expecting fire and brimstone but as someone said we went on a good run so it worked. I giggled because he walked out like David Brent after his motivational speech evening! Just for clarity he`s nothing like Brent, I like him and we will surprise many this season. We are better than the bookies sixth place for sure VTH.

28 Jul 2022 20:17:17
I agree Ed014 mate we all want the same thing ????.

{Ed014's Note - I’d truly like nothing more than him to come good mate so ?? he makes it happen.

We’re building a great young squad not to be wasted.



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