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22 Jul 2022 18:07:46
Welcome to the Arsenal Zinchenko

Outstanding signing

Stan kroenke does deliver, what ever you think of him.

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22 Jul 2022 19:35:11
Unreal window so far mate.

22 Jul 2022 19:39:33
Excellent signing mate and I agree Stan has often been the fall guy people chose to blame because it made it easier for them than looking elsewhere.

Arteta like all previous managers under Stan has been given everything they asked for that it was possible to give, including Stan taking the Flack for their mismanagement.

I still believe Stan would sell the club out in a heartbeat to a European super league if he could but that doesn't change the facts of what he has done to make Arsenal competitive in the premier league and in Europe as things stand.

22 Jul 2022 19:46:28
Kroenke In!

22 Jul 2022 21:16:34
Yep Stan has doshed out the cash for sure

Arteta has to deliver CL football soon or he’s gone.

{Ed014's Note - he does mate and this season too!

22 Jul 2022 21:38:49
That's going to be super tough for Artea to deliver Banbury and Ed014, I'm saying it's impossible for him to do it but if that really is what he has to do to keep his job then the odds are not in his favour.

Pep Klopp Contre and Tuchel have all been there and bought the T-shirt and is things stand Artea is still a lightweight up against heavyweights, we have bought new players and undoubtedly improved the squad but so have City Liverpool Spurs Chelsea and all other clubs, but at the end of the day Artea himself still needs to punch well above his current weight to make top 4 happen.

{Ed014's Note - he blew a pretty good opportunity last season and has now been financially backed by the owners.

He has Saliba back, a genuine striker, Viera in midfield, possibly more on the way and the team has gained another years experience.

I don’t look at Spurs or Chelsea as particularly huge mountains to climb and those are our first targets.

I don’t think those below us have massively strengthened although United do have a potentially decent manager, he’s just got pretty much the same crap to work with.

So it shouldn’t be a tough gig and he needs to have learned from last year and get on with it!

22 Jul 2022 23:18:53
With what has been invested he doesn't just need to qualify for CL, he needs to go deep into it.

22 Jul 2022 23:29:15
Fair play Ed014 mate, personal i see it as Paddy Mcguinees taking on Hamilton Vattel Alanso Verstappen and I'm not sure how ever good a car you give Paddy he's going to out drive any of the other 4, I'm not saying it can't happen or even won't happen only that I'm struggling to see it happening.

I don't think Arteta has the minerals myself but, I've been wrong before.

{Ed014's Note - don’t get me wrong mate I have doubts about him but the squad is by no means poor and it’s been improved.

Arteta needs to make the same improvement and more as whilst there’s many things I’ve liked I’m still of the opinion Graham Potter would currently do better with this squad.

23 Jul 2022 01:05:08
I'm with ed14 here, I really don't think arteta is a bad manager maybe last season he fell short at the end and the start didn't help either but I see him have a vision on how and we're the team has to be. The guy has a great passion to the game to arsenal. I'm not worried in the slightest about Chelsea nor Tottenham.
Last year we put a very encouraging performance against the top 4 teams we might have not got the points put we should guts and we were unlucky.
I have a good feeling for the coming season.

23 Jul 2022 11:06:08
Biggest spenders in the window so far - he blew a huge opportunity last season

I really think this is his last chance IMO and I hope he delivers.

{Ed014's Note - totally agree

23 Jul 2022 11:58:51
I personally liken Mikel Arteta to Frank Lamparrd in football management

Frank was supported and defended by Chelsea fans as manager because of who he is not because of what he did as a manager for them, when the club put success before sentiment and sacked Frank many fans were outraged but soon saw the error of their loyalty when they became champions of Europe months after parting company with Frank. Frank was on the verge of top 4 at Chelsea because of the size of club he was at not because he was a good manager

Why is Arteta Arsenal manager? Because he's an ex Arsenal player and worked under Pep, and in my opinion like Frank the size of the club he's at masks his own lack of managerial ability.

Time will tell of course.

23 Jul 2022 12:26:03
He bottled it last year made a few stupid calls and lost us top4 he has to deliver this year or he has to go, personally I think a world class manager could do wonders with this squad.

23 Jul 2022 13:14:58
That in my opinion is the missing ingredient which makes success a long shot rather than a distinct possibility VM. A top class manager.

No amount of spending and great signings will ever fully compensate for not having a good enough manager to get the best out of everyone.

City and Liverpool do all they can to retain Pep and Jurgen for a very good reason, they can get the best out of the players the club buys.

23 Jul 2022 14:10:10
There were times last season where we started to look good, as if the players got it. Then, we took two steps back, and that is my issue with Arteta, in that we play a very intricate style, and it seems to fall apart the minute one or two players are out, with the replacements just not able to slot into the set patterns that we play. Let’s hope that everyone is now more on board, and experienced in what is expected, and if yes, we might be pleasantly surprised.

23 Jul 2022 15:34:42
We could always stick with MA until Pep Klopp Tuchel and Conte go elsewhere or retire

But knowing how unscrupulous City Liverpool Chelsea and Spurs are they would probably go and replace them with other top managers, uh,

How on earth are you supposed to compete with and beat clubs with that kind of mentality!

By joining them? ???.

{Ed014's Note - I’m going to ban you if you don’t stop being so negative 62!??

We could just get Graham Potter though.

23 Jul 2022 16:28:12
I think you are right - we’ve had an excellent window so far and MA has been really backed by the board. I would say we have to comfortably get top 4 and a trophy next season. We need to create daylight between us and 5th place. With the talent we have we should expect an Arsenal manager to get at least 4th plus a trophy or be brave enough to question the current set up. I like MA and love our club so I hope he succeeds but succeed he must as we can’t spend this amount of money and continue to not deliver or key players will leave and we will decline as a club with little money in the war chest. Last season wasn’t a disaster - we were placed higher in the league than we deserved due to fixtures being moved and ultimately bottled it. It helped that Leicester and Utd were pxss poor but still a poor Spurs team out did us. It’s down to the young team and manager but we are a big club and must now accept Top 4 in the minimum expectation and pressure must be applied if that doesn’t happen. Plus we must close the gap between us and 1st place as the goal is to compete at some point or what’s the point! COYG.

23 Jul 2022 16:52:11
The season hasn’t even started and you’re starting in the boss

And looks at that, ed014 is leading the cavalry charge.

{Ed014's Note - I’m not starting on him mate, you’ll know when I am, he needs to show his worth this season as I don’t want us wasting this squad.

If he shows he’s got what it takes, happy days but I’m not making excuses for him.

23 Jul 2022 17:10:31
Hi Sy welcome back! I also like MA and want him to do well and feel a good job has been done and quite quickly to sort out the underperforming and overpaid loafers we had not long ago. There appears to be some joined up thinking - the Zinchenko signing for one - and we are surely a better squad. We surely would have gotten top 4 if we had Jesus last season. We are better so we need to prove it. We may have spent big in last two summer windows but only because we bought and had too many players who were simply not good enough. We 100% need a forward as an injury to Jesus could derail the season. Even the Spuds have a really decent back up in Richarlison. Maybe I`m doing Eddie a disservice here, I hope so! let's get a decent back up forward/ rw/ lw . Any ideas?

23 Jul 2022 18:25:42
Hey stevie boi

Welcome back son

I was about to let the cat out of the bag.

23 Jul 2022 19:09:06
Hey SY mate, really pleased to hear from you geezer ???? hope your ok mate.

23 Jul 2022 20:01:30
All good Mal, Sussex and 62. I’m excited about the coming season - would be super excited if we signed a midfielder, a winger and Saka signed on the dotted line. Really really hoping the boss has the squad to meet our high expectations and he’s learned from the past few seasons. He seems intelligent but sometimes naive…. Hopefully experience addresses that and he delivers on the pitch. Jesus is a great upgrade on Lacazette while still offering work rate and link up play. Ode really stepped up last season and proved me 100% wrong which I am super happy about.

Hope everyone and their families are well and looking forward to the site in the new season ??.

23 Jul 2022 20:13:10
Are you still at the same place 62? Is the job going well and still as rewarding? Hope so.

23 Jul 2022 18:27:50
Fair comment Ed014 mate ??? the really good news is reality isn't changed by my opinion of MA not having what it takes to overcome the big 4 managers.

In my opinion there are 3 ways it will go, 1 either he will totally superise me and finish above one of the big 4 managers 2 the club and fans will accept EL qualification as currently be clubs limits under MA until he gets more experience 3 the club and fans look to improve on MA limitations by going for another manager.

Luckily I don't know anymore than anyone else what will really happen next season for Arsenal or anyone else mate? I just say it how I see it.

Graham Potter? He's done the most in depth apprenticeship I can ever remember any manager doing and so far he's exceeded expectations everywhere, he earned a shot at a big club and I'd love Arsenal to give him that shot, he is the complete opposite to everything about MA for me ????.

{Ed014's Note - we need differing opinions mate, it makes the world go around.?

I’d love MA to do well but have some concerns and if he doesn’t I’m all for giving Potter a chance.

23 Jul 2022 22:49:43
Hi SY, yes the job is going brilliant thank you mate. I get meet and work with a real variety of people and have been part of some fantastic success stories, everything from helping prevent evictions, helping homelessness people to find a nice place to live get back into work and rebuild their lives, ; recover from poorly mental health, drug and alcohol addictions, escape domestic violence and start a new life in a safe location miles away from their old life.
For the last year I've been supporting someone who was in rehab with Gazza a few years ago, it's really rewarding and can be brilliant fun a lot of the time.

How's everything with you mate? You still into the foxy lady and got it in for people with long hair ????.



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