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27 May 2022 07:18:00
Not a bad season in the end when you look at the size of our squad and its age. definitely a team for the future and a couple of additions up front will get us firing. Whatever happens, it can't be as bad as the start to last season!

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27 May 2022 08:55:39
Well said sparky

We all said we wanted an improvement.

27 May 2022 09:15:29
It is the same for everybody but all teams should get a good rest this Summer with a proper pre season. This will help ESR Saka Martinelli Tierney and Partey in particular . Check out our line ups v Brentford City and Chelsea distinctly Europa League! Particularly v Chelsea they were at full strength and we had 4 poss 5 first teamers. I expect us to be ready this season and getting important players in early will help that. That said yes we lost 3 games but against City European Champions and Brentford`s rocking stadium so for me given line ups wasn`t a big a shock as was made out to be . Kolacinac and Mari played . Here`s to a great window being ready and we go again VTH.

27 May 2022 09:46:57
Agreed Sussex mate

I just feel we have an identity

The first time in over 10 years.

27 May 2022 10:36:24
We definitely have a good base to build on but it will take more than money and new signings to improve or even maintain this seasons 5th place finish next season.

MA himself has to improve if we are to fend off Newcastle and others let alone break into the top 4 next season.

There is a reason City Liverpool Chelsea and Spurs finished top 4 this season and it's not all about money, it's having the right man looking after, organising and motivating all and any investments each club makes.

Pep Klopp Tuchel Conte are class above and MA needs to become class above also if we are to become a force again.

Sorry to seem negative but I'm just trying to share an honest opinion.

27 May 2022 10:56:42
I agree John he has to step up

He inherited a shambles of a squad and got rid off a huge amount of worthless overpaid crap.

27 May 2022 12:26:02
Its a shame managers can't be substituted like the players :)

27 May 2022 12:41:39
Easy now sparky mate. Lol.

27 May 2022 12:57:55
I have noticed in the stadium this Season that there was a definite increase in vocal support and a more together atmosphere. What with the North London forever Anthem as well.
As Sussex has already said get the new signings in early not on deadline day.
One of the big factors next season is how we and the other clubs cope with the WC break and how the players comeback from it.

27 May 2022 13:22:06
I just hope we didn’t blow our transfer budget last year. I have said that spending that much cash, while knowing you had ageing strikers, one of which was at the end of his contract, would be a dreadful mistake if none is left, and so I hope I am wrong and we have plenty left to make the right signings this summer. The fact that we tried to sign that Italian striker, and some of the names we have been linked with recently (including the Napoli striker) suggests we have the cash available, but I guess if our main strikers next year are Eddie and Morata then perhaps not!

27 May 2022 15:17:24
I'd rather see refs get shifted quicker than managers Sparky or even relegated at the end of the season, but anyway this is not about them .

I still think MA has to be discounted for his inexperience. May not sit well with us fans due to our high expectations, reputation and legacy. Like some compare us with Liverpool and Klop in his first three years or so. Quite not the same isn't it?

I am still waiting for the window to open and close to really make my judgement. As mentioned with the WC mid-season we could have more than half the first playing their plus an extra competition. The squad will need good depth in quality, Partey and Tomi could be a worry include Saka who played all 38 games this season.

Looks like the club will have to take another gamble to maintain or improve our position. From their perspective it can't be easy with teams around us doing the same.

As G62 mentioned it now includes Newcastle not to forget Aston Villa who have been out spending us over the last few seasons (Gerrard must be at risk if they don't make Europe next season) .

The league title/ top four or the Europa league which should be our main priority?

27 May 2022 18:45:30
Hi Yard mate, personally I think if we stick with MA, as we surely will and he can lead us to 5th again, then he will have done as well as could be reasonably expected of him.

If he can make top 4 then he will have well exceeded my most optimistic expectations of him

As you say mate, Vila could push for top 7 as could any or all of West Ham, Wolves, Leicester, Newcastle and of course even United, they can't be any worse under Hag could they?

So with 5th being the only guaranteed EL place available via the PL route it wil be no mean feat for any of MA SG DM BL BL EH or ETH to achieve that 5th place next season.

I know we all want top 4 but to me that's like expecting Big Frank Bruno to out point one of Ali Frazer Foreman or Holmes over 15 gruelling rounds, great if it happens but not fair to expect it of MA.

27 May 2022 20:27:41
Lets hope for a productive window.

27 May 2022 20:31:51
Hi Sparky would having to managers competing for the right to run the team be that bad an idea?

Crazy as it sounds, if you had 2 managers one in charge one sub and if the manager in charge lost 2 on the trot the other took over until the sub manager lost 2 on the trot, and so on, I wonder if they would bring out the best in each other like two good keepers do or two good left backs competing for 1 place.
Interesting thought, and I wonder if Arsene might have been less stubborn with a sub breathing down his neck?

Intriguing, well it is my mind ?.

27 May 2022 20:40:29
It's something that i've always wondered why it didn't happen mate. If players are not performing they get dropped, why not managers.

27 May 2022 21:19:47
I must admit it did cross my mind at some point in the distant past too Sparky.

Of course the idea would need a bit of work ironing out any potential problems and tweaking here and there but like you say why not?

If one club gave it a go and got huge success with it, all clubs would soon follow suit.

28 May 2022 13:28:19
Nice posts gunner agreed with lots of it.
The whole sub manager thing is a non runner tho fellas.
To be an elite manager you have to have a clear Ethos and Philosophy, you don’t deviate you stick to your OWN principles. This is the foundation player respect and club identity is built on, and it’s reinforced by structure and continuity, which breeds on field consistency and off field reputation.
Think of those top 4 managers you listed, do you think they are similar as managers? Do you think they would regard each other as being similar? It’s not so easy as to attribute Klopp and Pep as agents of the beautiful game and Conte and Tuchel as less so but more tactical when it comes to outthinking their opposite numbers.
The differences are many and far more subtle.
If you have two managers you lack clear messaging and continuity, particularly if the incentive for keeping the reigns is something akin to you avoiding two losses for fear your sub is coming in for you.
If anything it would be a massive negative as one could hide behind the others inadequacies and a mid table side in januarys season could be reduced to all kinds of rubbishhousery as the managers wrestle for control with little left to lose.
It doesn’t make sense, or maybe I don’t? Hahahah.

28 May 2022 13:31:15
Plus, modern players are hard work.
Could you imagine Aubameyangs antics if he had had a second manager to play off Arteta and get on his side back in December.
The idea is a bad one chaps.

28 May 2022 18:15:09
I thought I`d wandered on to the conspiracy pages Shambo and bless you for calling it what it would be - a s***show all the while giving your reasoning and working out - stirling work! Sorry 875 and Sparky46 I`m out :) VTH.

28 May 2022 19:31:33
Hi Shambo and Lincolnshire, I totally understand your thoughts and scelticism about the two mangers idea myself and Sparky put out there, I'm sure there was a similar reaction to when the first person put forward the idea of allowing teams to have a substitute player back in the 60s and of course changing from 2pts to 3pts for a win.

On the 4 managers Shambo, all 4 are excellent motivators all be it with different styles, as you say Tuchel and Conte organise as well as motivate excellently, Klopp knows what he needs from each player plus fans and board and absolutely demands they match his 100% commitment week in week out but is also equally brilliant at knowing when it's time to switch from 100% work mode to 100% fun mode, he pulls off being both boss and mate to everyone with perfect ease and no one ever seems in any confusion about which he is and when.
Pep obviously has his fantastic football philosophy and is excellent at getting this philosophy across to his players, Pep knows his players inside out and accepts what they are and aren't capable of and doesn't ask them to give him what they don't have to give but equally won't allow his players to short change himself or themselves by not pushing themselves to their personal limits.

That's just my opinion on what makes the premier league fab 4 managers class above the rest of the field.

28 May 2022 19:51:55
The 2 managers concept is interesting

I tell you what why don’t we go a step further and have 2 popes, 2 prime ministers and 2 potus’s

Get real lads.

28 May 2022 20:02:06
Well I would like to sub the prime minister out, so great idea Mal! ?Except I don't fancy any of the options on the bench to come on and do a job either!

28 May 2022 21:04:15
Two Malaga's? ???? we used to have when Dags was about ?.

29 May 2022 14:10:34
I’ve asked the missus about subbing her sister in…the cast comes off in 6 weeks.



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