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13 Feb 2021 18:22:35
Do we have an interest in Tiago Tomas?




21 Jan 2021 23:32:28
With Arteta suggesting he has found out who was responsible for leaking details about the training match bust up between Luiz and Ceballos, how serious are the consequences, that he keeps threatening, going to be? Could we see players dropped, for example, or is it a media frenzy in a teacup.


1.) 22 Jan 2021 10:32:08
Literally a storm in a tea cup, apparently it was the tea lady. The argument started over when to put the milk in, luiz said before the water and Dani rightly said no after the tea bag has been removed 🤣.



30 Dec 2020 19:07:04
Are we looking to bring in a 2nd choice keeper in Jan? Worried about relying on Runarsson, not his fault at all but he shouldn't be in the 1st team.


1.) 30 Dec 2020 20:45:04
i heard this, yeah man, looks a bit shakey.



23 Dec 2020 20:44:47
As Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". By that reasoning, we are categorically insane! May use different players but the same setup and exact same tactics.

We don't have the ability or confidence to get the ball through midfield quick enough and when we do get forward we're pushed out wide and put in a woeful cross when 9 times out of 10 there's no one in a decent position in the box or determined to get on the end of it. I'd be happy to see us play some ugly hoofball with long balls over the top; the opposition won't be expecting it and may catch them off guard. Then after a few wins and confidence is back up we can try the more intricate football again.




15 Jul 2019 23:19:53
Hi Ed, wouldn't appreciate any knowledge, thoughts or opinions on the current internal situation? Koscielny, Torreria (? ) supposedly wanting to leave?


{Ed033's Note - ok :)

1.) 16 Jul 2019 07:57:03
I forgot all about the Torreira stories of a few weeks back, wow that seems a long time ago now.
Yesterday's chip paper by now surely that one.

2.) 16 Jul 2019 09:11:51
The Torreira situation seems to have calmed down. I recall reports of giving him a higher salary. As for Koscielny, he clearly wants out and with a year to go on his deal Arsenal have every right to demand a fee.

3.) 16 Jul 2019 18:25:43
Was there ever a Torreira situation in the first place?
From what I remember of it get said he was struggling to learn the English language and the media turned that into he was struggling living in England which then grew into he wanted to return to Italy which then turned into his wife didn't like the English weather.
All the poor bloke ever said was he was strangling with the language.

4.) 16 Jul 2019 19:07:03
Journos and agents trying to make a few quid mate, usual!

5.) 17 Jul 2019 08:08:20
Absolutely sparky mate but it's strange how some of the rubbish that print actually becomes fact in the memory of people.
The Mandela effect I think they call it.




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16 Apr 2021 10:20:55
So Auba contracted malaria while on international duty. That guy has had some rotten luck lately. he's saying all the right things, so I think he still genuinely has a drive to get back to playing like his old ways. WIshing him a speedy recovery!


1.) 16 Apr 2021 21:17:56
I wish him a speedy recovery as well though to be fair, he hasn't been anything like the player we signed for sometime.



06 Aug 2019 14:12:56
Bored waiting for a delayed flight. so let's have some fun and play the "guess Ed002's source" game.

I'm going to say I heard a radio interview with Malcolm Clarke the football supporters federation chair who sounded uncannily similar to Ed in his sharkopods.

Let's hear your conspiracies!




29 Jun 2019 22:35:12
Cahill, yay or nay?


1.) 30 Jun 2019 00:28:37
Little choice as things stand mate.



07 Jun 2019 12:06:27
Any interest in Kolasinac from Barca? Apparently they're offering £20mil for him.


1.) 07 Jun 2019 15:07:58
Barcelona being interested in Kolasinac is probably the silliest tabloid rumour I've heard yet. Either that or they're mental.

2.) 07 Jun 2019 15:39:48
It's as ridiculous as they come Wire mate I agree, personally I thought the Pea and Lacasette to Barcelona were extremely far fetched but this one takes things into a whole new level of ridiculousness :-) who next Mustafi or Xhaka?

3.) 07 Jun 2019 17:41:38
Tall them we will throw Xhaka and Mustafi, and we'll take $10 mil.

4.) 07 Jun 2019 18:11:32
They will probably offer us 50 millions to keep all 3 Davy :-)



23 Oct 2018 12:51:54
Hardly any hate aimed at Xhaka for last night. he must have played well.


1.) 23 Oct 2018 13:32:32
Apart from being easily dispossessed, giving the ball away in dangerous positions, failing to tackle, fouling because he can’t tackle and incredibly slow he was his usual excellent self mate.

How Xhaka and excellent were ever linked or used in the same sentence in the first place remains a mystery, probably never to be solved.

2.) 23 Oct 2018 14:06:17
Xhaka wasn't awful last night but equally he was a long long way from excellent, to be fair people are more resigned to Xhaka than in favour of him starting. I very much doubt he will make the premier league worst 11 this season which in its self is a big improvement on his first two seasons with us but equally I think he will be a long long way away from the premier league top 50 let alone premier league team of the year.

3.) 23 Oct 2018 14:47:22
I like most things Dick is doing but xhaka in every time, when he clearly is not capable of doing a job at this level is baffling. What on earth does he see in him, he is like a fish out of water and the one big element of our flimsyness. I think it is going to take a hammering for him to move him out. While we keep winning, he will keep playing. I cringe when i see him in the team and his pathetic performances.

4.) 23 Oct 2018 16:07:36
Like I say Steve most fans aren't happy with Xhaka but I think we're all resigned to him playing despite our own personal opinion on his ability.
Last season I couldn't make a case for him being in the premier league at all but now I just don't think he's top 10 material which is improvement how ever you look at it.

5.) 23 Oct 2018 17:24:31
Gunner, i think all has been said about xhakas abilities or lack of. He will eventually be ejected, i just think it will mean a few hammerings before that happens. Some people look at him and see a 35mil player and think he must be a good player because he was so much, he will come good. I look at him and all i see is a waste of space and a weight too the team.

6.) 23 Oct 2018 18:27:19
Even on his improved performance he doesn't look like a top 5 or 6 player to me Steve in fact I think he would struggle to make any top 10 team, bar ours of course:-)
So far we are getting away with playing him and hopefully that will continue all season but if things do stop going so well for us in think Xhaka will be back at the forefront of people's not happy list.

7.) 23 Oct 2018 22:10:18
I get that he's not the most talented player to pull on an arsenal shirt but I don't understand the level of grief he gets yet Guendozi is praised like a saviour when in reality I think has less of a positive impact on the game than Xhaka. There must be something there for both Arsene and Unai to have him in their starting 11 and vice captain.

8.) 23 Oct 2018 22:43:12
I’m not giving him grief mate, just saying what I see and you can genuinely put money on him doing all of those things every game he plays.

Don’t dislike the guy and had high hopes for him but he is a bit of a nothing player.

Guendouzi is young and is a great addition to the squad and endeavours to be positive in everything he does and for me, not getting in the slightest carried away with him, has more of a future at Arsenal than Xhaka.

Out of interest, what do you see in Xhaka?

9.) 24 Oct 2018 11:03:22
Stoner, I think he has a lovely hairstyle.




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03 Aug 2020 21:14:56
I'm sure Welsh would have settled for a simple. sorry, no update since last time. 🙄.




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28 Jul 2019 18:34:11
No chance the money could have been released from some expected outgoings? Iwobi, miki, ozil maybe?




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16 Feb 2019 10:52:36
Re-read your comments on this thread Ed. That hysteria!


{Ed001's Note - what hysteria? Are you 12? I couldn't care less, just find people like you, always ready with nonsense excuses, embarrassing enough to point out how embarrassing you are. Waste of time discussing things with people like you. All you do is deflect with talk of hysteria because not one of the points against your excuses can you counter. So stick to deflecting but you are only making yourself look silly.}



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16 Feb 2019 00:48:47
Utterly ridiculous comments. first, the team and particularly the defence has been blighted with injuries. The players that unai/ his team have bought in have been an instant success. how often do we hear of big big players needing a season or so to settle in and get used to the premier league. We've given them and the new manager just over half a season, before getting the pitchforks out! A 22 unbeaten run may have had lucky moments but there's a saying about making your own luck. The false hysteria is in all honesty laughable.


{Ed001's Note - what hysteria? Unless you mean from those covering their eyes and saying 'all is well Wenger is gone'?}



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15 Feb 2019 08:46:52
"Take our 22 game unbeaten streak out the equation". let's take City's 21 wins this season out the equation and call for Guardiola's head too while we're at it. Seriously. what were you expecting from the man's first season with us plus a complete club restructure plus the squad he inherited?! Would this same attitude happen in any other work place?


{Ed001's Note - what complete club restructure? The restructuring was done last season to allow for an easier transition. More excuses! How many can you Gunners come up with for supporting a failure? It is embarrassing how you lot have treated Wenger so appallingly and now refuse to accept anyone else is actually worse because it would mean you were wrong about the abuse you gave someone who deserved so much better.

That 22 game unbeaten streak should be treated as what it was - riding your luck, as you were bloody awful in most of those games and a defeat was always coming. It was also clear that you would fall apart once it happened as you didn't have a manager with a clue in place to fix it.}




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31 Dec 2020 19:56:26
Happy new year you miserable lot 😁😂. Have a good one!




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09 May 2020 15:58:47
------------ abuse removed - well done, I am sure the other fans will be pleased with no more updates because of you --------------




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26 Feb 2020 12:55:34
I work about 500meters from the Stockley base, shall I pop over and get them to sign up to arsenal rumours so they can give us an insight into their ridiculous decisions?




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23 Oct 2018 22:10:18
I get that he's not the most talented player to pull on an arsenal shirt but I don't understand the level of grief he gets yet Guendozi is praised like a saviour when in reality I think has less of a positive impact on the game than Xhaka. There must be something there for both Arsene and Unai to have him in their starting 11 and vice captain.




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17 Jan 2018 12:40:25
In reply to sparkys original post, i don't think those signings would make 1 iota of difference as they wouldn't be Wengers signings, especially Auybamalangadingdong who he isn't interested in.