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21 Feb 2024 22:01:01
OUCH. ☹️.

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21 Feb 2024 22:32:03
What is wrong with Arteta. Clearly Harvez is struggling upfront and he chose to keep him there for 90mins, whilst Nketia is on the bench.
At least, give smith and nelson an opportunity so that we will have fresh legs coming in. I just don't understand.

21 Feb 2024 22:32:57
Still doable but not anything like a formality. Am away goal in the 2nd leg could prove costly overall.

21 Feb 2024 22:57:12
I think they've done away with the away goal rule.

21 Feb 2024 23:10:19
Bit harsh that AO.

21 Feb 2024 23:51:16
Very naive going for the winner in the last minute of the first leg. Porto masters of anti football, going to be a very tricky return leg.

Honestly though why did we have the draw the Portuguese team? I literally fell asleep.

22 Feb 2024 07:25:11
They have done away with the away goals double rule.
I was saying on live chat last night that we could win 3-1 and put the tie to bed, how wrong was i.
The whole game was poor but what a goal to win the game.
I am still confident we can do the business on the second leg.

22 Feb 2024 08:19:39
I thought havertz was our best player last night

I wish people would watch him rather than slag him.

22 Feb 2024 09:08:27
I did not think he had a poor game Mal mate . Porto done their homework and nullified us especially from corners. We have to be positive and patient in the second leg. A couple of mistakes at the end of the game cost us, but i am quietly confident we can go through.

22 Feb 2024 09:17:55
Thank you Eden and Bill, I didn't know this, now that is excellent news for us ???, well actually it's only really excellent news for me as it seems everyone else already knew it ????.

22 Feb 2024 09:22:33
I know what you are saying Mark, people hey! There are even those who like to diss Martinelli at every opportunity would you believe ????

People hey ?.

22 Feb 2024 10:48:35
Haha John

You got me?.

22 Feb 2024 11:21:57
We are a beautiful but strange species Mark mate, all 8 billion of us Basically we are all exactly the same yet we all have our very own unique quirks that make us individually interesting ????.

22 Feb 2024 14:10:47
I keep saying that to the wife John mate that i am uniquely different but she ain't having none it.

22 Feb 2024 15:52:06
IT wasn't a great game, and perhaps a lesson to a lot of our players about the top level of European football, its not just about your quality with the ball, the dark arts tactics and how to control them, or more importantly how not to let them control you.

we have been great a corners for a while now, we had 9 of them. and hardly looked like scoring because we let them get into our heads with all the theatrics in the box.

Having said that Porto are notoriously good at home and not very good away and I do think we can win the home game comfortably.

Agree with you Mal, I thought Havartz was one of the better performers yesterday, but he will always be an easy target, just like Raya, we had 2 opportunities to clear the ball, but the blame will land with him.

22 Feb 2024 16:54:02
People keep telling my wife just because works with people who have special needs she wasn't forced to marry one Bill mate, I beg to differ with them because not only is she gorgeous looking she's also a gorgeous person with the ability to see past my many many faults and limitations, she not prefer of course, even she sometimes questions her own judgement and feelings ???.

22 Feb 2024 18:14:39
Did you not see at least 3 tackles what havertz could have made but bottled out of them?

22 Feb 2024 20:13:19
Wilfred your so predictable, you only come in here when we loose

Get a grip lad.

23 Feb 2024 10:56:40
Yes Wilfred I saw them and after the cheap cheap yellow he got for a player running into his arm I’m not surprised he pulled out of what could have been a second yellow offence I don’t think that means he was poor. Think about it properly.

23 Feb 2024 17:56:53
The problem for us all is once we've made up our minds about a player one way or another it's a bugger to get our minds to change their first opinions. Look at Mark with Martinelli?, now there's a pooly mind if ever there was one ????.

24 Feb 2024 20:31:48
Malaga tell me what he done at Chelsea to warrant spending £60m on him? And I’m here all the time don't bother with the live chat because it’s more like a meet and greet than talking about the game.



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