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17 Jun 2022 23:08:14
"Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka's yellow card against Leeds is being investigated by the National Crime Agency amid suspicions of a MAJOR scandal following suspicious betting activity into his booking"

Betting on a xhaka yellow isn't suspicious, it must be one of the safest bets you can make!

(I know the amount is suspicious)

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18 Jun 2022 04:26:03
Maybe this is why he gets booked so much for unnecessary reasons …. ??
Just saying …!

18 Jun 2022 10:49:27
Hope it gets sorted quickly.

18 Jun 2022 11:16:34
IF and I do stress IF, he is guilty then it's got to be a life long ban from the game as anything short of that would put the entire integrity of Premier league footbal into question.

Innocent until proven guilty, so let's wait and see what happens.

18 Jun 2022 13:43:48
Yellow cards 52
Red cards 4
Fouls 263.

18 Jun 2022 14:05:45
Wasn't it the timing of the card that the bets were placed on (last 10 minutes, if I remember right) and the unusually high amount of bets as well as the size of the bets that made the bookies suspicious in the first place?

{Ed014's Note - it was apparently a £63,000 bet, he got it for time wasting over a free kick he kept messing around taking.

Think we were 4-1 up at the time.

18 Jun 2022 14:29:02
The investigation is on the referee, not xhaka.

18 Jun 2022 15:02:22
The FA have said they didn't investigate Xhaka. I've just watched the clip again and the Arsenal players seemed confused about what was going on. I think the bookmakers flagged it up as suspicious as there was a flurry of activity around 80 minutes.
I really hope they get to the bottom if it because if he isn't involved it must be horrible for Xhaka having this hanging over his head.

18 Jun 2022 16:38:24
Thanks Ed0014 Wesley and Sally.

Well if it's the ref they are investigating then it's even worse news for the game itself but obviously good news for Xhaka who deserves to have his name cleared if he's totally innocent.

63 grand on something so random seems very suspicious and hopefully it might lead to bookmakers thinking again about encouraging people to bet on anything and everything.

The game not only needs to be clean but needs to be seen to be clean.

18 Jun 2022 20:04:54
When you think about it guys, how many games have you watched where refs don’t book players at all despite wreckless persistent fouling?

I’m not one bit surprised refs may be fiddling when it comes to card counts because it’s something that doesn’t affect the outcome of the game but it’s a thing bookmakers have really promoted the last couple of years.

That ‘over’ or ‘under’ on yellow or red cards.

Very suspicious.

18 Jun 2022 21:27:06
The problem is Shambo there is no shortage of potential fiddling in the game if people want to see it.

A player giving away a totally unnecessary penalty, missing an absolute sitte, scoring a crazy own goal or doing a crazy back pass, a keeper letting the ball slip though his hands? Where does it end mate?

We all have to choose is the game straight or bent? I chose straight or there is no point to it.

19 Jun 2022 09:13:24
Tbh, I have a little “ in play” bet during games and the bookmakers often boost these things and if I’d seen that bet boosted on 80 minutes I’d have taken it.
I blame the bookies ?‍♂️.

19 Jun 2022 11:45:40
Hi 773 I'm with you 100% the bookies greed is the biggest and easiest problem to fix.

19 Jun 2022 12:19:04
There is no such thing as a poor bookie : (.

20 Jun 2022 07:06:15
As someone who has worked in the financial industry my life I hate it when the bookies adverts say “ we have multiple markets”. I tend to shout at the tv, It’s not a market, no exchange of goods or services are being exchanged, it’s just gambling, stop pretending it’s something else.



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