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19 Feb 2024 08:53:34
Hi all Ed's and fellow gunners, hope alls well. another great away win yesterday. Totally dominated and totally deserved to win. Just wanted to say, each and everyone of our lads has been on it, and playing with real confidence and trust in one another. But I have to say odegaard. (captain fantastic).

What a player. now he's been injury free for a while. And he is back in the groove. He's football I.Q is of the scale and his work rate and determination to help this team tick is unreal. His performance levels recently have been very impressive. he is leading by example and the rest of the lads are happy to follow. we really are clicking into gear at the right time.

I'm not going to say we will win the league. (I so, so much want us to). But it will be very difficult. But the fact is these boys are going to bust a gut trying to do it. for themselves, this great club of ours and, of course, for us lot the fans.

I'm super proud of the progress of our great club in more recent years. it's so nice to be back in the title race and having a serious chance of doing so. Instead of being dead in the water by Christmas. with the progress we have made in the last couple of seasons and the path we are on.

There is going to be some real good times ahead for us gooners. I've got a good feeling that with a decent summer transfer window this year. We will see THE ARSENAL really explode into life for 24/25 season. beast mode on. COYG / VTH ONE TEAM / THE ARSENAL / ONE ❤️ ?⚪️ ✌?&?? to you all?.

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19 Feb 2024 10:46:37
100% agree Gabi, great time to be a Gooner. :)

19 Feb 2024 10:50:23
Just a question for the panel ?????‍❤️‍?‍???

Are we a better team with or without Jesus? Don't get me wrong he's a brilliant player but personally I think we are possibly better without him than with him in the team.

Certainly results during his injuries both last season and this season suggest this might be the case, what da yuall think?

19 Feb 2024 13:29:15
Personally, i think we are better with him in the team but I think what it shows is that Arteta is trying to build a squad where if a play comes out then the replacement is of a similar style/ level. (other than Saka)

We don't have a Haaland this is team, but it's harder to replace than when they are not in the team.

Regarding the actual question I have just asked myself if we only had one and they were fit all season would I prefer Jesus or Trossard, and I would prob just edge toward Jesus.

{Ed014's Note - I was only thinking that same thing yesterday as we’ve been smashing the goals in.

I was considering if using him as a super sub would be a great option.

He is such a menace on the pitch and last season seemed to open up opportunities for others to score.

I’m glad I’m not having to make the choices!

19 Feb 2024 14:01:14
Hi sally, hi G62. hope alls well. great question G62… I think Jesus is a top player. I don’t know the answer to your question. I suppose it’s just a matter of individual opinion. but what I would like to think… is…if Mikel is picking his teams on form. then Jesus is going to have to up his levels to get back in. which can only be a good thing for THE ARSENAL. imagine Jesus steps up another level and starts banging in the goals on a regular basis… sweet dreams are made of this. ?⚪️❤️.

19 Feb 2024 16:40:46
Hi Gabi mate, Jesus stepping up his goal scoring in order to regain and retain his place in starting 11 would be the absolute perfect outcome mate ?

Hi Hampshire although I personally think Jesus is a better individual player than Trossard I actually think we are a more effective team with Trossard than we are with Jesus, I don't know why this is the case but it I just seems to be that way.

It was similar with England and Emile Hesky for some reason results and performances were better with him in the team than without him playing, he wasn't the greatest player ever but he certainly added something somewhere that made a difference to the team.

In the words of Toya " it's a mystiwy, it's a mystiwy "

19 Feb 2024 17:53:26
Good question G62. I don't have a clear opinion to be honest but what caught my eye against Burnley was the partnership between Trossard and Havertz. When one was dropping deep the other was filling the resulting space etc. I'd like to see more of this setup for sure.

20 Feb 2024 22:00:54
Hi Ice mate, personally I'd like to see us keep this team that's not just winning but is currently blowing opposing teams away.



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