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10 Feb 2024 14:37:31
Hi all Ed's and fellow gunners, hope alls well. Man goes to the doctors with a steering wheel stuffed down the front of his pants. Doctor says. what seems to be the problem. man replies. I don't know but it's driving me nuts. ???. (that's one silly joke) . here's the next one. ? blue cards are being trialled for football, and could possibly be introduced into the top level.

Supposedly for things like cynical fouls. excuse me if I'm missing the point. but isn't that why we already have yellow and red cards.? . it's a FIFA thing. on reading this blue card nonsense I swiftly came to the conclusion that FIFA actually stands for F. IDIOTS, F. ABOUT. they are always phishing about with something and it's not always for the best. ✌?&?? fellow guns have a great day. ?⚪️ ARSENAL/ ONE❤️.

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10 Feb 2024 18:55:57
Why not use the existing yellow card and to incorporate the sin bin element? Seems to me 10 minutes out of the game as a warning of impending sending off and ban is no bad thing. Gives the manager chance to calm or sub his player.

10 Feb 2024 20:14:45
You can guarantee it will be an absolute balls up, but I've always thought there should be sin bins.

There being nothing between a yellow and staying on the pitch and basically a free hit for a cynical foul or dive to try and gain a big advantage with the risk not outweighing the reward and a red card and leaving the pitch altogether and the game being completely changed and more often than not over. Always meant things with huge disparities fell in to just two categories with wildly different outcomes and implications.

I think sending offs are too game changing and should be for really aggressive and dangerous play, hopefully they'd be cut right down (but I expect not) .

I'm probably in the minority, but I quite like the idea, because currently there are a lot of times where a yellow is too weak and a red is too harsh. Lots of those miss timed tackles, that are a toss of the coin depending on the ref and will one week be a yellow and the next a red and generally a red is really harsh.

10 minute sin bin would give a team a big advantage, but they couldn't just pass it about and wear the team down, they'd have to up their attack while they had the advantage, before it ended.

They say two yellows will still be a red, but I think it should be a sin bin rather than a sending off. You keep time wasting, you get a yellow, time waste again, get a blue. You make a couple poor but not dangerous fouls get a yellow, make another get a blue. Reds are too harsh for those kind of double yellows like, Tomiyasu's.

I hope blatant diving will be a blue, currently the risk doesn't outweigh the reward. If you get away with it, you get a potentially game changing penalty, if not you might get a yellow and basically a let off, but generally not even that.

But I expect it to be a complete sh*tshow, VAR on paper should be good, but they seem to make a meal of it and come to the weirdest decisions using it.

10 Feb 2024 21:23:42
Hi Eden I personally think the blue card is just too much change and a strong verbal warning could easily replace the current yellow and tge yellow become a sin bin time out and then if a player ignores those clear warnings and goes on to get a red then a 5 match automatic ban should come with the red. The sin bin would give both manger and player time to think clearly about where to go from there.

10 Feb 2024 21:56:44
Hey g62, I think you're right mate, that would probably work better, too many cards is going to get confusing.

10 Feb 2024 22:57:18
Anyone notice how the Burnley players celebrated equalising at Anfield? They looked like they really enjoyed it.

Absolutely disgraceful ???.

11 Feb 2024 08:12:18
I watched the game live and in my opinion that Curtis jones is going to be a top player, playing penny up the wall.

11 Feb 2024 10:53:07
I've always thought a straight red for diving would be a game changer going forwards. lol.

11 Feb 2024 13:39:26
I hope that the over the top criticism of anyone celebrating doesn`t stop people celebrating a goal or win as otherwise what`s the fecking point. Can`t stand or understand these ` I`m too cool for school` celebrations - enjoy it man ( and woman for that matter ) COYG.

11 Feb 2024 14:06:17
Absolutely Wessex, it's an emotional game and without the emotion and passion what is the point of it all?

Feel it, enjoy it and move on from it.



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