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20 Jan 2024 14:40:59
Afternoon Trish and a belated happy new year

Any news from ed14, he's not been about lately.

{Ed014's Note - Hi Mal, not been a fan of the horrendous negativity mate so been avoiding the page.

Some, in my opinion, absolute garbage being posted.

This team on its day is as good as City and better than Liverpool and so for me we’re right where we need to be.

Hope all’s good with you mate. ??

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20 Jan 2024 16:21:10
Glad you’re all good buddy

I agree mate, I mean what do people want?

We are right up there and not playing well and still in the CL

Great win today and Gabi was immense

Let’s get behind the lads.

20 Jan 2024 16:51:32
Couldn't agree more, I was finding it a drag too.

20 Jan 2024 16:32:00
How is Mrs 14 doing Ed?

{Ed014's Note - really well thanks Sally, just had to make a slight change in the new meds and now all blood tests are looking good.

??it stays that way.

How’s you are yours?

20 Jan 2024 17:07:22
Brilliant news Ed. :) Myself and hubby are now both negative for C.V. Been a while but all good now and (almost) firing on all cylinders lol.

{Ed014's Note - that’s great to hear Sally and that seems like it’s been forever!

20 Jan 2024 18:26:04
ED014, Hard to keep track on other platforms but here though I've noticed its the same people whining every time we lose. Not saying beating today's CP team is an achievement. Some just love to whine every time we hit a rough patch.

Dont get me started on youtube comments, some saying that emery would've won us the league by now lol.

20 Jan 2024 19:24:26
Not true OCB, I never said a word against the team last season and prior to the West Ham game my only real complaint this season was Raya over Ramsdale, but the lack of our ability to convert our chances and our trying to walk the ball in the net as in the bad old days v West Ham Fulham and Liverpool resulted in us losing rather than winning those games and the critism was earned in my opinion.

20 Jan 2024 20:22:28
14, if you shy away from all negativity, you'll never leave the house. also, if you stop coming in, who is going to keep Mal in line?

{Ed014's Note - that’s a good point Sharpie, which I know is rare for you! ?

I don’t shy away from it all but we have a blip and it’s like the world has ended and we need to play hoof ball and sign Giroud ffs! ?‍♂️?

20 Jan 2024 20:41:00
You do get critical sometimes, but earned and fair i agree g62. What i meant were people who just whine and cry every time we lose. Wanting perfection or atleast being better is different from saying we are doomed every time and only when things go south.
When we win i'm buzzing, read comments and reactions on this site. The discussions are interesting. Games are never perfect, even at 5-0 i have few things to nit-pick. If we lose, i come here frustrated. I don't mind you lot complaining. But guys who hardly post are crying how there's no improvement and how bad everything is. My previous post wasn't aimed at you.

20 Jan 2024 21:09:37
Fair comment OCB mate, for people yto say there is no improvement is ridiculous mate, when was the last time we finished top 2 after leading the way for most of the season and then followed it up by being top on several different occasions the next season.
The West Ham Fulham and Liverpool games saw a return to us playing tippy tappy ineffective trying to walk the ball in the net football and none of us want to go back to those days. Things are good but shadows of the past were beginning to form, but hopefully those shadows have passed after today. Great to see Martinelli back in form, the lads crucial to us in my opinion mate.

20 Jan 2024 23:08:26
I thought it was a good call to not start him G62. He came on like a wrecking ball!

21 Jan 2024 08:51:21
It certainly was Sally, but a full firing Martinelli for a full 90 minutes is surely a thing of beauty to behold ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

21 Jan 2024 09:07:07
Also, you'll miss out on being mean to me! I know it brings a smile to your face.

Anyway, stop being a muppet and just ignore the things you dislike and rejoice in the things you do like.

21 Jan 2024 00:18:16
Ed014 sorry if i drove you away when i said i want us to sign Giroud. I still want him though and think it would make some sense sporting-wise but i realise nostalgia is making me way too biased as well :)

I agree the negativity has been over the top for me. In reality only the Fulham game was a bad one performance-wise. I wonder if the players wanted to "correct" that result too much and as a result weren't relaxed enough with their finishing in the following games. Glad to see goals returning against Palace and Martinelli bagging two. In my opinion he can be very clinical and we just need to focus on providing him with more chances like.

{Ed014's Note - no need to apologise at all Iceman, no one drove me away as such, just thought it was all a little over the top after how far we’ve come both on and off the pitch.

I hadn’t even seen you put up a negative post.

Giroud just goes against everything we’re trying to achieve as a club and it was another poster who I’d seen mention him who seems to want us to revert to hoof ball! ?‍♂️

Always like your posts to be honest mate so keep them coming.

I also understand everyone has an opinion and that Fulham game doesn’t mean a lot in the scheme of things.

Agree with what you say too, our spiral is upward not backward.

21 Jan 2024 10:31:19
Ed014 i wrote that with tongue in cheek but i probably did a bad job at it ? it's difficult to convey that via text and not being a native English speaker doesn't help me. But let's hope the mood here shifts a bit now :)

Still though, i don't seen to be able to let this Giroud things go. I view him a bit similarly to Jorginho. In my opinion both are excellent options to bring on from the bench. Jorginho to protect a lead and steady the ship. Giroud when we're chasing the game and have pinned the opposition to their defensive third. Our young players would be the main stars but those two could compliment them quite nicely.

Though i guess i'd also like the academy players to have more avenues to progress to the first team and i guess these two old heads would limit their opportunities. So there's that to consider as well.

And lastly, thanks for the compliment. I enjoy the discussion here with you and other posters as well. I try to keep posting!

21 Jan 2024 11:52:51
Tbf, Giroud also has a 100% save record as a keeper, he fits Arteta's desire for versatility!

21 Jan 2024 14:56:16
But is he as good with his feet as Raya and Ramsdale Eden, we know how important that is to MA ???.

21 Jan 2024 16:30:45
I don't know about that, but he could play rush goalie?

21 Jan 2024 19:17:55
He could also scorpion kick balls off the lime if he was lobbed in his own goal.



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