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25 Sep 2023 19:14:38
Evening guys hope all is well any updates on injuries.

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25 Sep 2023 19:38:29
Oxfordshire will tell you it doesn’t matter as it makes no difference gunns4ever. He also thought he won that debate.

25 Sep 2023 20:20:16
??? the gift that keeps on giving.

25 Sep 2023 20:43:38
Evening sharpie.

25 Sep 2023 22:21:17
Hey Mal! How goes it, mate?

25 Sep 2023 23:21:55
All good mate, just catching up with all the stuff that’s been posted.

25 Sep 2023 23:52:24
Well that didn't go as planned.

26 Sep 2023 05:30:37
Lol, mystery that ox hasn’t commented ?.

26 Sep 2023 07:38:45
Not a mystery at all. He's cottoned on that you live in Acapulco and if he responds you'll stalk him. I did try and warn the lad, but sometimes people have to live and learn.

Just out of interest, are you banned from the Spurs page?

26 Sep 2023 10:09:13
Lol Sharpy

321 clearly suffers from Amnesia, he forgets what he’s posted ?

And had a clear misunderstanding of the level of football he is discussing

In his world losing two players means you have a depleted side and you will never win a football game again

I’m sure we can educate him through time

Bless ????.

26 Sep 2023 14:03:53
What's this "we" nonsense? I told you not to get on that train! Now you just have to ride it on your own. Well, you and your new friend.

26 Sep 2023 16:34:18
Ox you think I suffer from Amnesia lol
I never said losing two players means you have a depleted side and you will never win a football game again. I will tell you once again that losing players to injury does weaken the squad, and it was 5 players I said not two, what a great memory you have but you keep on embarrassing yourself and try and educate me by telling me it doesn’t. ?.

26 Sep 2023 16:36:57
Rsharpe I didn’t stalk him, I was educating him unless you agree with him that injuries to squad should make no difference?

26 Sep 2023 18:20:48
Injuries to squads have an impact but you have to manage that same as everyone else and ensure appropriate quality cover in squad. Rotate / rest etc to minimise impact. I’m sure spurs had injuries and i'm sure losing Rice impacted us but so did Viera playing as well as coming off to be replaced with two players not good enough to play. We should have strengthened and injuries can impact games but good managers overcome that.

26 Sep 2023 19:22:36
No no! You're not sucking me in with your "unless you" bollox. Just stay in your lane. I don't need someone starting special threads just for me.

26 Sep 2023 19:40:12
I wasn’t sucking you in rsharpe mate, thank you sy4 that’s what I said, injuries have an impact to the squad and I was gutted by our injuries, I wasn’t using it as an excuse or anything and ox just went off on one about me saying that.

26 Sep 2023 20:51:53
When did this happen Bod?

Is a difference of opinion on Sunday afternoon really still that important on a Tuesday evening mate?

26 Sep 2023 20:52:24
Erm you starting bleating on about injuries when we were 60 minutes in, get them rose tinted glasses off boy. I don’t give a flying kcuf what anyone says, taking two players off shouldn’t mean we can’t win a game, which is what you were implying . Don’t forget this was against a poor Spuds team that we shouldn’t be scared of ( your words )

26 Sep 2023 20:53:16
Sharpy I ain’t on his train, he derailed it at the weekend ???????????.

27 Sep 2023 07:58:29
Ox, again I never said taking two players off mean we can’t win a game, I simply stated I was gutted that we had key players missing due to injury, no rose tinted glasses just stating a fact, you said I said that 60mins in and as you have put 2 and 2 together and got 5 you sound bitter as it looks like I was spot on.



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