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11 Nov 2019 08:27:21
What are peoples thought's on Eddie Howe to replace Emery?

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11 Nov 2019 08:57:34
Done an excellent job at Bournemouth, but not for me. Mourinho would be my choice, he would sort out the defensive side that has been lacking for so long. Rodgers would also be a good shout, but whether we could pride him away from Leicester would be interesting.

11 Nov 2019 10:09:43
Not for me Glen but I said that about Brendan Rogers when Arsene left so he'd probably be brilliant for us :-)

11 Nov 2019 11:52:20
It's a hard one to call for me. Bournemouth play some entertaining football and play with great energy on an off the ball which is perfect. Also, he doesn't spout nonsense when he talks unlike a fair few managers! He actually speaks quite intelligently. The only trouble is that they do concede a lot of shots on goal and defensively they aren't great. Would that improve if he was managing a better squad with better players or that his tactics?
I'm on the fence with Jose tbh. His management style is outdated to say the least and I hated him when he managing purely because of his attitude, his pathetic comments and the fact the loves to rub people up the wrong way. However, since starting punditry I am beginning to actually enjoy listening to him. He will sure us up at the back but is he what we really want? Rodgers on the other hand, there is no chance of him leaving Leicester for Arsenal so we may as well forget about that one. He's only a few months in to his reign and what makes us more appealing for him to leave? He's in it for the long haul imo.

11 Nov 2019 13:27:43
I think Mourinho is a very funny very intelligent and apparently those members of the public who've have met all say he's a really nice person, very kind very generous. Football like driving just brings out the worst in some people and I wouldn't want him anywhere near our club for lots of reasons and his behaviour towards Arsene Wenger would be at the very top of my list of reasons.

11 Nov 2019 13:32:41
Rather have Sean Dyche.

11 Nov 2019 15:44:35
I’d rather have Sean lock.

11 Nov 2019 16:31:27
Which bit, 911C4, of Mourinho's recent CV of creating bitter, divided, unsuccessful teams such as Chelsea v2.0 and Manchester United do you not see as being a poor pointer to his future performance? José, like dear old Arséne, is from a different era and surely his methodologies and tactics are spent? Geniuses of their time, but no longer relevant.

I am not necessarily advocating Eddie Howe - although I do think he is worthy of due consideration as it happens - but at least he is "doing it" today and doing it relatively successfully.

I am respectful of anyone having their opinion and calling for anyone they choose to be our next manager, but I am intrigued to know why you would ignore this?

11 Nov 2019 17:50:17
Mourinho is one of the most successful managers, so suggest you look up the trophies he has won at every club he has managed. In his short spell at Man U, he even won the Europa League, the League Cuo and The Community Shield.
Compare that to the trophies won by the suggested managers Howe and Dyche! If you want us to turn into Bournemouth or Burnley that’s the way to go. If you want trophies we need Mourinho.
All the critics, tell me your first choice Emery replacement. A realistic appointment please and explain why you think they will succeed at Arsenal.

11 Nov 2019 18:18:35
And Emerys 10 trophies RG? :-)
OR has he suddenly gone from the serial winner you claimed him to be a couple of weeks ago to a two bob trophy winning manager now you've changed your personal about him?
Your argument for Mourinho is as water tight as your now ditched argument for Emery was just 2 weeks ago or ever were all along.

11 Nov 2019 18:34:39
Firstly it was 8 trophies Emery won. I was reasonably happy with his first season at the club, an improvement on the season before. I supported him until recently when he clearly lost the fans and the players. The recent results have been poor. His contract terminates at the end of the season, so the cost of sacking him won’t be too high and serial winner Mourinho is available.
G62, tell me which manager that is available you would choose? Or would you continue with Emery?

{Ed047's Note - why are you ignoring Mourinho’s catastrophic failures in his recent history but bringing up his past when he wasn’t outdated and hadn’t been left behind.

Are the Europa league and League Cup the kind of cups we don’t want our manager to be winning as they are the mediocre cups.

As for the charity shield I can’t believe you even went there.

11 Nov 2019 19:23:22
Cannon - in response, in his second spell at Chelsea Mourinho won the Premier League and the League Cup. At Man U he won the Europa League and the League Cup. Hardly failure, something most Arsenal fans would be pleased with these days.
Does anyone seriously think Howe or Dyche could match his achievements?
I don’t think he is over the hill, nor are his methods outdated. He is an abrasive football manager and a winner. Perhaps Arsenal fans dislike him, because he almost almost always beat us. I am trying hard to think if Wenger ever managed a win against him. Let me know if this is incorrect. He also used to ruin Wenger. An expert in failure, etc. He also riled Wenger so much Wenger tried to attack him physically. The truth is he lorded over Wenger. Do I want him as manager, hell yes. Will he get the job? Doubtful.

11 Nov 2019 19:03:02
Hi Ed, I have stated that Mourinho will be a short term solution, but long term management is becoming rare. The days of Wenger and SAF appear over.
Mourinho still won trophies at United and a EL and League cup double will do for me.
The question I ask, but nobody answers, as it’s easy to criticise my choice of Mourinho, but not to make intelligent alternatives, is who would the critics want as manager, it must be realistic. Possibly most of us would want Brendan Rodgers, but could we prise him away from Leicester? Allegri may not be ready to return to management and after Emery the last thing wanted is a manager struggling with English.
Could Howe, Dyche or Artera cope with the current situation and turn the season round? Never mind the fact that all three are currently employed.

{Ed047's Note - my personal opinion is we should get rid of Emery at the earliest opportunity because after 18 months you’d have to be blind in failing to see he’s simply not good enough.

With the Arsenal hierarchy just coming out and giving him their backing that is not going to happen.

So we have no choice but to let this woeful season come to it’s obvious sorry end.

At seasons end we then have the opportunity to attract, my 1st choice, Nagelsmann, who surely would love the challenge.

His teams play great football and he is young with a great future and in my opinion suits us perfectly. Alternatively we have the choice to offer Rogers another chance to manage a big club at seasons end which I’m certain he’d jump at.

Nothing about Mourinho even as short term fits to me, he is literally nothing our club represents and as much as you say others won’t give their reasons and who they want you are simply sighting Mourinho’s achievements when he was a current manager and not outdated, he would just be a pointless waste of time.

11 Nov 2019 19:18:34
Sorry RG i was working on your old pro Emery trophy count of 10 which you consistently quoted not your new Emery out trophy count of 8 :-) .
Fredie as caretaker would be my immediate answer your question RG and then I would take my time and invite all interested parties to register they're interest in having an informal discussion with the club.
I'd interview all candidates that I thought were Arsenal material both in abilty and attitude who I felt would represent the club in keeping with our reputation for decency and capable of getting the best our of our very exciting squad that is far better than it has been made to look last season and this.
The most pressing thing right now is making a change from what so obviously isn't working and what is obviously deflating players but you don't have to rush into a final decision to achieve that extremely easily.

11 Nov 2019 19:58:45
Luckily for all Arsenal fans with a sense of dignity and class the club won't be asking for or following your advice RG :-)
I remember last summer you asking the Eds if City were chucked out of the champions league would we get their place after wed failed miserably to achieve champions league football by our own merits, we are Arsenal football club who offered Sheffield United an FA cup replay after we behaved less than gentlemanly on the field of play, we are not the sort of club to totally abandon all our dignity as you would like us to do mate.

11 Nov 2019 20:26:10
Hi 9114c. Signing in as my alter-ego because I can’t seem to login on the mobile site as my Cannon Max Farnham account, I sent a post in on Saturday that got posted on the “Discussion” page.
There I listed about eight alternatives to Emery.
Nagelsmann would be my first choice by a country mile, but frankly my 89 year old Mum would be better than Mourinho. He is an ugly character and I don’t want to win the League Cup at any cost. I doubt that Mourinho could even do that any more.
He is a spent force. Bullying doesn’t work any more.

11 Nov 2019 22:34:11
I would personally opt for Mikel Arteta. He will have learnt a lot from arguably one of the best coaches in the world, maybe he could bring some of what he's learnt at Man City to Arsenal.

12 Nov 2019 08:52:36
Just because Howe and Dyche manage Bournemouth and Burnley, that doesn't mean that they're not worthy contenders? What makes them not good enough to manage at the top level? Mourinho started at Benfica, Pep started at Barcelona B, Klopp started at Mainz and was there for 7 years before moving to Dortmund and Benitez was at Real Madrid B, Real Valldolid, Osasuna, Extremandura and Tenerife before going to Valenica! The list goes on and on mate.
Nagelsmann would be a fantastic appointment but I don't think it would appeal to him. I swear I can remember someone saying that this career is largely already mapped out for him but I might be wrong! he would certainly be my first choice. Reference your other point 9114C, their employed for a reason, unlike Jose! :)

{Ed001's Note - Howe is like Emery and Wenger - can't organise a defence, which is why they are so inconsistent. Also he has failed miserably everywhere bar Bournemouth. Though that might be down to money, as Bournemouth have their own Russian oligarch billionaire funding them.}

12 Nov 2019 09:44:15
Hello Ed001, I agree. They do play some entertaining football though and press well off the ball.
I think it's safe to say, Nagelsmann could well be one of the most sought after managers in the next couple of years. I wonder who will get him!

{Ed001's Note - Bayern no doubt.}

12 Nov 2019 13:26:55
Would you tans arteta fur the rest of the season ed.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know, I don't know enough about his coaching or management ability to judge him. It would be a huge risk. It is very rare that assistants step up and become good managers.}

12 Nov 2019 20:55:56
Maybe Steve Gerrard could work out for us.



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