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04 Oct 2019 14:00:49
Fine performance and an excellent result last night. Hopefully, fellow gooners will get on board with the club and manager's vision and cease moaning. We are definitely on the up. There was an improvement in Emery's first season at the club and we could well go into the break in 3rd place.
I can't recall such a great crop of youngsters at the club since the early years of George Graham.

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04 Oct 2019 14:53:10
Hopefully fellow gooners will stop moaning about fellow posters and finally even if reluctantly accept we live in democracy where we are all allowed to express our opinions regardless of whether said fellow gooners agree with them or not.
Debate is healthy but Dictatorship isn't.
Swapping opinions is brilliant even if they are different to our own, where would we be if we all thought the same RG? We'd all be running round telling people we owned a jet and were mates with Poch and Toby :-)
Emery and Xhaka both out asap, get on board RG :-) Oh and love Calum while you're at it :-)

04 Oct 2019 17:17:09
So everyone has to have the same opinion 911? Load of tosh, Emery’s vision of 5 captains? Come off it, asking who should be captain?

There has been absolutely NO improvement in the defensive side of our game, no good scoring 3 then wondering if you will concede 4.

Very very early doors but currently I see Leicester being a threat to us as well as the usual contenders.

Room for improvement Dick.

04 Oct 2019 17:37:02
G62 - I’m pleased you agree with my right to freely debate. Perhaps now you will also discover positivity. Clearly your adoration of Chambers clouds your judgement. Love is such a strange phenomenon.

04 Oct 2019 18:10:13
RG are you a little jealous of my Calum thing? You are aren't you! Ah never mind mate plenty more friendships left in sea for you to invent for yourself :-) .
Free debate doesn't involve telling other people what they are allowed to think feel or belive my friend, free debate is allowing other people to have a different point of view to your and taking about it and if at the end no one changes their opinion agreeing to differ.
The fact that you feel the need to dream up imaginary friendships and family members who have superior knowledge to other posters says so much about your need to be right about everything rather than allowing yourself to enter into honest open genuine grown up debate.
Hey ho to each his own I guess.

04 Oct 2019 18:22:55
If I have to agree with someone - it’s you Banbury.

We’re in 3rd or whatever because the other have gotten worse. Not because we’ve gotten better. Talk about making an impact - how’s the new manager doing at Leicester after selling a few key players in the last few years? Time to adjust? Excuses?

Just so that I can stop moaning - 911, if we’ve improved, why do opponents have so many shots against us? Wasn’t that the area we needed to improve. That and short goal kicks 😂😂😂.

04 Oct 2019 18:58:52
Sy, we will only be judged on our league position at the end of the season, the debate about who or who isn't better or worse is futile. Yes again, without repeating the obvious, defending needs improving, if we are to progress. Regardless of all that, the position in the league and any cup success is the thing that ultimately matters and decides if jobs are kept or taken away. It isn't a beauty contest but it is a results business. Results means prizes, regardless. Ask most people would they rather play great and lose or play crap and win. While the answer wants to be play great and win, the answer really is win. Playing great is a bonus.

04 Oct 2019 19:17:09
Leno has faced more shots than any other keeper in any of Europe's top 5 Leagues, it's only Leno's superior saves record that prevents our goals against truly reflecting our defensive incapabilities, only Spurs gave failed to create more chances against us than they have conceded.
Moaning or simply accepting reality reality?
Sorting out the midfieild would show a dramatic improvement in my opinion, although I freely accept my opinion isn't fact.

04 Oct 2019 19:19:18
Boring as usual lads

The lot of you need a good ride. If your still up for it.

04 Oct 2019 19:22:40
Sy exactly right, I think another manager with more of a clue could do wonders with the squad.

04 Oct 2019 20:01:13
Jesus Malaga you bored the living 5h1t out of me for years with your anti Wenger stuff so maybe you’ll have to suck it up a little, wouldn’t you say? 😉😂

As for 911 don’t even get me started, there is boring repetitive drivel and him in a league of his own. 🙄.

04 Oct 2019 20:10:38
In your opinion it's boring Mark but do you not think people were bored stiff of your repeatedly slating Arsene for years and years and then again with your Weldone boss posts when Emerys Arsenal won but mystery disappearance every time Emerys Arsenal lost?
Who put you in charge of what people are and aren't allowed to be happy with or unhappy with?

04 Oct 2019 20:59:07
IT took you lot 10 years to work out Wenger was a fraud

I give emery a year and I'm a mug

Who's the fool lads.

04 Oct 2019 23:04:23
I gave up on Arsene ever making us champions again at the end of the 2013/ 14 season but you were a full decade ahead of me Mark?
But the very day we beat Leicester to become the invincibles you realised Arsene Wenger was a fraud?
And you really need to ask who's the fool?

05 Oct 2019 11:32:40
The main issue I have with Emery is that I see very little difference between our current style versus the final Wenger years, despite arguably having spent decent money on some good players. I appreciate a manager shouldn’t pick players based on the fans but surely Emery is aware of the fans dislike of Xhaka, based on the fact of the cheers when he is substituted at the very least? More importantly surely he sees what a liability he is as a defensive player and how much he slows our play down going forward? It’s these sort of decisions that got me questioning Wenger and I am now questioning Emery. How can someone with supposedly high levels of knowledge and management skill not see what is so obvious to everybody else?



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