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19 Apr 2019 21:48:02
Hello Ed001, with all due respect to your opinions, here's a question, out of the 50 games that Emery has managed- He's won 32, drawn 7, lost 11. That's the best for any manager in the history of this club. What percentage you reckon was luck and how many wins out of that would you give the man some credit for putting a couple of right things together? Can you maybe say if that percentage is atleast big enough to say that we DO NOT deserve the position we are at the business end of the season and this is all luck? And what do the other guys think? Cheers

{Ed001's Note - of course it is not all luck, you have a better team than last season for him to pick from, Terreira is a significant improvement, as is Leno, so part of it is down to better players too. The question is what percentage is down to him? Impossible to quantify. But I don't see any major improvement down to him at all. You have acquired an excellent defensive midfielder and Holding has improved plus the Greek defender has improved the defence, added to a better keeper, yet the defence is worse than ever. How can you give the guy credit for not improving the weakest part of the team with better players to utilise?}

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19 Apr 2019 22:58:43
Couldn’t have put better myself Ed.

How fans can watch our shambolic defending and simply lay their hat on, oh but we’ve got more points that Wenger did last year, as some kind of guide to how good Emery is, is beyond me.

We are, what ever way you cut it, still fannying around, miles from the top two, fighting for the good old “fourth place trophy”.

We played probably the worst football I’ve seen us player in donkeys years against a pretty poor Everton side who the following week got their asses handed to them on a plate by bloody Fulham.

Week in week out our defence has looked like car crash TV.

19 Apr 2019 23:26:49
The Everton game was embarrassing - they’ve never had an easier game and if we were still playing now we still wouldn’t have scored.
Agree on the improved team Ed and that’s not Emery although the baron Winter window was his.
It’s nice having a bit of luck as I was tired of us having 70% possession and being the better team but still getting no points due to a silly error
Emery also had a better attack with PEA joining late for Wenger - so a better attack, midfield and defence yet still struggling to make a serious improvement in defence.

20 Apr 2019 00:34:21
I suppose the proof in the pudding will come at the end of the season. And even then there will be some, even if we qualify by fourth or a cup, for the CL we won't have improved because of our poor defence, which for me was poor when we had major injuries and midfielders and novices playing at center back. The defence like every team is worse when you have to rely on lesser players and better when you can rely on better player. We were slipping alarmingly down the league and that needed stopping. I think it has been stopped and now its about how much we can improve under our present manager. Toots are getting loads of plaudits and rightly so but they are years into their project, we are one point behind in the league and gave them two footballing lessons in the league. Utd are throwing money and managers at the job like nobodies business and failing. Chelski are no better than us and that's something that we couldn't say in previous seasons. We are way behind citeh and liverpool and maybe will next season but both of them are well into their projects. If we were 7th and if we were out of the EL then i think there would be an argument but i find it strange that people aren't getting that we are in there fighting for stuff that was looking further and further away. COYG.

{Ed001's Note - Liverpool had one centre back fit for most of the season and no right backs, having to play midfielders for a crucial part of the season there, but I don't remember there being a need for nonsense excuses from their quarter?}

20 Apr 2019 04:31:21
I think the resounding takeaway after the season for us, Chelsea and Utd, is whoever gets 4th will only of done so because they were somehow less shocking than the rest. We've all been terrible! 😂 I'm glad by ed002s round up it looks like we might be trying for some reasonable cbs.

20 Apr 2019 07:58:02
Emery has proved to be an excellent choice as manager. He inherited a rather poor, imbalanced squad. He spent well, with only £70m, to shore up the obvious gaps he had been left with.
With 5 matches to go Emery already has 3 more points than last seasons total. He managed to steer us through a very tricky EL QF against Napoli. He has also recorded wins against top four opponents Man U, Toot and Chelsea.
He has improved players who had stagnated or even regressed under the old regime. He is decisive and rarely makes mistakes. No wonder he has 8 trophies under his belt, when other managers receive a lot of praise without actually winning trophies with their current clubs or in the case of one manager of similar age, who has not won a single trophy as a manager!

{Ed001's Note - he didn't do the transfers. He never has been in charge of transfers at any of his clubs.}

20 Apr 2019 08:47:50
75 points will be a big improvement but it does hide the true story of most games where we've been totally exposed by teams who haven't taken advantage of the horrendous amount of chances we concede most games.

20 Apr 2019 10:31:18
Tottenham have caused the big boys of both the premier league and Europe's elite clubs to take them seriously under Poch and that's something I've not witnessed in my 46 years of watching football.
While Klopp has taken Liverpool to a champions league final and a semi final (and counting) plus will join a very very small group of elite top flight managers who have been able to accumulate 90 plus points in a single season.
Yet not a community shield or league cup between the two of them, which I can only assume keeps them awake at night:-)
How much was Levy asking in compensation for Poch if United wanted him?
Just imagine what the price would have been with a community shield under his belt ;-)

20 Apr 2019 10:42:45
Saying we’ve closed the gap on Chelsea and Utd doesn’t really mean we’ve improved. Chelsea have had a terrible season and Utd sacked their manager. We’ve conceded how many goals despite us having a better midfield and defence.
Emery has also had a better attack. 🤷‍♂️.

20 Apr 2019 11:45:24
Emery’s made some bold decisions, great and well timed subs that won us game through the season. So you have to give him some credit, he also got it wrong at some point especially when playing away.
Anyway we have to give him time to adjust to the PL and get his own players/ changing the bad ones we have.
Lets see how this season will end. If and that is a wishful if, we win the EL and finish top 4 than he’s done well in his first season and he then set a higher expectation from us.

20 Apr 2019 12:10:54
I agree with that Moe we need to give him time and next season will in my opinion be his defining season where he wins doubters over or loses those who have already bought into him hook line and sinker.
As for the stats which ones do you quote? The most wins or the most games without a clean sheet?
In my opinion stats are way other valued as a tool and seldom reflect the reality of a situation.

20 Apr 2019 12:20:53
Well said Ed, Iam arsenal since I was 6, and cringe watching our defence, I know it’ll take a few seasons to get it sorted, but with kronke there it’ll take even longer, but I don’t think we are better off at the back at all I think we are worse off.

20 Apr 2019 17:49:46
I think stats are just like bandages only covers the wounds when you are down in my opinion.
Emery’s main problem is he can’t organise our defensive unite and his tactics allows our opponents more chances, however if we add a solid CB in the summer and couple of wide players as well as a box to box MF than we shouldn’t have any more excuses 😜.

20 Apr 2019 18:18:03
Totally agree Moe. This window and next season is critical. He’s done nothing for the defence or organisational pieces - no excuses next season. I’ve been a little underwhelmed and disappointed with Emery but based on Eds’ feedback - I am not surprised. What I don’t agree with is lowering our expectations do Emery meets them.

20 Apr 2019 19:07:59
How can you say we have not improved? We have more points than last season, our away form, while still not great is better. We were going further away from Champions League in Wengers last few seasons, now we are in with a great chance of top 4. The Europa League Semi is a huge bonus, Emery is getting the most out of a very ordinary squad, if anything he is over achieving, people really need to give the manager respect for what he has done.

20 Apr 2019 19:25:36
That's been the Arsenal fans problem for years SY, lower our expectations for first Arsene and now Dick to be able to meet them.
8 seasons running we were happy to simply make up the numbers in the champions league because it made us feel superior despite our inability to reach a single quater final in those 8 seasons.
Leicester Chelsea United City Liverpool and Spurs have all been in champions league quater finals that Arsene simply couldn't achieve and under Dick lots of teams below us are much more defensively effect than Arsenal are, do we make the same mistake with Dick we made with Arsene?
The reality is we are a big club and we should be able to reach champions league quater finals occasionally at least and we should be as defensively capable as most other big teams too.
If we want a more competitive future we need more competitive expectations of our manager regardless of his name or his past record here at Arsenal or elsewhere.
Yesterday is history and the future is a mystery that none of us know but right here right now we are defensively much less than we could or should be.

20 Apr 2019 20:31:06
Rocky, obviously we have improved but some people will are finding it hard to move on and see what really is happening. Its been a long time since we have gone unbeaten against utd and toots. To use the old, other teams aren't as good as they were is ridiculous. Its a league and it is about getting points and the more you get the better you are and the less you get, you aren't as good. To slag Emery off after what he has done in his first season in the prem is cringeworthy. My team was regressing at an alarming rate and the job to turn that round, was not only Dicks but the guys behind the scenes as well, albeit one has left. I was hating watching us because we were so unprepared, that is now getting better and better. Our football is more exciting as well. Loooking forward with excitement to next season. i'm loving it again and I've got my hope back again. I feel sorry for those that haven't because i was there this last few seasons. Still that's not my problem. COYG.

20 Apr 2019 20:46:50
Gunner, maybe we aren't as bad defensively as some keep alluding. 8 goals conceded in last 14 games since citeh. 1 goal conceded in the last 6 games. Some people only see the negatives when it suits. Given the right players, i don't see a problem with Emery at all. We have improvement to come that's for sure but at the moment he is working his socks of to get it right. If people can't see that, they never will. We are a work that is in progress.

20 Apr 2019 20:50:45
Luckily Steve we have you to educate us :-) It's all opinion mate and not everyone is simply happy to have a different manager at the helm, some want more than simply a different man on the sidelines.

20 Apr 2019 21:17:20
I think a lot of Arsenal fans need a reality check. At the start of the season, nearly everyone on this forum said that if we could make Champions League it would be a successful season, we are nearly there but yet it's still not good enough for some. In the last few seasons against the big teams, I expected us to be beaten, now I believe we have a chance if winning. Give Emery a chance, god knows we gave Wenger plenty and by the way, I was a big fan of Wenger.

20 Apr 2019 21:29:04
The least we could do is improve and be better then last season because we added couple of players that improved the team. I’m not taking anything from Emery but to say he is overachieving is ridiculous, yes we are doing better against the top 6 bravo that what we should expect from our team, that's why arsene time was up. Emery’s done alright but again this season is a taster next one if we are where we are today and not fighting up there with city than its time up imo.

20 Apr 2019 21:53:47
Moe, look at Chelsea, the least they could do with a new manager and new players added was improve, but they haven't. How you expect us to compete with City next season is ridiculous, Pep has unlimited funds and has had time to build, Klopp has had time and plenty of money too. I believe we are going in the right direction and I'm willing to give the manager time, that's my opinion.

20 Apr 2019 21:55:02
Very true - he inherited a great attack (goals for 66) and inherited a poor defence ( goals against 40) yet we added defenders and a midfielder. ⏰ is ticking and he needs to sort the shambles of a defence out ASAP - that’s why we hired him.
To say we have our Arsenal back or were great to watch again is just 💩. We aren’t unless our standards have plummeted. If this is our new standard - last one out turn off the lights please as we will never compete.
We are a big club and should have big ambitions - we need to compete next season and no reason why w shouldn’t. I don’t care if we don’t as I am happy to wait despite what some say about me. I just want to see a vision and defence being organised and drilled. I was happy with a 3 year plan - check my original posts. This season has not seen enough defensive improvement hence my frustration along with stupid decisions. Luck has patched over issues.
Just don’t lower the standards - that’s why we got here in the first place.

If you think we should play as we did against Everton - 👏👏👏.

20 Apr 2019 22:02:56
Steve mate it’s all about opinion on here. And no one is calling for his head just yet. You are right we have improved in some areas but we should set our expectations high very high we are not a small team it’s the arsenal for the love of god, I don’t want to look at other teams and say look how long it took them to rebuild.
We have been living in making the top 4 for way too long and its time to look higher, isn’t it why we all wanted arsene to leave?

20 Apr 2019 22:14:37
This season 4th place would be an excellent first season and next season Dick needs to deliver both top 4 finish again and a champions league quarter final plus in Europe's elite competition.
Top 4 and a champions league qf really isn't too much to expect of a big club like Arsenal especially when you consider Spurs are making a real habit of doing both, or are Spurs wealthier and bigger than us also now too?
We shouldn't demand too much because that we be silly but we shouldn't repeat our mistakes of the past by accepting to little for too long, our defensive organisation is awful and we won't be all we can be unless Dick changes his attitude and approach on that issue.

20 Apr 2019 22:51:37
Sy, i feel sorry for you, you are so negative and in the past it is sad. You are so quick to ram the few minuses down our throats and can't or don't want to see the positive. Or begrudgingly give praise. I feel sorry for you because i doubt you ever will, if you can't get over the wenger era. If you can't enjoy the ride, that's sad but i don't think you are on your own being hyper critical of anything negative and ignoring the positives. I hope for your sake you do get satisfaction soon, otherwise i worry for your health. Lol.

20 Apr 2019 22:58:56
Totally agree gunner, perspective, patience and reality have to be used. But i don't see an awful defence like you, its far better now than under Wenger. It may have had a dip mid season but we aren't leaking goals like we were. I might add that all teams let in goals, citeh let in 3 the other night and they have a good defence. Liverpool let napoli beat them at napoli, we kept a clean sheet and beat them at their fortress to nil. 5 clean sheets in 6 games is not awful defending, i'm at a loss to see where you get this from. What do you expect going into an important part of the season?
Ok i know 6 clean sheets. Lol.

20 Apr 2019 23:15:34
Go easy Steve mate, your in danger of becoming a my way or the highway closed minded dictator mate.
All opinions are equal and no one has the right to tell others how they should feel mate, SY myself and others are allowed to see things differently to you.

20 Apr 2019 23:45:31
Couldn't agree more, i'm just at a loss where now and at what point you see there is or in your and sys case isn't an improvement.

20 Apr 2019 23:54:04
No gunner, look at the end of the posts i'm laughing. It a bit of banter, i'm having a ball this season. Lol.

21 Apr 2019 00:09:57
But Steve you have to respect that other people have felt that very same way about you before Dick arrived, you and I could see no improvement despite 3 Fa cup wins in 4 years under Arsene but they could, it's not about right or wrong it's about personal opinion and when we aren't even prepared to consider other people's opinions we are definitely wearing those special Arsenal glasses we both used to accuse others of wearing mate.
It's only by being prepared to see other people's opinions and points of view that we can form a balanced opinion ourselves.

21 Apr 2019 01:56:07
Im easy with all that gunner, like i say, i'm at a loss as to why 5 clean sheets out of 6, doing well at the business end of the season is such a bad thing. I understand people have a problem with Dick for whatever their reasons but we are actually doing really well at the moment and i'm at a loss why some people aren't seeing that and not getting a kick out of being competitive again but that's not my problem, i just think some should be enjoying being arsenal fans again. We are two or three games from not getting anything but we are also two or three games from having an absolutely brilliant season. Enjoy it!

21 Apr 2019 08:48:44
I think that's where we differ Steve, I think people should feel how they feel be it really happy like yourself or extremely sceltical because of how many chances weconcede in almost all games like myself, we are all individuals and have our own views and as long as someone is being deliberately dishonest and are not simply trying to impress deceive offend or mislead others then I think all opinions are equal regardless when I agree with them.

21 Apr 2019 09:16:20
Thanks 62 and also thanks both as you both kept me honest with Wenger.

Check my posts as I am in no rush for silverware but always improving the defence and midfield while maintaining a large portion of our flare.

I have also given the boss a high 5 after wins. Not gone to town on the wins as I don’t think it was warranted. We’ve been lucky - Watford played with 10 men for 80 minutes and I still can’t believe they didn’t score and that wasn’t down to great defending. Newcastle just didn’t turn up. Everton on the other hand did and should have won 3 nil. Napoli cut us open as does every side - it’s down to their finishing. We still leave holes in the back, leave ourselves exposed and don’t mark properly. Leno has also earned his corn to keep the sheets clean and I know it’s his job.

The clean sheet stat is impressive and I would have used it to support Wenger and you would have poked holes in it - you know that deep down

Let’s be clear

✖️ I am over Wenger and happy for change
✖️ The yardstick should be Wenger early years not late years
✖️ Emery has improved some areas but it’s embarrassing how little the defence has improved given the additions
✖️ The attack is good but it’s PEA’s second season and Wenger left a strong attack like Bruce left a strong defence. The new managers job is to address weaknesses as Wenger did season 1 and every other decent EPL manager would.

You want to get behind him and change - great as that’s super and I was there too until I saw the hugely exaggerated posts on improvement and joy. there’s always a sweet and a sour until praise reaches the proper spot and it’s difficult to argue. Clearly things aren’t as good as some say or as doomsday as others say.

Have a great Easter and one last thought.

It’s too early to tell on Emery but history isn’t in his favour. Lol.

21 Apr 2019 12:18:39
I think the trick is to stay open and not get into a 100% for or 100% against situation most of us found ourselves in with Arsene, very few people are actually attacking Dick but raising concerns about his methods tactics and team selections and team performances.
It doesn't mean people want him replaced only that they aren't convinced by him yet.
If every time someone makes a negative observation about his methods others instantly rush to defend him rather than discuss the comments made we will always go back to the for or against camps we ended up with under Arsene.
The lack of defensive organisation is there it's real and it really does need sorting out if we are to be truly competitive again especially away from the Emirates as no side can rely 100% on home result and achieve the games really big prizes.

21 Apr 2019 13:05:10
Very good point 62 - the good thing is - we all want the best for the Club. That means it’s never personal and everyone expressing opinions which is great banter as no one is getting hurt or picked on. Makes a change for other sites on the web.

Happy Easterto everyone and 3 points to the Gooners! Would love another clean sheet 👍.



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