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22 Apr 2018 20:35:49
Why was the tinker man at the game today?

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23 Apr 2018 10:47:00
Because it was the tailor soldier sailor and spy's days off.

23 Apr 2018 18:24:18
G62 😂😂.

22 Apr 2018 16:34:22
Wasn't the great love in I was expecting! I was hoping for an endless serenade!

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23 Apr 2018 10:49:25
Me too Eden, bit shocked and disappointed at the low level atmosphere.

20 Apr 2018 18:55:11
1) Luis Enrique
2) Massimiliano Allegri
3) manurizio sarri
4) leanordo Jardim
4) Brendan Rodgers or Roberto Martinez with t. henry.

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20 Apr 2018 17:36:16
Hey stoner don’t you think it’s a hard enough day for me without reading your jack bashing bellow. I do agree he’s not a patch on santi, he looked lively coming back but has been dire for the last 4/ 5 games.

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20 Apr 2018 21:31:27
Sorry mate, I’ve backed Jack for an eternity, much like I did with Wenger and feel let down by the pair of them.

It could just be Jacks not yet truly fit but he looks so bad it’s painful to watch.

Genuinely saddened to see Wenger go though mate, really hoped he’d come good too but it just wasn’t to be.

20 Apr 2018 22:45:04
Yes mate your the same as me in a way! Your a romantic and I’ve always backed jack as I just wanted so desperately a Arsenal steve g, obviously a high expectation as stevie is the only player that I loved outside of arsenal. Wenger I live and adore and won’t forget as he too is a romantic and I love his vision of football and only think it’s good for the game. Here’s a shout stoner, Wenger should try for fifa or UEFA . He would lead them out of the dark ages in my opinion. One of football wisest men. God I miss him already 😢.

21 Apr 2018 23:54:21
I don’t even want to admit how much it saddens me he’s off mate and that is a great shout, Wenger most importantly is as honest as the day is long, something FIFA needs is huge quantities.

I looked at the pics of him today with the players training, he so loves football and in honesty I think the board said it was time and not him. He’ll be back somewhere. 😔.

20 Apr 2018 17:28:06
A lot of speculation is going on as to what Arsene will do next but wee could ask the same of Stewart Robson and piers Morgan too.
If Arsene goes to France or the states will they simply follow him?
Without Arsene they will simply have no purpose and both their fan will just stop listening to them and walk his dog mow his lawn and find a billion better things to do with his time.

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20 Apr 2018 10:26:29
Arsene Wenger has confirmed he will leave arsenal at the end of the season. It is Official.

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13 Apr 2018 22:18:34
Not arsenal related. But was looking at the semi EL tie and seen that OM are against red bull Salzburg and they just put out RB Leipzig . Why are Leipzig called RB instead of red bull like Salzburg, they are both the same owners ain’t they? Is it to do with something daft like difference in advertising between Austria and Germany? Or are the two teams unrelated?

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11 Apr 2018 08:58:25
Predictions then boys and girls?

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02 Apr 2018 13:38:13
Well done Ian 'Gooner' Poulter, on a great win last night.

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30 Mar 2018 23:22:34
Ed025 did you see google box tonight mate :-)

{Ed025's Note - i certainly did mate..

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31 Mar 2018 08:09:09
A Friday night treat if ever there was one mate :-)

{Ed025's Note - your right G62, some great characters there and im warming to the new guys as well especially the two old ladies..

31 Mar 2018 09:29:16
Yeah me too mate, the new characters take a bit of getting used to but once you get to use to them they soon become part and parcel of the show
The brother and sister are quite funny too and the sisters from Leeds crack me up with some of the stuff they come out with.
It ain't a bad earner either apparently, I read they get £1500 a month for watching 8 hours of TV a week, there is worse jobs to do :-)

{Ed025's Note - like editing a football site.. :)

31 Mar 2018 11:21:02
Yeah you copped a tough gig on that one at times Ed mate :-)
You may not get 1500 a month but you do get to enjoy Dags jokes, just remind me again, why exactly do they call you lucky? :-)

{Ed025's Note - its because everton have sam allardyce G62.. :(


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