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12 Dec 2019 10:25:53
Ed do you reckon that all roads lead to arsenal getting Arteta as manager? I definitely believe so.

{Ed047's Note - if I’m honest I don’t DG I really don’t think the club are in any position to gamble whatsoever and Arteta would be a huge gamble.

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12 Dec 2019 17:26:32
Not being funny DG why do you think the club will go for Artetta mate?
What would be the thinking behind thrm appointmenting a totally untried option after getting it so wrong with Emery. I'd have thought they'd be taking thier time in order to get the safest pair of hands they can possibly get this time.

12 Dec 2019 22:45:51
Frank @ chelsea.

13 Dec 2019 03:10:01
ED who do you logically see as the front runner? And who would you appoint?

{Ed047's Note - logic would say one of Ancelotti or Pochettino because we have got ourselves in a position where gambling on an unknown/inexperienced manager could have serious consequences.

Either of those are far more likely to get us back on an even keel which is clearly what we need right now.

We can probably forget winning trophies for a while yet too because we have to sort the mess out. We are royally hampered by the situation upstairs which is not helping our cause.

13 Dec 2019 10:03:22
Every journey no matter how long begins with the first step Edinburgh Ed047 mate and by far the most important thing is to turn around and make sure your facing in the right direction before you take that step.
Accept where we've got it so wrong in the past on and off the pitch and start the business of getting back on track.

{Ed047's Note - I just don’t know if they can do that, does it mean one or other of them has to relinquish some power to enable the right things to happen.

Do they see that? Are the willing to do that?

We really don’t seem to have any plan or idea of what to do. Are they interviewing 10 possible candidates to see who fits best in their set up rather than someone best suited to achieve things.

13 Dec 2019 16:54:27
Other than Josh and Stan everyone is an employee mate and I'm pretty sure Stan hasn't made his billions by standing back and letting people run his interests into the ground.
Yes Stand let Arsene carry on far too long and . while Emery in many people's eyes should have gone last summer 18 months wasn't exactly fiddling while roman burned.
The one thing Stan and Josh seem to fully understand is empty seats and ultimately what that means for the club and their investment in the club, if they are missing the champions league dollars Just imagine how nostalgic they will be for the premier league pounds once they've gone.
Personally I'd rather they interview 100 candidates than knee jerk with the first available easy option mate.
Things definitely need sorting out from top to bottom but doing that in one fail swoop is impossible especially half way through a season and unfortunately there is no quick painless fix we'd all like there to be.

13 Dec 2019 23:27:52
Gunner, I’ll be honest I’ve never really heard of a club making as big of a deal of interviewing candidates for a managerial position as we are and did prior to emery. A club usually just goes for who they want. For example spurs with Mourinho. And To be honest, I’m not sure who arsenal think they are throwing statements out like that with our fixture list, league position and hostility within the club. It’s embarrassing Thinking top end managers would even want the job mid way through an awful season. The board should have just said, we’re taking the employment of the next manager seriously and won’t rush the decision. Imagine actually throwing out a number like 10. The owners haven’t got a clue about football.

14 Dec 2019 09:35:10
Hi cold mate your right the number that's being reported is crazy but has the club actually come out with that statement or is it much like our only having 30 million to spend in the summer rumour just a media statement the club hasn't actually ever made.
Before Emery was appointed the club was claimed to have given the job to Artetta which obviously wasn't true then last summer we only had 30 million which again wasn't true and now the club want to interview 10 not 9 or 11 but exactly 10 candidates? I'm not so sure myself mate.
It seems to me we've not done much different to United with Moyse LVG and Jose or Liverpool with Hodgson and Rogers or Spurs with every manager between 1961 and Poch but for some reason at Arsenal there has to be this huge controversy rather than just we didn't get our first attempt at replacing Arsene spot on and now we are not panicking but trying to do betrer next time.
I have no intention reason or need to defend the board at all but I'm just trying to look at things rationally rather than simply accept every negative conspiracy theory about the board as fact when so many past negative theories have proved to be false.
If we end up with big Sam or Fredie permanently then I'm happy to jump on the band wagon but if we should end up with Ancelotti or Allegri then I know I will be pleased I followed my logical mind again just as I did with the Artetta before Emery and 30 million spending limit stories before.
Surely it will be the end result that once again separates the fact from the fiction mate.



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