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10 Feb 2021 11:13:09
Hi gooners, my first post in a long while 😂

I have observed some things we have not been doing quite well which costs as a lot

1. When we are attacking, we don't commit enough players in the final third which delays our chance creation and by then the opponents would have organised their defence. Sometimes due to lack of players (free) in the final third we tend to bring the ball back to the centre all the way from the opponent's box and surrondings. When we have the ball on the flanks, most of the time there is no teammate to play with. We leave the player with the ball all alone at the flanks so they have no option than to bring the ball back if they don't have a chance to cross it

2. We have to learn to keep the ball in the opponent's box. That way we can win penalties if they mistime their tackles. Often when we have the ball in their box, we are keen to bring it out of the box

3. I realised we don't seem to shoot from distance. Rewatching the villa game made me realise the number of times they shot from distance (outside our box) with most of them on target. Were it not for the brilliant saves Ryan pulled we could be at least 3 goals down. He parried the shots very well and away from danger.

4. When Holding heads the ball, he hardly picks out a teammate with the header. I'm talking about free headers here. Been watching him for sometime. At least heading to a teammate wins us possession.

5. We give too much time and room to opponents when the have the ball closer to our box. This only will lead to more room for chance creation against us

If the coach sees these things and addresses the little things we can have a much more better performance and will definitely strengthen us on the pitch.

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10 Feb 2021 11:56:06
As you say Willy still a lot to do, but this process is going to take time.

10 Feb 2021 20:28:51
Some fair points WC. For me there just isn’t enough movement up front which is why we struggle in the final 3rd. Since ESR has come in he sticks out a country mile purely because he actually moves off the ball. Typing this while watching the Leicester game, and I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea but watching Vardy is like a breath of fresh air, not just for his runs into the channels, but that every time he passes he also moves, normally driving towards the opposition goal expecting the ball back. We just don’t do that, it’s like Laccas role is to be the pivot, holding off the CB snapping at his heals to lay the ball off to someone else. In regards heading the ball out, we never pick up 50/ 50s in midfield, I really don’t know why more teams just don’t punt the ball down the pitch against us, even if we win the header it goes straight back to the other team who now have the ball in our half. I have to say with Partey and ESR in the team we have improved in that area recently. Finally our sideways passing. I was watching highlights of the Southampton game earlier, and yes although they lost, it was interesting watching them Move the ball around midfield. Yes like us they made plenty of sideways passes, but unlike us it was obvious that every sideways pass was to try and find someone else who could then immediately drive forwards with the ball, and not just do nothing and pass the ball sideways again. There have been signs that we are improving, and the youngsters will again help with that, but I want to see some of that energy up front, a bit like Watkins did against us at the weekend. I think if we get that movement, things will start to improve quickly.

11 Feb 2021 08:14:58
I totally agree WC. Fair points in every step. For me, the biggest change we can make (as Epping states) is to move the ball forward much quicker and much more frequently. ESR stands out so much because he has no fear, he will play quick forward passes on the turn that immediately make defenders face their goal. As a team we need to make these passes more often, even if they don't work out. We can't keep playing safe sideways passes to maintain possession, but some directness in their and don't be afraid of losing the ball. that's what our high press is designed for, regaining possession quickly. That alone should give us the confidence to try more dangerous plays.

Also, massive bug bear of mine. Arteta wants to play out from the back, which i fine, but his direction is for each player to commit an opposition player before paying the ball, thus taking them out of the game for that play. On the surface this makes sense, but only against a high press. Too many teams sit back off us, allowing the defender time to walk forward with the ball 'waiting' for opposition to approach and commit. This slows down the play so much and subsequently, our attackers do not know when to make runs or move into space. Really irritates me. Sod the opposition, create plays that work for us and create a dynamic that everyone can understand. Hope i'm making sense.

11 Feb 2021 13:29:31
I think we are getting a little more confident playing out from the back and I can see the logic as its so random just booting the ball up the pitch. But as you say Lefty we keep drawing players close to our goal and we don't seem skillful enough to play our way out successfully a lot of the time. Maybe practice makes perfect but my heartb is in my mouth each time it happens! :)



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