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03 Feb 2021 10:47:25
It was was it was! Let`s not forget we should have been 3 or 4 up before the red card. Looking forward let`s hope Tierney and Gabriel come in and apart from Leno think that is our strongest team. Am hoping Ryan fit though. It does make me smile though that Luiz makes a rick and Xhaka gets a shellacking! Maybe I missed something but thought he did fine last night! Some very odd results this season and they will carry on but our performance 11 v 11 was excellent last night promising moving forward COYG.

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03 Feb 2021 11:32:40
Sussex mate people have it in both player so even if they have good games they will not see it.

03 Feb 2021 12:32:17
It`s called confirmation bias Welsh! I watched Match of The Day just now and both pundits called it accidental but a penalty! It`s the same with handball it now doesn`t have to be deliberate. Luiz`s crime was to be out of position not hacking down a player mindlessly. I don`t know for sure but I suspect Arteta has been protecting Gabriel after contracting C.V. and all the time we had the 2nd best defensive record he kept it the same. 337 I did see mistakes by Luiz v United but also two or three tackles stops v a United team that just whacked Southampton for NINE. I`m pretty sure Luiz has cost you in a lucrative bet somewhere - let it go man :) COYG.

03 Feb 2021 12:47:38
Well said mate, nobody seems to mention how many times partey gave the ball away againts Utd, but once they have it in for a player that’s it

03 Feb 2021 13:22:55
I will let it go once I’ve sent Luiz a strongly worded email lol, partey giving the ball away that high up the pitch is not the same, Luiz and holding are our last line of defence and as others point out his mistakes are constant and cost us games, as for putting a few tackles in against Utd. Well done David for doing what you’re paid £200k a week to do!
And Southampton were thumped because they were down to 9 players which we showed we are not that soft any more and do not get spanked whatever the situation.

03 Feb 2021 14:09:20
For me I am more forgiving of centre halves and Goalkeepers because as you say any mistakes from them can cause goals (speaking for the Centre Back Union)

We as fans put more pressure on these positions yet forgive lazy play up the field. It`s not like we pay them twice as much it`s the other way round.

Had Saka finished and Laca done his job and stayed onside 2-0 different game. I don`t subscribe to that thought but hopefully you see my point.

Don`t worry you probably only have to the end of the season to enjoy Luiz anyway COYG I blame Jon Sammels.

03 Feb 2021 14:15:25
Did also mean to say regarding Holding having Luiz`s back why was he helping Hector not closing down their centre forward? Damn you`ve got me having a go at the centre backs now COYG.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣

03 Feb 2021 17:48:39
Hi Sussex mate, conformation bias is really difficult to overcome, all of us look for reasons to support what we already think is true and immediately reject all evidence to the contrary, it's a human condition.
Just being aware of and accepting that we all do it is probably the best we can do.
Let's face it we all believe Arsenal football Club are the best club in the world and nothing is going to change our minds on that no matter what evidence, stats or reasons any other fans put in front of us.

03 Feb 2021 20:06:20
I only know about this bias 62 because I don’t think I’m an idiot but my family happily confirm that I am 😂😂 COYG.

03 Feb 2021 20:39:38
Sometimes you've just got to accept that very few people have an eye for genius Sussex mate.

I'm yet to meet a single one myself :-)

04 Feb 2021 03:02:55
A single one as in not in a relationship G69? I mean I’m a genius, but not single unfortunately ( well my dog thinks I’m a genius) try opening a can of dog food with paws 🤣.

04 Feb 2021 12:19:14
Good point 733 mate, have you ever tried opening a tin of dog food with a side of Salmon? I have several times and trust me it doesn't work! Although you can open a side of Salmon with a tin of dog food strangely enough, weird or what?



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