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14 Mar 2020 22:54:42
If the season is cancelled. What happens for European football next season, promotions, relgstions etc. Will we just pretend this season didn't exist?

{Ed002's Note - The most likely option is the line drawn acriss - qualify or don't.}

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15 Mar 2020 05:35:08
From the reports I have read I cannot foresee football starting up again for at least 3 to 4 months, possibly longer. The Euros must be in serious doubt.
If this is the case then, as unfair as it seems, the domestic and European competitions will not be concluded and the season 2019-20 will remain unfinished.

Again, as unfair as it may seem, next season will have to be a re-run of 2019-20. You cannot award any trophies for this season unless they have been won. I cannot think of any other way to rectify the problem that is both logical and fair. I am not even certain that next season will start on schedule. In the scheme of things, of course, ending this terrible virus is the main objective.

15 Mar 2020 09:14:56
Right now most clubs and I'm sure most fans are all wanting a decision that suits them and their club best.
All teams in relegation trouble will want a null and void season out of self interest while I'm sure Liverpool Leicester Sheffield United Leeds and all other clubs in a healthy promotion position will be keen to finish this season whenever possible to do so.
But how clubs and fans feel right now might not be how they feel in 3,4 5 6 or 12 months time, maybe the me me me mentality that exists for SOME right now might not be anything like as important by the time the crises is over.
The longer things go on the more relieved we will all be when it's over and things that seem really really important to some people now might not seem anywhere near as important then.

15 Mar 2020 11:51:59
So what happens when contracts run out 1st June if season extended? I hope we get a chance to compete for European spot and Pool get to be champions

Calling now the end seems wrong - rematch May seems fairer! Everyone in the same boat and equal. Ending now isn’t.

{Ed001's Note - I don't think anyone knows what will happen as nothing like this has happened before.}

15 Mar 2020 12:26:53
Agree Ed001 it's all unknowable by anyone because we are totally uncharted waters.

{Ed001's Note - though it is quite worrying that nobody seems to have any plans in place to deal with these kind of issues. There should have been some kind of action plan to hand that could be immediately implemented and followed. The Premier League is a multi-billion dollar corporation with no contingency plan for a stoppage, even though it has happened twice before in history. How poorly led are they that they only react to situations, never prepare in advance?}

15 Mar 2020 13:07:04
True Ed001 mate and lessons will be learned in the short term at least.
It's been 50 years since Europe and many other parts of the world have experienced anything like this and obviously time has made us complacent but life after this crises has past is going to be very different to life before it started not just in football but evey walk of life.
Wolves are having their best season in living memory but reading the words and looking at the actions of their chairman this morning it's clear some are already reconsidering what's really important and what matters most.

{Ed001's Note - all seems ridiculously OTT to me. The whole thing and massive over reaction to it is just embarrassing.}

15 Mar 2020 14:19:10
Hope your 100% right Ed001 it would be brilliant if all the reactions are proved OTT, I would be sooooo happy to laugh at myself if my concerns are proved irrational your right, it's definitely what I'm hoping for :-)

{Ed001's Note - the reactions are OTT. It has already been shown to be so. What is causing all the problems are the panicky tools who spread it rather than seeking treatment because they were frightened. If people had stopped panicking and trying to flee when it began (which was caused by the sensationalist crap in the media), they could have been isolated and treated and we would be well on the way to having the vaccine. Instead we had it spread everywhere by people with no real need as they would have been fine if they had just stayed put.}

15 Mar 2020 15:04:31
I totally agree with all that, people leaving the infected areas through panic has lead to all the people of Italy suffering and unnecessary deaths.

If all those in infected areas had stayed put there would be far fewer people needing expert treatment so all resources could have been centred on them if need be rather that scattered far and wide as they are now.

It's the UK herd immunisation plan that is scary because the 60% needed to become infected and recover to make immunisation possible will come at a very high cost to those unable to recover and of course their families too,1% mortality rate is 400,000 lives lost IF we could possibly stop it at the 60,000 needed once we reach it.

We should have been earlier and should be now doing more to contain and deal with the smallest numbers of cases possible.

Many counties have now closed their borders and although hindsight is a luxury if everyone had closed borders on new years day and put all their efforts into finding a vaccine the world might be a little poorer financially but much much healthier physically.

Lost lives are unrecoverable whole economies collapse and recover on a regular basis.

16 Mar 2020 21:15:46
Ed001 / gunner62 I don’t want to sound too OTT but I find it bordering on prejudice to say if people had just stayed put and their actions led to the Italians suffering. We are living in capitalist and global world with almost total free movement of peoples.

It’s apparently a flu like virus or disease and you can be infected and spread it without showing any symptoms. China, Europe and America are the centre of globalisation, capital and market opportunities so people will be travelling back and forth between these places in numbers. So it’s likely to have been in the West from the heights of winter.

I do believe the media is sensationalising the whole issue but clearly they are being allowed to do so by governments. If it was say a conventional war we would have had so much details. Governments influence or seek corporation from their media outlets in time of war. They could spread the narrative various narratives e. g. the seasonal flu kill more people than they expect this will, but no they are allowing fear to be the order of the day.

16 Mar 2020 21:52:45
Tricky 62 - we live with the flu, we may need to live with Covid 19. Surely we need to all get it in a controlled way until there’s a vaccine. It must be a nightmare for the workers at a number of tourist related small businesses, airlines, theatres, secondary market around events as summer will be a disaster. Sure this will have a huge impact on wellbeing / mental health. Virgin asking employees to take 8 weeks unpaid but will still need to pay mortgages. Thought Boris presented a solid approach in a non panicked manner. There will be casualties - hopefully not too many and we come out of this stronger and with an economy that provides jobs for everyone. Tough tough job.

Despite a balanced approach by Government - public still panicking. I really wish Labour would shut up and help when the nation needs it best people to help the nation in its darkest hours for a number of years.

Do you really think isolation will be adhered to and really drive out the virus? Doesn’t seem sensibly but nor does killing the economy nor does infecting everyone.

What would you suggest?



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