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03 Dec 2019 17:35:00
Hi eds. Hope you're all feeling festive already. 3 quick ones for you.

Presuming he doesn't extend his current contract, is it possible bfor arsenal to approach Gareth Southgate to be appointed to start next seaso after euro 2020?

Has there been any conversation where he's indicated whether he'd want to stay on until the next world cup/ would work in the prem?

And do you think he'd be worth trying?

Thanks :)

{Ed002's Note - (1) Arsenal have no interest in Southgate at all. (b) If they would like to discuss something with the manager they would have to approach the FA - but they won't. (c) Southgate is contracted until after the 2022 World Cup.}

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03 Dec 2019 21:03:55
I wondered how long before Gareth would get a mention :-)
What about Bobby Martinez people?
Would he be a terrible option?
Did well at Swansea Wigan and at Everton to begin with and has done well with Belgium too.

{Ed047's Note - OMG Gareth Southgate and Roberto Martinez! I think I’m going to go and staple my head to the carpet!

03 Dec 2019 21:37:00
Come on 47. I have no idea about him tactically, but GS has got the players into a unit. With the players we've hit, and Freddie et al with a good bond with the youth players, doesn't seem ridiculous. Or does it? ;)

03 Dec 2019 22:54:18
Thought Southgate was bang average for England and didn’t do a great job in the last tournament. Vote of no confidence from me. Freddie is my favourite at present and I hope he does well while he’s got the chance.

03 Dec 2019 23:21:03
Procession is 9/10th of the law as they say and Fredie needs to be brave and do it 100% his way.
Better to back your true feelings and beliefs and fail than get sacked because you bottled it and let others talk you out of your own judgement then spend forever thinking I wonder what would have happened if I'd backed myself and my own ideas.
If he plays Mustafi and Xhaka on Thursday because he himself thinks he can get the best out of them then fair enough, it is and has to be his call right or wrong.

04 Dec 2019 03:41:16
Southgate! God no! We should move heaven and earth to get Pochettino before Man U do. Arteta and Freddie have zero managerial experience and are not ready for a job if this magnitude.
We failed miserably to get Mourinho, the board must act swiftly to get Pochettino.
Boy do I miss the days of Feon and Fiszman.

04 Dec 2019 07:15:46
Dein and Fiszman.

04 Dec 2019 08:13:49
Southgate doesn't suit club management. Why Mourinho is still being mentioned is beyond me, he was not the right man at all and as for Pochettino, he certainly won't be joining Arsenal in my opinion and we should all look past him. He is merely in the frame because he got the sack. Farve might not be a bad option going back to one of Ed002's suggestions. I think it was Ed002, apologies i'm wrong. It's looking like he needs to move on from Dortmund and his style of management would be well suited to Arsenal. He is known for having his team well organised and being tactically brilliant whilst playing some fast paced attractive football.

04 Dec 2019 12:37:41
As someone who changes jobs quite frequently I've made a few mistakes along the way especially when I've been desperate to get out of a job I'm really not enjoying or just isn't working for me financially.
I've taken jobs that in truth I knew weren't right for me just to escape the job I'm in only to end up back in the same boat I'd jumped out of.
It took me a while to realise that if a good job comes to an end for some reason you don't have to just accept whatever you can get Just to pay the bills there are temporary jobs that are easy in easy out ( Fredie) you can use to keep your head above water while looking for the right job for you.
Far to many times I've jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when it was necessary to do so and through making a rash panic decision and I've missed out on good opportunities that would have been brilliant if I'd taken my time and kept myself available.
Fools rush in, trust me I know this one :-)

04 Dec 2019 12:39:58
62 - backing your beliefs and ignoring consequences. I bet that started a few religious wars 🤷‍♂️

Just keeping it lite.

04 Dec 2019 13:36:24
Some of your replies Gunner mate - brilliant! :)

04 Dec 2019 14:26:01
Cheers Glen:-) I try to equate things to my own experiences and most mistakes have a common thread whether it's in football or anything else, fools rush in head first where wise men take their time and weigh up their options, I've spent most of my life at full steam ahead :-) .

I make you right on that one SY and that's why to each thier own is a very good and very peaceful philosophy to follow mate, it's only when people try to dictate to others that the problems start.

04 Dec 2019 14:58:07
G62 - sometimes patience works, but at other times instinct and knowledge takes over.
Wait too long and the top candidate goes.
At present the managers out of a job are Allegri and Pochettino. Allegri’s English is reportedly poor. After Emery that night not be a great idea!
Freddie and Arteta have zero management experience. Not a good idea for a difficult job.
Ancelotti May become available and would be a good shout
Rodgers and the Wolves manager are in jobs, so would be difficult to sign.

04 Dec 2019 15:26:15
RG Poch isn't available to us mate he's made that very clear, in my opinion he's waiting for the United job, if Ancelotti really does become available and is interested then in my opinion we can't say no his pedigree is class on and off the field, age? Not ideal but if we are looking for ideal we'll be waiting a very very long time.

Panic is unnecessary and naive but not taking an excellent opportunity to get out of hole when your in one is stupid, where in a hole Ancelotti represents a very sturdy ladder and IF he is interested and we refuse because we think better options might come up! We are mugs.

Of all the managers in the world few of us would pick Ancelotti as our number one choice but last I heard Pep Jurgen and Allegri weren't exactly forming an orderly que outside our door.

05 Dec 2019 00:52:48
"We failed miserably to get Mourinho" - don't you have to try before you can fail.?



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