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13 Jun 2019 17:12:21
When do we expect to see players joining and leaving don't the window shut before Stert of the season.

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13 Jun 2019 18:35:26
I guess we can't let people go until we know we've got replacements, imagine selling Mustafi then not getting another CB all it would take is a couple of injures before people complained about letting Mustafi go, same with Xhaka and others too.
Almost all of us want upgrades on Xhaka and Mustafi but we have to be sensible and make sure we don't leave the cupboard completely bare just for the sake of short term delight, they may both be poor in premier league terms but they really are better than no one Just in case of injury.

14 Jun 2019 00:56:08
Have to completely disagree with you G62. Arsenal's recruitment needs to be smart and vast, and funds need to be raised quickly through sales. If that means bumping off Mustafi and Xhaka without replacements, you do it and promote from the academy. I don't believe for a second that we can't find better players than both of them on smaller wages/ fees within our budget. We just need the interest in them from other teams. Ivan G, let's make a deal.

14 Jun 2019 02:43:40
I would rather play Chambers than Mustafi or Elneny. I'm torn on Xhaka but wouldn't mind if we got rid and played AMN or Willock instead. Regardless of incoming players. Don't forget Guendouzi can play that role too.

14 Jun 2019 05:00:23
Xhaka won’t be going anywhere, they like him too much that’s perfectly clear.

14 Jun 2019 08:04:29
Fair comment Ricky I personally would promote from within if possible or buy from the lower leagues if I had to in order to take what I could get for both Xhaka and Mustafi but I was looking at it from the club and Emery point of view in Answer to Stephens question.
I remember Arsene letting Gabriel go and then us being left short of CBs so was guessing this was the clubs thinking on not parting company with players yet.
Yes Banbury I think you maybe right but we're yet to finish top 4 with either Xhaka or Mustafi after consistently finishing top 4 before they arrived so it doesn't bode well if they are still regulars in our starting line up next season does it.

14 Jun 2019 11:14:41
To be fair G62, we didn't finish top 4 with PEA, Ozil and Lacca either, so based on that, we could get rid of any of them! If the manager has a plan for a system that they don't fit, and he can get players in that do, then why not let him make that choice?

14 Jun 2019 17:14:14
Yeah we did finish top 4 with Ozil Epping mate, he arrived in 2013 so 14 15 and 16 we finished top 4 with Mesut it's only the last 3 seasons we've missed out which coincided with the arrival of Mustafi and Xhaka and in seasons ending 17 18 19 we've finished out side the top 4 after going 22 consecutive seasons before they joined Pea and Lacasette joined an already Europa league Arsenal.
Obviously it's not 100% down to Xhaka Mustafi we've dropped out but I do think it's very fair to say niether has exactly helped our cause or been an asset over the 3 seasons they've been at Arsenal.

15 Jun 2019 12:57:46
Sorry G62, I should have been clearer, I meant as a front 3, and was specifically talking about last season. Although I agree in the players that need to be shipped out first, I think we shouldn’t be precious about any of the current team, and if the manager has a vision and style that needs wholesale changes, including the front 3, to bring in other (younger? ) players who already do or could fit into his plans, then so be it.

15 Jun 2019 17:09:44
Totally agree Epping mate no one is too precious to be shipped out now days surely, part of the reason we are in the mess we are in is players like Jack Theo Poldilski Mertesacker who professed to be and were described by many fans as (Arsenal through and through) and so became untouchable no matter what.
It's that mentality that's ran through the club from fans to player to management that's caused our downfall so more of the same would be madness and probably lead us to total European elimination rather than just champions league elimination that we have right now.
I've said for years everything about Arsenal needed to be a lot lot more professional and muxh much less cosy club friendly.



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