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02 Jun 2019 10:15:43
Fantastic result, but a dreadful excuse of a final. Neither team have ever won the Premier League and in the toot's case you have to go back 58 years since they won the old 1st Diviison and in Liverpool's case nearly 30 years since they last won the old 1st Division.

The current format is poor, and a return to a knock out European Cup, for the Champions of each European League, is clearly the way to go.
On a different note, it will be interesting to see if trophyless Pochettino will remain at the trophyless toot. I find his arrogance and general behaviour irritating for a manager that hasn't won a single trophy in 5 years as the toot manager and over a decade as a manager. Mourinho won the right to be arrogant and controversial as he has won many trophies.

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02 Jun 2019 11:24:20
You really think it would be better every year just juve, bayern, psg, one of real or barca, an English team and then a load of teams from smaller leagues that will mostly get whipped? That would be incredibly boring until the semis and then it would be the same teams every year.

02 Jun 2019 11:52:27
RG I noticed you went missing all week after Arsenal embarrass themselves in another European final against the worst Chelsea side in the last few years, spurs lost to one of the best teams in the league who finished on 97 points and should have won the league, yes I agree spurs are crap but so are Arsenal as you are going further away from the big clubs than ever before and your 40 million budget in the summer isn't going to close the gap on city, Liverpool etc, I have been shouting pochetinho out for the last 2 years as he fails to win when it matters, I've been shouting jose mourinho name as he's a serial winner and would take spurs the next level he would also be ideal for you boys aswell.

02 Jun 2019 11:55:27
There is no going back Eden mate, imagine this premier league season where only the champions qualified for the champions league, only Liverpool City and relegation threatened sides would have had anything to play for post October.
Things will never be perfect but oozing up the champions league to top 4 much like the the play offs in the championship and other divisions has extended interest and meaningful football more often than not right up to the last kick of the season
3 points for a win rather than 2, the back pass rule and not interfering with play offside rule have all brought many many more benefits than disarray.
Personally I was against almost all of the new rules when they were first introduced but looking back i was wrong, the champions league premier league and football in general has never been more interesting or had such huge worldwide appeal.

02 Jun 2019 12:44:58
Robbie what has winning the PL got to do with the quality of last night, I’m struggling to understand why you’ve even mentioned it? Liverpool were a zillion times better than us this season, the final was bad for a number of reasons and one of them wasn’t because they haven’t won’t the PL .

As for the format as it is it gives teams a chance of playing European top level football, if it’s just winners of your respective leagues then Wenger would have been sacked years ago.

02 Jun 2019 13:55:54
The thing is Raver some United and Arsenal fans have gone full circle and swapped places with Spurs and City fans of old.
I remember it well how Spurs and City fans whole season depened on what Arsenal and United didn't win rather than worrying about their own club.
Spurs have Just fallen at the last hurdle of club footballs biggest competition, you've known worse times Raver mate!
This summer you will add to your squad and with no world cup hangover to worry about I'd say you had every reason to be excited about next season already mate, I think most Arsenal fans would be delighted for us to be in such a poor state as you boys right now.

02 Jun 2019 14:25:49
62, just to fly Arsenal colours, Spuds did their level best to finish below us and lost 20 times, as bad as we were they weren’t much better, they got to a Euro final as we did . I’m not saying our squad is better than theirs I’m just pointing out their season wasn't heads and shoulders above ours .

02 Jun 2019 15:29:43
I thought spurs were the better team just should started with lucas.

02 Jun 2019 15:42:51
I agree Banbury mate, Spurs did have a poor premier league season by their own new standards under Poch this this time round mate.
We had our average modern Arsenal season.
Spurs finished runners up in club footballs biggest competition while finished runners up in the competition that all big clubs hope to avoid being in each and every year, this is unfortunately the reality of the 2018/ 19 season.
It is what it is mate and all I'm saying is it's pretty silly to mock those who are doing better than you because you end up looking pretty foolish to everyone who lives in the real world.
I personally wouldn't want to go on live TV and try win a debate with a spud fan on which of Arsenal and Spurs had the better 2018/ 19 season :-) and anyone who did I'm sure would extremely quickly resort to historical events in order to save face rather than stick to debating the season that's Just ended.
Better to accept reality with dignified silence in my opinion.

02 Jun 2019 16:08:20
Top man gunner always honest, cup football and league football are two different things. Look no further than Wigan winning the FA cup by beating man city in the final while getting relegated the same time. or when Arsenal had the invincible side and walked the league yet couldn't win nothing in European football.

02 Jun 2019 16:16:11
No I totally agree 62, just putting some perspective on the season just gone, you can’t help feeling Spuds missed an absolute golden chance to win the CL last night.

02 Jun 2019 16:25:17
For me I have to call it as it is Raver mate, there is nothing wrong with living in your own little make believe fantasy world as long as you don't try and share it with the rest of the world and hope to be taken seriously.
I remember when Nes used to come on here from the Spurs page and try and laugh at us failing in the champions league while you struggled in the Spursday night league :-) he made himself easy meat and it was good fun laughing at his silliness, well the rules haven't changed Just because North London dominance has and I personally am not about to take up being a Nes tribute act :-)

02 Jun 2019 16:59:23
They did Banbury mate and playing Kane from the start was poor management from Poch in my opinion, i'm pleased Liverpool won because they've had an amazing season and it would have been extremely harsh if they hadn't got something to show from a year where they reached successive champions league finals and lost just once in the premie league and got an incredible 97pts.
As for Spurs they will disappointed about last night and by last seasons league campaign but if I was a spud I'd be thinking how far they've come if a champions league final and top 4 finish is a disappointing, I'm 57 and I've never seen a better Spurs than since Poch arrived.
We should most definitely take inspiration from what both Spurs and Liverpool have achieved over the last 5 and 4 years respectively under Poch and Jurgen, because before their current managers arrived they were exactly where we are now, pretty much lost.

02 Jun 2019 19:10:22
Totally agree 62, you and I are close in age but you are older of course, this is the best Tottenham side I’ve seen, their biggest concern is keeping the manager and the key players, one more season without a trophy and you will see some sort of exodus IMO.

02 Jun 2019 20:04:11
Not the best side for me the 80s were better and winning trophies aswell, the 86 side was better than today's hoddle, waddle, ardiles in midfield with 47 goals from clive Allen.

02 Jun 2019 20:27:21
Raver61, after a defeat I tend to leave a a period of time before commenting, so as not to make a knee jerk reaction.
The simple fact this season is that we both reached European finals, which we both lost and we closed the gap in the league to a single point.
The toot will end up a billion in debt, the cost of the new stadium, whereas our stadium debt has been paid.

After 5 seasons under trophyless Pochettino the Toot have still to win a single trophy. Arsenal under Emery have turned the tide, obtaining more points than the previous season, finishing a place higher in the league and reached a European final. The four long term signings made during Emery's time at the club have been intelligently settled in and I am certain another 4 or so players will arrive this summer as Emery has had a season with the players, the vast majority of which were brought in by the previous manager and his backroom staff.

The toot ahve now gone 11 years without a trophy, nearly 30 years since an FA Cup win and fast approaching 60 years since winning the league. It's pitiful, and even in one of their most successful periods, they still haven't won a single trophy. Mourinho would be a good shout for either club, but they would have to be prepared to spend big. Hence, we have Emery who has won many trophies and the toot have trophyless Pochettino. The pain at the lane just goes on. 1961 and waiting.

02 Jun 2019 20:39:26
The only reason spurs got out of there group was because Inter Milan didn’t win at psv, it wasn’t even in spurs hands to get to the knockout stage, when they played Barcelona the second time Barcelona had already topped the group and rested all there tops players so spurs managed to get a point at the nou camp, Spurs didn’t play well in the competition.

02 Jun 2019 21:41:27
No didn't play well to beat man city over 2 legs and Ajax wodbod, as for the pain RG, arsenal are in a terrible state and you are the only arsenal fan I know who think they are going forwards without winning anything and not even finishing top 4 which means Thursday night's next season, ask any neutral fan who's better arsenal or spurs and I know what the answer is, Arsenal have been in 4 European finals in the last 25 and won none including teams like zaragoza, galatasary and the worst Chelsea side in the years.

02 Jun 2019 21:43:50
I think only Saga is older than me on this page Banbury mate :-) or should it be :- (, I agree keeping their side together will be very very tough but if they are smart they will cash in on Kane or Ericsson before they are forced to as Liverpool did with Coutiniho, and Poch Has a decent buying record so they stand a chance but if they play it wrong they could Just as easily find themselves in the Europa league with us for company.

03 Jun 2019 09:10:37
If we think we are in some way in a better state than Spurs we are deluding ourselves. If they can keep their key players, or at least replace them with similar quality and make additions, they will continue the upward trajectory they are on. We have one of the worst Arsenal sides I have seen for 30 years, and seemingly no ambition to improve it. If we insist on a self sustaining business model we will gradually fall behind not just the existing top four, but also sides like Everton who are willing to spend to succeed. Our problems begin and end with a board that thinks a budget of £40m is likely to make more than a tiny dent in a side that requires at least five times that amount to make us competitive. Whatever the mistakes in the past with regard to managing contracts, we are where we are, and I cannot see any anything approaching a way forward.

There is one possible strategy that may be worth a punt, albeit fraught with the danger of one or two fallow seasons, and that is promote the bulk of the starting eleven from the youth setup and let them develop. Use the money from first team sales to develop a spine and see where we go. It can't be any worse than replacing Mustafi and Xhaka with more of the same - which is what we are likely to get for our £40m.

Just to say, I like this site. Whatever opinions we have (even from non Arsenal fans) there is rarely any serious rancour, and we all want the best for the club we love.

03 Jun 2019 09:42:20
The stats speak for themselves and Arsenal clearly performed better this season in a transition year after Wenger departed. The Toot are having a better period than usual and are still failing to win a trophy. How long Pochettino and the better players stay will be interesting. Kyle Walker left for higher wages and trophies. This summer Eriksen looks likely to depart and reports that Trippier, Alderweireld, Rose, Lorentz and others may move on. So the first wave of Pochettino’s time at the club has occurred and nothing has been won. Nobody remembers teams that lose in finals and the simple fact is that the Toot are serial trophy bottlers. Arsenal are going through a transition which will take at least 3 seasons. Whether Emery will emerge as a trophy winning manager is to be seen. I freely admit that we need a manager that will push Kroenke to open the purse strings. Let’s see if Emery is the man.

03 Jun 2019 11:05:46
Serial bottlers like I said above you have been in 4 European finals in the last 25years and won nowt, we even lost 19 league games this season and Arsenal still could not get in the top 4 and Chelsea in dissary also, we have spent nothing for 2 years and have had to move around grounds all season, RG we will be even stronger next season Mark my words yes we might win nothing but will definitely finish top 4 again and challenging on all fronts for trophies, if Arsenal have only 40 million budget with the loss of Ramsey they will be fighting for the top 6 imo.

03 Jun 2019 13:42:39
I hear you Robbie, the stats do tell one story, but performances belie the statistics. We can't reduce everything to fractional differences in the numbers, there are just too many things to control for. The bottom line was outcomes, which were no different to last year: poor performances, abysmal defending, no sense of who our best team is and critically not a sniff at any success. If being a point off the top four and reaching a final herald progress then fine. But for me, one or two outstanding performances is not progress enough. My only hope is that the transfer budget is a bluff and we can bring in 4 top class players, because if we don't, I suspect we are going to slip further down the table.

I'm afraid to say, the Raver's analysis is right in my view.

03 Jun 2019 17:12:43
List the trophies won by Pochettino as a manager and those won by the Toot during your lifetime. The pain at the lane just goes on.
Next season waits to be seen. In a single season under Emery we closed the gap on the Toot from 14 points to a single point. 1961 and waiting.

03 Jun 2019 18:39:38
Funny enough this time last year people were asking " what's Klopp won at Liverpool "?
Stats are almost always used by politicians to convince people that what they see with own two eyes and experience for themselves isn't really true.
There is a place for stats of course but please make sure you use the appropriate bin so as they don't simply get recycled continously.

03 Jun 2019 19:41:17
RG you talk utter rubbish and even your own fans are embarrassed by your deluded comments, this is one of the worst Arsenal sides in many years and they are falling further away from winning the league every season, even Martin known said in Baku Arsenal are finished and going backwards yet you think they are going forwards 😂🤣😂.



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