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27 Dec 2018 12:40:42
To a man, bar a couple, every single one of our players need to sack up. They are an embarrassment to the shirt. Unlike others, I don't feel we're left with "dregs"; just a bunch of very capable players who don't work hard enough.

Our passing is terrible and not incisive enough. We're slow and last to almost every ball. Our inability to keep possession is concerning. And our overall lack of total commitment is a huge issue.

Keep this up and mid-table mediocrity is where we're headed.

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27 Dec 2018 13:06:26
Is this is post you meant to send last year Sharpie:-) .
No offence mats but it does seem most of those who weren't unhappy and had endless patients with Arsenes Arsenal seem to have very little with Dicks Arsenal.
Years of non progression seemed fine for some under Arsene but now after 4 months of a new manager suddenly they want instant solutions to problems that we've had for a decade or longer. I
It makes no sense to me.

27 Dec 2018 13:46:50
Strange gunner how last year we couldn't get a sniff away from home. This season we are picking up points and are scoring goals again. The defence is depleated and weak and we are suffering. i'm not sure what miracle Dick is expected to perform with players at his disposal. Two 34 plus year olds and a player still wet behind the ears AMN. Is he not allowed time to bring his own team in or is he supposed to work miracles with all the players he inherited, that couldn't perform last season. We are down to the bare bones in defence, got two players, ozil and ramsey, not fully committed to arsenal, an out of balance squad and we are challenging for fourth. The performance yesterday was dire but we managed a draw. Not great at all but like you say, some peoples patience with wenger was baffling and some peoples lack of patience with Dick is also baffling. Dick didn't inherit a squad too exciting or reliable, it had massive problems.

27 Dec 2018 14:25:17
I think for some people no matter who came in or what they did or don't do it wouldn't be good enough Steve mate, I don't know it's really about Dick I think it's more about people not being happy about Arsene being replaced by anyone at all and they want instant unreserved justification for replacing a man they were perfectly happy to continue with.

27 Dec 2018 15:05:24
Steve - he knew the defence was weak yet didn’t stock up properly. It was obvious before the window shut. He didn’t address it just like Wenger didn’t in his last few years. The attack looks good but that was perfect before.

Midfield is better - yes

Defence - just as bad

Tactics - marginally better

Use of subs - far far better

Attitude on pitch - weird as I think they’ve improved but then I look at the Spurs and Brighton game.

Crappy sloppy defensive errors - still there

He’s still got a lot to prove but I do like him and trust he will get there. Just a lot slower than I wanted.

27 Dec 2018 15:25:50
Couldn’t agree more Sharpie, whilst some have got carried away to a degree I’m not one of them.

Yes we’ve changed manager and yes we’ve finally bought a quality defensive midfielder. Yes Leno can play with his feet but he’s no top top keeper.

Love Lacazette, Aubameyang, Popadopolus and Kolasinac and beyond that Guendouzi has promise, Bellerin has got a little better. Holding definitely improved prior to injury. Ozil really needs to get a grip.

Iwobi and Lichtsteiner are bloody awful, the rest, well they are the rest.

Yes positives but a long long way to go. Do we look a top four side, with the exceptions of the Liverpool and Spurs games, nowhere near.

Must do a lot better C-.

27 dec 2018 16:09:35
not one thrashing so far and apart from the city game not one game where we weren't still in it in the 90th minute, not one surrender or calapse where our players have simply given up and walked rather than ran.
how that's no progress on what we've seen in the previous 5 years is beyond me.

27 Dec 2018 16:11:07
Sy, i'm not sure Dick had too much of a say in last summers transfer, i may be wrong but weren't most if not all signed up before he came. How much say will he have in transfers?
Is mislintat and salnehri going to sort that side now, i don't know.

27 Dec 2018 16:44:14
G62, I'm totally unsure why you think I was ok with Arsene's Arsenal. Nothing could be further from the truth. I berated the players then for their lack of commitment much like I'm doing now.

I'm pretty sure, like Arsene, Emery sends the lads out with a plan and expects full commitment. Unfortunately I don't see anything resembling commitment from all these players.

As far as I'm concerned, Arsene has left the building! We have a new manager who I believe could do a fantastic job, IF the players gave it their all in every game.

27 Dec 2018 16:47:11
Oh and G62, you're the only one making this about Arsene. I never mentioned Arsene or Emery in my post. My post was about the players and their lack of commitment.

27 Dec 2018 16:48:37
Gunner, i agree, i got absolutely fed up of the constant hammerings and we are much more competitive now than we were. We may have a poor defence now but the one Dick inherited was the pits. We are more organised than under wenger, we are more resilient than under wenger, we are more flexible than under wenger. When its fully transformed, i think we will challenge the top four because of that i am more optimistic than i was under wenger. I just couldn't ever see that happening again but i have hope now.

27 Dec 2018 16:51:37
Just for the record - I respect Wenger and supported him till the very last day. He’s gone now and I respect the new manager as he’s the custodian of our great club. I still have high expectations and emery needs to deliver. He has no past to give him slack but time is on his side. I wanted change and I don’t think he’s done enough but I’ve certainly shouted him out when he’s done well and questioned when he hasn’t. We ( I ) probably didn’t do that enough with the later years of Wenger so I won’t do that again. I believe I am balanced with Emery, albeit very demanding. I am still very annoyed about his defenders and stupidity in loaning Chambers out. This isn’t a new moan, I’ve been meaning since that loan was announced with no replacement. I’ve also said I was wrong about Sokratis.

27 Dec 2018 17:16:27
Very true Steve but a simple ball over the top should not destroy us. We praised Emery for early signing, he had a full dossier on the entire squad for his interview and had a full pre-season. He should have been knocking down doors to get a decent back 4 or 3. No excuse.
Happy with the rest of the stuff and happy with the import of Torriera- masterstroke. High five fir Emery or was he just lucky to be given him?
I would give him a B - which I think is pretty fair and unbiased.

27 Dec 2018 17:35:35
Hi sharpie the reason I mentioned Arsene is because I can't remember you ever being so passionately upset and vocal about the teams lack of performance prior to this season, don't get me wrong I think the passion is brilliant and I welcome it but we've done much worse in the past like Chelsea 7 0 on Arsenes 1000th game but I don't ever recall you being so openly critical before this season.
If I've got you wrong then I apologise.
I personally think all posts are brilliant regardless of whether I agree with them or not and everyone is fully entitled to feel and say how they feel but some posters do seem have found their critical voices more this season than ever before despite us not getting thrashed or beaten by more than 1 goal since opening day.
Maybe they had higher expectations once changed arrived i don't know but I'd be interested in hearing thier reasons and trying to understand them.

27 Dec 2018 18:29:47
G62, ask about, I raged constantly about the lack of commitment from this very team and I still think they aren't performing to the max. It infuriates me no end.

For me, none of this is about Emery like you're making out it is, but I can and will hold this team to task for their abject failure to leave it all out on the pitch in every game.

27 Dec 2018 18:42:04
Fair comment sharpie sorry for any and all misunderstanding on my part.

27 Dec 2018 23:09:45
G62, no apologies required. We're here to discuss, banter and of course, make fun of RG61.



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