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20 Mar 2018 09:03:53
Have to say Lefty77 is spot in when he says the first item on the agenda must be change of manager before any transfer dealings.
Ladbrokes have got 5 managers listed
Henry-if it was a x player would prefer Viera
Anchelotti -defo
Simeone-Love his passion but can't see the board going for him
Low-fantastic international manager but club record not good plus by the time the World Cup was finished there wouldn't be a lot of time for him before season started.
Martinez-No comment
They did not have Allegri listed so draw your own conclusions from that.

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20 Mar 2018 09:47:09
I just feel ancelotti will be a bit dated like Wenger and too short term. Would prefer someone younger with fresh ideas in the game. Wonder if that young German manager will be worth a go. Reading things on his training methods and how his approach is to the game i'd like to see him given a go.

20 Mar 2018 09:56:13
The only question is do we accept another season of stagnation and allow those already above us to increase and strengthen their supremacy in order to keep one individual happy or do we do what's good for everyone but Arsene.
It's a brave man who takes us on this summer because the gap is already quite significant between us and the top 5 and the squad he would inherit will be in a state of disrepair.
It will take an even braver man to come in next next summer when the gap will be wider and players like Kos Monreal Cech who are already showing signs of ageing will be a yet another step closer to retirement than thier prime.
A major rebuilding job is needed and the longer we put it off the bigger it will become.

20 Mar 2018 09:58:47
I think you mean the Hoffenheim manager. He is very young about 30.A big gamble but so would Viera I suppose, but who ever it is D16 I think its going to be a couple of seasons to get us right and back seriously challenging for the top 2 trophies.

20 Mar 2018 10:20:42
I like the look of Jardim. He improves players and plays good football on a limited budget. Much prefer him to ancelotti. We need a manager to build a team.

20 Mar 2018 10:29:14
Juventus were batting off interest from elsewhere yesterday, saying he wants to stay with them and has just signed a new contract.

D16 Julian Nagelsmann would be worth a go, it’s not like he’s been left a title winning squad with even more pressure to do well.

None of the others mentioned float my proverbial boat.

20 Mar 2018 11:00:34
Thanks H64. I really do love Wenger, don't get me wrong. Most of my footballing life he has been at Arsenal, so I owe a lifetime of incredible memories to him. Therefore, I would love for the club to announce his departure now, allowing the fans to sing and scream his name every game and give him the biggest send off he deserves. Technically we should be doing that anyway, but i'm sure you get my point.

If the Wenger of 10 years ago was available, I would give my left foot for him. He would get this squad energized and playing as a unit again! But moving forward we need to start considering alternatives, and looking at coaches who can get the most out of the players already here. Looking at other clubs, big spending isn't always the answer without a coach who can pull the best qualities from them. I reference Pep again, give him this squad and watch them fly! Our club prides itself on its stability and sustainability, and subsequently I believe a new young manager with fresh ideas will fit the vision of the 'new' Arsenal.

I think you are referring to Nagelsmann D16? He looks decent and I would hope he is in the running should a change happen.

20 Mar 2018 12:37:47
Its a gamble who ever we get in but we've been gambling for years that every season would be the one where Arsene finally came good again.
The absolute worse that will happen under Arsene or a new manager next season is midtable 8th to 12th place.
We've seen the best that Arsene can offer in the moden game time and time again in recent seasons and it continues to take us further away from where all big clubs should want to be with every season that passes.
We won't be relegated under Arsene or the young German bloke or Vieira and we won't be top 4 again under Arsene as the competition has got much much stronger than ever for top 5 let alone 4th or higher.
Do we do it all again next season just for old times sake?
There is not one sensible reason to do that but they is a hundred sentimental reasons to do it of course.

20 Mar 2018 12:40:50
Absolutely, for all Wenger's good work, he also has created many problems post David Dein, when took full control and hence since 2007 the club has been in decline.
Manager-wise, my choice. in prefered order would be:
1. Impossible: Guardiola
2. Improbable: Mourinho
3. Possible, but difficult: Simeone
4. Possible, but difficult: Allegri
5. Possible and fans would love them! Vieira with Henry as assistant manager
6. Very possible: Ancelotti - Worried best days are behind him
7. Possible: Enrique - Not particularly successful with clubs other than Barcelona and he inherited a great set up at Barca
7. Possible: Jardim - Would he function as well in the PL?
8. Possible: Dyche - Great job at Burnley, but would he work at Arsenal?
9. Possible: Rodgers - Experienced manager

Howe and Lowe - No thanks.

20 Mar 2018 13:50:28
Realisticly who on that list is highly likely to do worse than Arsene?
Brendan worries me a lot but would he or Arsene take us down? Unlikely.

Howe would for me be a big gamble but no more so than sticking with Arsene is because although I don't think Eddie Howe is the right man neither is Arsene anymore.
Apart from Brendan and Eddie I'd celebrate any of that list gleefully and even Eddie and Brendan I'd think " not my chioce but hey ho here we go" and support them until they proved my concerns about to be founded.
Arsene and big Tony are two of a very short list I couldn't muster some kind of emphusiasom for next season.

20 Mar 2018 17:10:50
Reading between the lines the recent signings and future signings are part of the new backroom staff and have been taken out of wengers hands somewhat. The next manager will be a coach. I’m sure ed01 mentioned that the coach that gets the job will be responsible for the training and selection and tactics employed where as the talent will be decided by dedicated staff. The coach will have input but not out right authority as Wenger as had in the past. Changes are been made and I don’t see Wenger going past the summer. I could see a case of him maybe staying if we get CL next year but any signings will be done with little input from Wenger and surely that will be made clear to him and if he doesn’t like that then he has to step aside. I don’t think we will see Wenger been sacked but convinced to step down.

20 Mar 2018 19:51:18
That could make attracting first, second or third place choice replacements more difficult Sanogo.
I know it's something that's done abroad and has been for years, but it's been a problem too.
Picking a team and taking responsibility for results from a group of players you didn't want, can't be an attractive proportion for anyone.
Chelsea signed Shevchenko against Mourinho's wishes and that did no one any good.

{Ed033's Note - "attractive proportion" - You talking about women's football again? Sounds like an attractive proposition to me!

20 Mar 2018 21:39:32
Yeah it sounds good to me too Ed but you'd definitely want to chose your own then mate :-)
You wouldn't want to ask for Holly Wilaby and end up with Teresa May would you? :-) no disrespect Teresa.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, i'd obviously prefer Holly Willoughby and wouldn't consider Treason May.

20 Mar 2018 21:51:10
It’s done more than you think g62 and it isn’t just the rest of Europe. It’s about getting the balance right. It’s more of a team of anylists where things are decide as a team. It the way most businesses have gone over the years where you don’t have one person in sole control and have others to take a bit of the slack so the coach can coach. Of course he will have an input.

20 Mar 2018 22:23:40
You'd actually be ok with mourinho at Arsenal? I know times are hard but let's not burn the place down.

20 Mar 2018 22:10:19
You'd certainly be wanting words with the club if they insisted Anne Widcombe was the right option for you and Holly was all wrong for you.
It would certainly strain your relationship a tad :-) .

{Ed033's Note - Can't i just politely tell Ann Widdecombe to go off somewhere else?

20 Mar 2018 22:47:35
Apparently not if the club chose for me, but I could get Holly to take her out in training making Annie unavailable for selection :-)

{Ed033's Note - I'll take equal pay with Holly while i'm on the job with Holly.

20 Mar 2018 23:31:44
Best of both then Ed, wow they should name a bread after that.



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