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26 Aug 2017 17:28:24
I am almost in a state of shock when thinking about Wenger having sold Gabriel, possibly selling Mustafi and Ox. It would leave us without experienced cover at RB and only 4 CB's, including 2 inexperienced ones, one if whom was relegated with Middlesbrough last season and one who is retiring at the end of the season. Surely Wenger isn't going to count on either of our LB's playing at CB, after the dismal defensive displays against Stoke and Leicester. If these sales go through without any replacements one would have to question Wenger's sanity.

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26 Aug 2017 18:06:42
I'm loving it R. G. Lots of rats leaving the sinking ship.

26 Aug 2017 19:15:15
If and its a very big if Arsene let this all happen without buying you would have to think he was showing everyone just how in control he is of what happens and that he will do exactly as he wishes regardless of what anyone thinks or says.
He certainly gives the impression he ain't trying to win friends and influence people at the moment.
Let's wait and see exactly what happens before we jump to any conclusions about his methods.

26 Aug 2017 19:51:05
For the love of god RG gove it a rest, you ere on about the same thing all the time. Gabriel was up to the quality needed at arsenal so yes good move of sellibg him. The ox doesn't want to sign the bloody contract and some team havs bid a 30/ 35 mil yes sell him. As for rb chamber can fill in, yes chamber the guy whom you said got relegated with Middlesborough and by the way if you look at te goal they start conceding was only after he got injured and he did extremely well with the England team which hints they won the championship. And if Mustafi to be sold I can't see how on earth he won't replace him and I see the replacement already on the cards.

26 Aug 2017 21:10:10
Why exactly should he give it a rest Moe? . so Wenger can continue this folly into another two year contract in two years time?
I particularly like the way you hold Ox completely responsible for the contract situation and potentially wanting a move as if the guy just woke up one morning and said knitted scarf it, he's been here six years, he's seen Wengers mentality and the yes man culture he promotes. He rightfully sees he can and will be better elsewhere and appreciated more also. If Arsene Wenger was as interested as he claims about frugality and value for money for Arsenal FC he wouldn't be excepting and lobbying for contracts for himself that place him in the worlds top 5 paid managers.
Keep calling it how you see it RG.

26 Aug 2017 22:20:39
Yep, wenger will continue with the madness as long as he is being protected by some of the fan base

Good luck to those that leave they may have seen the light.

26 Aug 2017 22:29:40
Firstly what can we do about Wenger staying for another 2 year, nothing. We tried as fans last year and we couldn't so it is what it is him being in charge.
Secondly the ox been with is for six year yes but he's been injured and inconsistent.

26 Aug 2017 22:32:33
Wasn't holding relegated with Bolton before he signed? turned out to have a pretty good season.

26 Aug 2017 22:56:14
Would you consider him any less injury prone or consistant than Theo Walcott or Aaron Ramsey who Wenger has shown unwavering and questionable support to? Can you say that Ox Chambo has received the same good grace and opportunity?!?
Arsene Wenger earned 24.9M pounds from 2014-2017. If i'm to assume he hasn't taken a pay cut that means from 2014 to this contracts end he will have earned AT LEAST 41.5M pounds for 5 years.
Digest that.

26 Aug 2017 23:01:06
great post shambo.

27 Aug 2017 00:16:54
Shambo mate, I don't mind theo and Ramsey both leave the club, there is so much better talent out there and I'm not defending Wenger. As I said I wanted a change at the club as much as you but it didn't happen, so I moved on and trying to be bloody excited about our team.

and if a player doesn't want to play for the shirt than F off with all do respect. The ox is replaceable. I'm gutted about Sanchez situation and I blame Wenger and the board but I won't be bitching about very damn day about it because it is what it is now.

And for Wenger earning that much himself and won't pay the asking fee for certain player made me livid but that's the boards how put is in this situation.

27 Aug 2017 09:27:28
The thing is Moe your obviously well informed and like many more of our fans, some on here also, you have come to terms with the sorry state with which we now find ourselves whereby our fate as a CLUB is inexplicably bound to EVERY single decision Arsene Wenger sees fit to make. The final word on everything should not lie with him especially when these decisions continually seem to be beyond reproach or question. he's been earning £154,000 weekly for many years now, yet preaches frugality and conservatism when it comes to pushing through on big deals. If i'm to understand this fully then this club have made a commitment to competing financially with the worlds top clubs for manager wages, where he's the fourth highest paid, yet they are unwilling under his guidance to act similarly to these other teams when it comes to securing our own players with new contracts or pushing through big deals in competition with other clubs for necessary players while the reality is that Arsene Wenger is in fact a Europa League manager with no league title to his name in over a decade.
So the question is now HOW he can command such wages? And the answer is obvious. he's continually lowering club standards and competition within the squad whilst also lowering fans expectations but managing somehow to fend off a full blown mass fan revolt, and while we are all in fighting and feeling sorry for the current state of our club, Kroenke and the board and still turning over millions of match day revenue, tv and sponsorship deals. These are now his primary objectives whether he himself knows it or not is redundant. This is how he's applying himself.
I can appreciate you know this and have made your peace with it but if it had been said to you at a time when you had not then maybe you can identify with the few of us who havnt or refuse to.
No point ridiculing eachother for personality differences or viewpoints if we are all agreed on this truths.
I respectful of Arsene Wenger but his motives and actions have not been the same to us fans. Its that simple. If somebody would like to dispute this maybe they can explain to me when I travel from Ireland to home or away games I never get to see my clubs manager applauding our fans or acknowledging us? Especially after a loss he always bolts down the tunnel. What message does this send to the players, the team is a reflection or representation of its manager and that is indicative of is over a 38'game league campaign the last 12 or so years.

27 Aug 2017 10:50:51
Where you from in Ireland Shambo?

27 Aug 2017 11:04:05
Shambo some people on here will tell that the owner is fine and not to blame as he provides Wenger with everything he asks for.

An owner that doesn't call a manager to book for failing to best Leicester City to a title.

That is the clown first and foremost we need to remove from this great club then get the right owner with some serious ambition.

Naturally a top quality league winning manager will follow or he'll quickly be up the road too.

Not not one of us has the money to make that happen so what do we do now?

27 Aug 2017 13:34:55
Co kildare malaga.
Stoner mate, there's nothing we can do but support our team. Ill be in my local today rooting for them as always, but I can't help but feel we are being cheated or at the very least being fed blatant lies at a very high price indeed.

27 Aug 2017 13:43:13
It's frustrating mate but like you I just get behind the team. I guess it will all come out eventually but we remain as stale as ever and left short, at this moment, of the players we really need.

27 Aug 2017 14:01:44
Its not all about the personnel either though bro, its the mentality. I cannot relate to any of these teams he's assembling and dismantling and the players you feel hold actual pride for thr badge seem to be the ones who inevitably leave in or around their prime.
And its not about some need to win or be the best for that exact reason. Does he not realise hiw much better we would feel leaving the Brittania if he'd come down with the squad and acknowledge us. Do you see what Klopp has done at Liverpool who had a huge disconnect between fans and board? He looks their fans in the eyes win, lose or draw.
I feel like my club insult our intelligence and it borders on contempt at times.
Just my humble opinion.

27 Aug 2017 14:24:24
I never thought at one point that I'd say this but you put another top manager in charge of this squad and we'd at a minimum be challenging, I'd put money on it.

He talks constantly of mentality, the very thing we lack most. It's shocking really.



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