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18 Aug 2017 11:54:04
I'm sorry did I miss something? I see people going on about the transfer of Gabriel, I like most of you have watched him play and in my opinion he only had a few decent games and before that he gave away the ball more times than I can remember in goal scoring positions, I'm sorry but I never thought he was good enough to wear that shirt, glad he's gone.

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18 Aug 2017 12:22:24
I agree that he hasn't been a great success, but unless we intend replacing him before the window shuts with a better player, then selling him and for such a low fee seems foolish. In effect our top three centre backs are now Merte, Kos and Mustafi and we only have two very inexperienced young CB's, Chambers and Holding as cover. Afterwhich we use either of our left backs Monreal or Kolasinac. I just noticed on the official site that Bramall has been added to the squad and he looked extremely weak in the pre-season matches.

18 Aug 2017 13:57:34
He probably had his best games last season to be honest, but he would be my first choice to clear from the defense if a better player has been lined up. What i can't believe is the reported price, with the crazy prices being quoted for any old tripe these days i don't see why we would flog a player with premiership experience on the cheap, taking a big loss on our purchase price. Now that really doesn't make sense.

18 Aug 2017 14:20:14
He's a terrible defender you would be better shipping him off and using your youth.
Can't be any worse imo.

18 Aug 2017 14:21:10
RG61, I thought Bramall was going out on loan, was surprised he got time pre-season as I thought he was very average tbh, let's hope wenger as someone lined up, but I doubt it like you said in your post there is cover there, EppingGooner there is a reason behind the small sell on fee, its because we are Arsenal and would have been charged over the odds for him in the first place.

18 Aug 2017 15:25:38
Hi ya Chris mate. How are you.

18 Aug 2017 16:57:59
Wenger has always said we only buy players who are better than what we have. Over the past few years that statement is utter garbage. Gabrial bought and being sold at a loss, Perez bought and being sold at a loss, mustaffi available if we can recoup most of the transfer fee, chambers we are willing to let go, debauchery we can't give away, jenkinson we are stuck with, Campbell the forgotten man, I've forgotten the Japanese Messi we bought, miachi and the list goes on. Expensive flops.

18 Aug 2017 17:14:09
Your very negative Steve. Lol.

18 Aug 2017 17:24:43
I was just looking at today's photos from training prior to the Stoke game, great to see Sanchez out with the rest of the boys. Hopefully I'm wrong about him going and is on the bench for Stoke.

Notable absences were Debuchy, Gibbs and Perez who had previously been in all the training photo's. Moves a foot maybe?

Just in relation to money, it's not mine I don't care what they sell players for, the focus is trimming the squad, then the important thing is bringing in better.

Yes we've had some duffers but what team hasn't.

18 Aug 2017 17:27:44
All that steve AND we have fans like you. Things really are getting worse.

Every post made on this site doesn't have to be an opportunity to slate our club, our players or our manager. Sometimes a post is just a post.

18 Aug 2017 17:35:37
Do you think so Malaga, I thought I was being opinionated. Lol.

18 Aug 2017 17:37:44
Sharpie we can't all be model fans.

18 Aug 2017 17:50:15
Oh get off it Stoner! You know just as well as everyone that Arsenal are the only club that have issues, sign flops, and have the worst manager football has ever seen!

All this negativity after only just our first game of the season is starting to make me cranky!

{Ed001's Note - starting? You are always blooming cranky!}

18 Aug 2017 17:51:48
You can't that's for sure steve!

18 Aug 2017 17:54:14
There's model fans, there's plastic fans, there's crappy fans and then there's anti fans. I'll say no more.

18 Aug 2017 18:10:22
About time you said nothing sharpie. 😀.

18 Aug 2017 18:52:38
I know Sharpie I was just joshing with ya! 😂😂😂.

18 Aug 2017 18:44:45
Malaga - Starting . NOW!

Ed01, I saw that!

18 Aug 2017 19:24:36
I forgot hey up CTR long time buddy.

18 Aug 2017 19:41:10
Hello Malaga and SLB, How are u all?

Confident of the upcoming season? Do u think u can get back in the CL?

Curious question, will u take the EL serious u think?

18 Aug 2017 20:14:22
Is that a promise you will say no more sharpie.

18 Aug 2017 20:20:47
Hey CTR, I guess you read the threads on the arsenal page so do you see most of them are confident for the season coming lol.

18 Aug 2017 20:26:13
I think with Gabriel going it is for certain that Wenger will largely stick with back 3 now. I think the 1st choice will be Kos, Mustafi and Monreal then Holding, Mert and Chambers as cover so its still decent without being fantastic. Gabriel had good physical attributes but he was not the most intelligent at reading the game, it's not a great loss really.

I don't really want to see Kolasanic in the back 3 atall as he is much better as a LWB and will offer much more to the team in that position.

The main issues is the getting good defensive shield in front of them from midfield as I am not convinced the Ramset and Xhaka partnership offers that well enough. We also have to ditch this Zonal marking nonsense at corners and start marking man to man.

18 Aug 2017 20:48:10
Not confident Chris, haven't been for about 10 years

Your lot will take sum beating

How's married life? Any babies yet.

18 Aug 2017 20:58:11
I haven't mate although I'd say there can't be that much to be positive about if u support arsenal at this moment in time.

All seems a bit same old same old to me.

Sure u will have great moments but ultimately I'm sure it will end up sameish (is that a word lol? )

I hope not as I would like to see utd and arsenal along with Liverpool fighting each other at the top of the table and not the 3rd to 6th place.

Since arsenal last won the league United have won more than 5 PL's a CL, few league cups and a fa cups or two and I can tell u at the time fighting off the likes of city and Chelsea for them isn't half as exciting as arsenal and Liverpool.

Sure the many trophies won made it feel good though :) but there was a real satisfaction about beating a arsenal or Liverpool to a title than others.

I'm sure over the next generation that will change but I grew up with a different rivalry and it's sad that no longer exists atm.
U have stagnated and us and Liverpool have just been plain shite lol.

Hopefully that changes for us this season but previous form leaves me skeptical :)

18 Aug 2017 23:22:28
I'm with you ctr beating united is the holy grail for me 👍.

19 Aug 2017 17:26:07
Agree with that CTR. You have thing to be optimistic about this season and us not a lot. But ultimately it will be what happens in may that will decide all, whatever we think.



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