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30 Dec 2020 11:44:13
Yawn to all the people crying bout PEA. it's a dip in form, guy carries us completely for 2 seasons, has a goal record to rival most across Europe since hitting the top stage, everyone begging for him to sign weeks ago now murmurs of selling him? Smh The guy is playing in the weakest team I've ever seen us have for creativity so ofcourse when he stops carrying we slump, fact is we all cry out for passionate loyal players but offer them very little in the way of loyalty in return, if our other attackers/ midfielders were half the players he is we wouldn't need one player for all our goals

Apologies and rant over but as you can probably tell that kinda irked me lol.

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30 Dec 2020 11:56:49
Couldn’t agree more! Top post mate 👌🏼.

30 Dec 2020 12:03:53
Really? Nobody is doubting he “was” a top player for us and also players dip in form I’ve been watching arsenal since 1976, the issue is he is not trying like he did before the new contract.
Last night he showed a bit more urgency than in recent games but his body language tells a story
Maybe he’s tired? Maybe he’s carrying an injury? If this is the case then rest him but please don’t blame all the other players .
We have the best crop of teenagers and early 20 players we’ve had for years, I’d say the best crop of youngsters in the EPL maybe they’re not quite ready but they certainly show desire unlike PEA.

30 Dec 2020 12:05:48
Yeah strongly second that.

30 Dec 2020 12:24:05
Well said.

30 Dec 2020 12:25:47
Don’t call somebody world class then moan saying he doesn’t have quality around him. He’s a good striker, he’s not world class. How bad have arsenal fans expectations fallen? We had players like Henry upfront but you still want to call Auba world class. I’ll take Kane, a fit Augero and Vardy over him any day of the week.

30 Dec 2020 12:38:42
I agree we have some good youngsters coming through but to say best in epl? Maybe two or three of the best products but I’d draw the line there personally, can anyone say we have any world class playmakers or even attacking players who we could rely on game in game out? All I’m saying is the only one I see close to that in our squad is getting paid £1.4m+ to sit in the stands, albeit possibly with good reason. ESR looks an insane prospect as does martinelli and Saka but that’s a whole lot of youth to depend upon and a lot of pressure for them, if saka dips in form for half a season should we be looking to sell him on? Same people slating Tierney purchase due to injury’s now lauding him after every game again barely a season on. my point stands if we expect loyalty so should the players is all mate.

30 Dec 2020 12:41:54
Are you agreeing with the first post or the reply questioning PEA ability.

I’ve always said he’s lazy and not world class but I wanted him to sign based on his goal scoring abilities. He wouldn’t have scored that number of goals playing like he is now. But he’s been starved of service and looked a little more up for it in second half. He’s also the best we could afford.

He’s our captain and our talisman - he needs to step up and show the leadership required. Now with improved service; no excuses.

I do think we should expect more from him (not due to wage) due to his previous performances and standing within the club and the industry. Same goes for Willian etc.

30 Dec 2020 12:42:11
Well said DG, all those mentioned above give 100% in every game, and a world class player would make their own chances if they weren’t getting them from their team mates
Can’t imagine Henry or wrighty sitting there complaining nobody is passing to them can you?

30 Dec 2020 12:42:23
Auba isn’t world class? Lost for words
Very few players in arsenals future will ever touch Henry, he was above world class, a God for us so we shouldn’t compare imo, and tbh put auba in THAT team Thierry had and you think he’d not score for fun? Lol.

30 Dec 2020 13:10:39
Thierry made many of his own chances and was PART of the TEAM every time he pulled on the shirt!
There are other players atm that really aren’t good enough, elneny, xhaka, holding to name a few but as long as they give 100% they’re the best we’ve got
That my point EXACTLY if he gave 100% I have no issue if his form dips and he isn’t scoring for a while.

30 Dec 2020 18:47:58
PEA is a quality striker. He’s not world class and if he was I doubt we would have been able to sign him. Henry was the closest thing we’ve had along with DB10 up front that you would say are truly world class. Is PEA up there with those two or ZZ or Messi or Ronald. That’s world class. PEA is quality but his attitude which has always been questionable as well as his desire to win probably prevents him being world class because he’s a bit hit and miss. That’s the difference between a quality restaurant and one with a couple of Michilen stars. Consistency at the highest level rather than hitting it every so often is the difference in my book.

You can compare attitudes between PEA and Henry or desire to win or ability to turn a game singlehandedly or respect from fellow pros.

That’s not me knocking PEA but putting him into perspective - he’s currently showing a really poor side to his character when the club, fans and boss need their big personalities. He’s not standing up to be counted, embarrassingly he’s letting the kids lead by example.

Frustratingly we don’t have a Keown type leader to tell him how embarrassing that is for a player of his ilk.

30 Dec 2020 19:21:04
Well said SY4 and 337 the best of the best make their own chances and will drop to go for the ball if his teams are lagging. He has good technical skills to find the back of the net but most times he has to be running at pace and doesn't seems that good in beating players in tight spaces. It could be one of the reason why he hasn't been scoring of late because we were playing too slow. He is too satisfied in scoring just one goal in a game and.

30 Dec 2020 19:55:53
Glad to see I’m not alone on this one I was beginning to think I was delusional again 😂.



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