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22 Apr 2019 02:37:44
The game against palace today was very poor first half. It's shows that a number of players need to get shifted. Jenks, mustafi, elneny. Would have much preferred Dino to stay on. But a thought if Fulham want chambers why don't we go in for sessengon and use chambers in the deal.

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22 Apr 2019 06:53:08
Extremely disappointing result, but not totally unsurprising as we has 4 players out injured - Bellerin, Holding, Ramsey and Welbeck. I presume Xhaka and Suarez were also absent due to injury, We also had Sokratis suspended. The starting line was also missing: Maitland-Niles, Monreal, Torreira and Mkhitaryan. That makes 11 first team players that didn't start, which meant we started with Jenkinson and Elneny, who are simply not good enough. Other players who had played against Napoli looked jaded.
What concerns me now is that we have two tough away matches to come this week, and in order to finish top 4, we will need 4 points from these two matches. Of the 3 teams challenging us for a top 4 place, Man U look dreadful and have 2 hard matches, v Man C and Chelsea. Whilst the Toot have the easiest run in, but have 2 CL matches intervening. Chelsea have to play Man U, points must be dropped. Realistically, at best, I can see us collecting 6 more points, a home win and 3 away draws, leaving us with a total of 72 points, which will be touch and go for a top four spot. We have to select our strongest 11 v Wolves on Weds.

22 Apr 2019 07:46:22
3 of the 4 players that you’ve mentioned with injuries don’t come into it, they’ve been out most of the season, it boils down to his tinkering again I’m afraid and his trust in the fringe players, Jenkinson has hardly played this season and there is a reason for that, why throw him in at this stage is a mystery, every game is a cup final, Elneny just isn’t good enough I should imagine he will be gone soon and as for Coco the clown Mustafi? The line up was just too weak and it didn’t need to be.

22 Apr 2019 10:35:13
Well said Banbury someone with some sense.

22 Apr 2019 10:38:43
That's the thing, making excuses for Dick everytime things go wrong won't make us great again because it didn't work when people did it for Arsene so why would hiding behind poor old excuses help Dick either.

We have to hold our manager accountable just like every other big club does or we will always be a wishy washy also ran club.
Yes all managers make mistakes because they are only human but our defensive game is as it was under Arsene absolutely awful and only by demanding our man in charge sorts it will things ever get better.

Much much more important than top 4 or Europa league success is finally once and for all sorting out our feeble unfit for purpose defence because until that happens we will never consistently bother other big clubs in the pursuit of the games big prizes.
All teams who achieve success at a high level can defend extremely adequately and we haven't do that for years and still can't manage adequately let alone extremely adequately.

This defensive issue won't suddenly disappear by magic it needs sorting and it needs someone who is both commtted to and capable of achieving it.

22 Apr 2019 10:48:00
Its got to be said, with ramsey Socrates, amn and torreira out, to start with so many fringe players was a mistake. We don't know the cicumstances of all the non starters but we certainly didn't look fresh and together. The midfield was disjointed and the defence looked like it was picked out of the crowd. It is a time for rotation, end of season lots of games, injuries and suspensions but yesterdays team just wasn't good enough. It shows that the depth in midfield and defence needs major departures and improvements.

22 Apr 2019 10:52:59
Why oh why is he playing players that aren't good enough. just because we are at home.
For me play our best team week in week out.
Get the points .
Now its a struggle to get top four.

22 Apr 2019 11:12:33
Perhaps if the manager, who I appreciate has only had all fricking season, could organise us into a defensive unit where we actually had a clue what we were doing, that would be a huge help.

Sadly Unai Wenger doesn’t. But hey he’s doing better than Wengers last season where not only the fans but the players failed to turn then yay we’re in safe hands, Simon Mignolet type hands. 🙄

Some of the garbage used to validate his shortcomings are beyond cringeworthy.

22 Apr 2019 11:39:21
Contrary to what many comments above state, the current fixture congestion exposes to perfection the numerical weakness in the squad, which was shown yesterday.
Defensively we started without: Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Holding and Monreal. We were using our 3rd choice RB, Jenkinson, who is simply not good enough at this level.
We started without our first choice DM duo of Torreira and Xhaka, as well as Ramsey out injured and Mkhitaryan. Even Suarez was injured.
Of the team that started Jenkinson and Elneny would not get into the squads of any of the top 4 contenders and Mavrapanos could do with a season on loan playing first team football regularly.
In effect Emery was down to the bare bones, playing matches every 3 or 4 days and with Wolves and Leicester to follow this week.
Playing every 3 days at the intensity of PL and EL level is simply not possible, players need a rest. Of the teams in Europe last week, Man U were thrashed, Arsenal and the Toot lost. Man City scraped home against the Toot, but both teams looked 'leggy' in the second half. Interestingly all 3 teams that were beaten at the weekend played away in Europe, so the travelling clearly comes into the equation. Yes, the Toot didn't play abroad, but they did travel back from Manchester after the CL match, and had to travel back again for the league match. Meanwhile Everton and Crystal Palace looked much fresher. My neighbour is a professional footballer and he confirmed that playing midweek, as well as the weekend, particularly in European competition or International football takes its toll.

{Ed001's Note - put the straws down!}

22 Apr 2019 11:56:19
Reality ED! No straws, simply fact.
Having to play Jenkinson sums it up.

{Ed001's Note - no it does not, it is straws being clutched. United lost because they have a cheerleader not a manager. You even included Man City v Spurs for heaven's sake. Neither of them travelled abroad. Perhaps if your manager knew how to train players there would be less injuries and you could leave those straws alone.}

22 Apr 2019 12:21:29
Stoner, you don't like Dick and you made that clear right from the beginning, that's your perogative. Personally and i know you totally disagree, don't think anyone could have done a much better job so far. We appointed someone who is perfectly well qualified to do the job. Yesterday was a really bad performance from all after a period where we were looking very good. If this guy can't be given a season at least to have a few transfer windows and to assess for himself what are our strengths and weaknesses, or anyone for that matter we won't get anywhere. I would be interested to hear how far away from where as a team you think we should be with a coach of your choice, 3rd, 2nd, 1st after 1 season. i'm just pleased most of our fans can see this is a new era and time and patience is needed. If after a period of time of obvious regression, i'm sure that then this guy or whoever should be given his leave. We are frustrated about defeat and mistakes but we are still surprisingly in 4th and the semi of a EL. I for one am really looking forward not back. Just interested but who do you think would have us in a better position than we are now? I wanted a lot of people but i doubt none would have us riding much higher. The three teams above us have all had mangers a windows to improve and learn, the ones around us are in a similar boat and i'm not sure they are in a better place than us, with better coaches.

22 Apr 2019 14:36:14
Steve mate has any side ever won a title without being able to defend adequately?
Surely that was our problem under Arsene more than anything else and it remains our problem under Dick more than anything else mate.
Is champions league participation really all we want expect hope for now days? Or do we want to once again challenge for titles and who knows maybe surpass Arsenes fantastic early achievement and win a a champions league title for the first time in our long and proud history?
I don't believe Arsenal are still limited to also ran status by accident it's because we can't defend any more efficiently effectively or adequately now than we could when Arsene was struggling.
Dicks methods tactics style isn't proving to be the answer so either Dick needs to change his style or we need to change Dick!
We can't and shouldn't willingly and quietly accept not having a defence worthy of the name any more than this one initial season.
Next season has to be SHOW US YOU CAN DO WHAT'S NEEDED or thanks for your efforts but tata Emery.

22 Apr 2019 16:09:01
Steve like I said, people are using Wengers last season to measure how Emery is doing, a season when fans along with players rarely showed up. That is no yard stick.

It’s clearly important that we finish as well as possible because the Champions League is the place to be. To actually challenge in the competition is the ultimate aim as well as challenging in the league. We’ve done neither for some time and remain doing neither.

As for Mr Emery, well we really may as well have kept Wenger because the team looks exactly the same, the season is the same, beaten by lesser teams, battered by big teams, woeful defensively along with countless injuries and now coming into the business end of the season looking like we are going to balls that up to with poor team selections, poor tactics and zero motivation. Remind you of anyone?

Emery has no track record of achieving things expected of this club unless you are daft enough to include his 2nd year in France after making a lash up of the 1st one and let’s not forget how they fell apart against Barca.

Yes he won 3 Europa league titles but he’s already inherited a cup team, which is what we are. Did he ever seriously challenge the top 2 as Atletico did. You do know he went a whole season without winning an away game, not far off what he’s managing here.

Emery doesn’t have a clue how to mould a defensive unit, how can we be this far into the season and still be shocking and Mustafi alone isn’t to blame. He is not known to for his coaching of a defence.

Klopp, Pochettino, Guardiola, do you think they just tell their players to watch videos and all will come good on the pitch.

How many managers have been brought in to save a side from relegation and in no time sorted out that clubs defence.

We are a bloody shambles and have been all season and you believe he’ll buy a few more defenders and hey presto.

I understand we are not necessarily going to be hunting down Liverpool and City in year one but Jesus how can we be in April still being so disorganised.

You are just putting your house on a bloke simply because he’s not Wenger. How many times did you crucify Wenger for all the exact same things Emery is doing but your so happy he’s gone nothing else appears to matter.

22 Apr 2019 16:16:24
This is what we have been talking about the whole of last week, in fact all season “defensive improvement” which is none exciting. You have got to know your players by now if they are capable of doing the job or not. So it’s either that or the boss didn’t take the Palace front line too seriously, which what got us to the defeat yesterday.
Excuses like injuries and rotations are none sense, we have a week until next game.
And it doesn’t mean if we were too good at home we can take other teams lightly its just ridiculous.
The defensive performance with that MF pairing is just insane and asking for trouble.
The boss got it wrong completely wrong, and unlucky for us Palace had their shooting boots on and we didn’t escape like we did before.
We had another chance to strength our position but we failed we are becoming spurs for god sake.

22 Apr 2019 18:59:56
Im not happy with the defending but i'm also of the opinion that when we get our better players out we are much much better and i can see we are. I can also see when we go down the order, we are awful. I dint blame Dick for that. I truly believe we will strengthen at the back and even this season if we were able to rely on soc kos holding as a back three then we would be doing better. If we can strengthen at the back this summer, i see lots of improvement, if we dont, then we wont. We have just come off 5 clean sheets in 6 games before yesterday and we have kept 9 clean sheets in eleven in the EL, so its got a chance to be better. I am blaming players that we have that aren't good enough for our defence not the set up. You may see it different.

22 Apr 2019 19:19:14
Let's be honest and talk premier league when we gage ourselves, no disrespect to our Europa league opponents but only Napoli will be on next season champions league of the those teams we've faced this season.

22 Apr 2019 20:07:37
Ok, gunner talking premier league, we have defended much better when we had more first choice players on the pitch and we have defended poorly when we haven't. The results are there to be seen. The games when soc and kos have been paired we have been very good and got good results. The games where we haven't had them paired we have been poor. We have had two players injured all season so what for me that shows is, we have poor defensive back up. Which is something that has been inherited from last season, the main culprit being mustaffi, who is an absolute car crash at times. It must be scary playing alongside him. Beyond him, we haven't the quality to fill any voids, kalasinac isn't a left back and monreal is struggling. The big plus will be right side because amn, while not top class has been very good and getting better. If we lose soc or kos, i don't see a solution at the moment.

22 Apr 2019 21:17:17
So if you’re talking Premier League I think it would be fair to say 2018 was, like I said earlier, an unfair comparison, fan protests, players not really turning up and Wenger announcing he was leaving.

Prior to that;

2017 - 75pts
2016 - 71pts
2015 - 75pts
2014 - 79pts

Did Wenger have Sokratis, Torreira, Leno, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Kolasinac or Guendouzi.

How close is Emery going to get to Wengers genuine worst season of 71pts.

So are we actually playing better football or defending any better than we did in those previous seasons that it would far fairer to compare?

22 Apr 2019 21:27:14
There was a time Steve when we both cringed at poor old Arsenes luck with injuries excuses made for him by others as if other teams never had injury problems, if Kane was still an Arsenal player rather than a Spurs player or Ox still at Arsenal not Liverpool we'd be milking their absences right now but because it's not in Arsenal's or more importantly Dicks favour to mention other teans injuries we conveniently forgetting them.
Steve mate you wouldn't have accepted these excuses for Arsene so why are they more relevant for Dick?



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