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25 Mar 2018 03:13:18
Ed, any truth to reports that Tuchel has rejected bayern and wants to coach a foreign club? The report further indicates that the team he is in talks with is Arsenal. How true is that? I doubt given that he had a fall out with sven msinlat. IMO he is the most perfect coach for us given that he is tactically really good. Improves any player he works with. The general consensus on this page is that allegri is the best option andi think allegri won’t be bad. sarri would be more exciting but thomas tuchel at Arsenal would be a ground breaking for Arsenal a game changer just like when wenger came to Arsenal.

{Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware Bayern decided against offering the job to him and that is why they went for Heynckes in the first place, despite Tuchel being available and keen on the job. I don't know of any approach from Bayern since then.

As for being a good coach, you will be sadly disappointed if you think he is that good. Tactically he just overcomplicates things and gets caught out time and time again. Not sure how many players he has improved either. That is if you overlook the fact he fell out with half the players and other staff at Dortmund because he is extremely hard to work with.}

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25 Mar 2018 06:34:05
Mkhitaryan and aubameyang really improved under him.

{Ed001's Note - if you say so.}

25 Mar 2018 22:55:52
apparently its psg he is going to nothing to do with arsenal.

26 Mar 2018 22:16:53
Punani Tuchel is becoming your answer to Sanogo's Jack thing mate :-)

26 Mar 2018 22:54:25
lol most reliable german journos are denying the tuchel to arsenal rumuour which only means that this rumuours are from his agent. One minute he is off to arsenal another to psg another minute to chelsea then today i heard today that he is still interested in the bayern job what the hell lol. I am only a big fan of him because his positional play would be interesting at arsenal. think he could do serious damage with the attacking players at our disposal but i would be happy with allegri or sarri but reckon with the board we have we will get none.

27 Mar 2018 07:25:04
You're having a laugh if think Tuchel is the best replacement. The guys rubbish! So many more managers out there that Arsenal could approach first.

{Ed001's Note - and the rumours of him to Arsenal are nothing to do with Tuchel's agent. Quite the opposite, the agent denied any contact with Arsenal saying something along the lines of 'there is no job there to discuss'. Oh and then said that his client is looking for a job with a team that is capable of challenging for the Champions League, in a way that said it ruled Arsenal out of the running.

The rumours of Bayern originate from his agent, who keeps claiming they are showing interest, though they can't be showing that much interest or he would be already managing them! Bayern are unsure of what to do as they really like Nagelsmann but have fears he is too young and not ready for them yet. The most likely scenario there is that Heynckes extends his deal for another season to give them time to think on Nagelsmann or find a better option. Tuchel is purely a back up plan for them. A back up to the back up plan in fact, as Heynckes is the back up plan!}

27 Mar 2018 11:32:34
I'm becoming increasingly less convinced that change will come this summer as the board still don't seem keen to take the decision for Arsene.
Apparently they are trying behind the scenes to convince him to make the decision to quit himself.
I've never heard of such a ridiculous situation before where it's 100% up to the manager to decide how long he continues despite almost everyone not wanting him to continue in the job after this season.
It is what it is but it's bizarre whatever it is that's for sure :-)

27 Mar 2018 15:59:00
Glenn why do you think he is rubbish? Any justification for that statement? Well i don't judge a coach solely on his achievements because you have to put them in context, i judge a coach based on his tactical ability and when it comes to tactics, tuchel is up there mate. This article below best sheds light on his tactical approach.

27 Mar 2018 18:41:15
G62 it has to be different and the people around him and even the ones who are asking him to leave will have nothing but the utmost respect for him and will be telling him human to human that it’s the best all round. He is undoubtedly stubborn and will fixate on honouring acontract over the right thing to do. He just needs convincing. I’m sure as the season goes on the convincing may turn to prodding. In the grand scheme of things I’m sure as heartbreaking as it would be it wouldn’t hurt to much but maybe enough. With the big money auba deal and changes back stage I’m sure that it has created enough of a spark to roll ahead with the plan and get a change done before the World Cup.

27 Mar 2018 21:23:40
I hope your right Sanogo mate, I have no wish to see Arsene publicly humiliated by having to be dragged out the door but equally I have no wish to see our club go backwards for yet another season.
No player with any decent options is going to want to follow in the footsteps of Ozil Mustafi Xhaka Cech Lacasette and come to us and see their reputation and career deplete beyond recognition and signing players who simply come to us because they have no decent alternatives doesn't bode well either.
Under Arsene we have become a club where players just don't perform at the level they showed at thier previous clubs or where we sign players who are not of the quality needed to get us back in top 4 contention or title challenging but who give their best for us that isn't quite enough ( Elneney ) .
I just don't think we can get away with another season like the last few without spending years in the football wilderness because of it.

27 Mar 2018 21:55:08
I know mate but it maybe feel that way but it’s not as bad as that. Players will come and we’re an attractive potential project with the right crew aboard mate. Never forget that.

28 Mar 2018 22:22:18
Gunner62, i am afraid that the only end that awaits Wenger is humiliation. He came out this week and said people only want him to go because of his age. Mr wenger that is not why we want you gone. We want you gone because you have subjected us to humiliation for years. You subjected us to embarrassing defeats, to mediocrity, to under performance, to title collapses to abject pain etc. That is why you have to go. It is not about age. Jupp heynckes is 72 and bayern still want him to continue. why? Because he is a really good coach and wenger is not and has not been for the past few years.

Wenger is so deluded. That is the only reason why he is still sticking around. He still still thinks he can turn it around despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He should have been gone 6-7 years ago and due to his stubbornness we missed out on the guardiola's and contes of this world. we will also miss out on allegri, sarri, jardim and tuchel and even the next generation of good coaches like nagelsmann and tedesco. We will be be in such a mess that no decent coach will be interested in us then we will finally fire wenger. He will be humiliated but the damage would have been done anyway.



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