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29 Oct 2018 15:38:32
Haven't posted for ages here hope everyone has been well.

i am loving our progress under emery so far. You can tell he has been working with them tactically a lot. The positioning of the player during build up, defence and even in the final third is better under emery than under wenger. ou can also tell players are fitter under him.

My only worry is our defense. with mustafi in our defence you can expect us to always leak goals. He is one of the most stupid defenders i have ever seen wear the Arsenal shirt.

Hope we buy a couple of defenders in January. Kroenke needs to back emery.

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29 Oct 2018 15:57:59
Agree Punani, the defence is a massive worry, we need new players.

29 Oct 2018 18:04:01
Hope you have been good Steve. Our back line is shocking. The only player that i will retain from that back line is monreal, i will get rid of the rest.

Sokratis was decent in the few games he was played in, i am surprised why he was dropped to the bench he is a far much better defender than mustafi to me.

29 Oct 2018 18:46:33
Monreal is coming to the end, we need a replacement. Holding doing ok but like most he has a mistake or two each game. Mustaffi is rash, sokratis is ok and Bellerin isn't a defender, like a defender should be, a failed winger turned right back. We are really weak in defence. A priority over the next two windows. Panic seems to go through them the nearer the box the opposition get.

29 Oct 2018 19:18:54
Hi Punani mate good to hear from you. I don't understand how Arsenals don't rate Belerin, all the pundits and fans of other clubs are raving about him under Emery, it's so strange.

29 Oct 2018 20:51:01
Gunner for a right back going forward he is fine but all these pundits used to say wenger was a great manager, then slag his team off or being poor. Our defending is poor and Bellerin is just as much to blame in that as anyone else. i've heard these pundits say this is great and that is great about bellerin then highlight our poor defending which he was part of.

He isn't a very good defender, monreal isn't a very good defender, neither play for their respective nations. Mustaffi, does not play for Germany, he has been dropped and none of the others are playing for high ranked nations and rated has high as they should be. That all adds up to a poor defensive record. They are all ok defenders in the prem but debatable whether any are top 6 material.

In fact if you look at our defensive record, we are relegation material. Bellerin and monreal have been part of that leaky defence for a good 5 years. Mustaffi and the others have joined and it hasn't improved. Because they are not the best at defending putting it mildly.

29 Oct 2018 21:21:16
All I'm saying is it's only 50% of Arsenal fans who don't rate Hector Steve, Barcelona City and other big clubs seem to, fans of other clubs seem to, fellow professionals do and the pundits do to, just not half of our own fans, I find that strange.
Xhaka seems to draw a wide consensus across the board as do Mustafi Welbeck Ramsey but Hector seems to get written off only by Arsenal fans which even you have to admit is odd Steve surely.

29 Oct 2018 21:34:07
Not as bad as xhaka gunner but a lot of rival fans i know think he's overated. He started out brightly but hasn't progressed. The truth is gunner "when" Barcelona wanted him, they wanted him for peanuts and when we intimated a figure, they ran. Tjey don't want him now.

29 Oct 2018 23:11:39
It must be geographical Steve because he's very highly rated by Liverpool and United fans where I live and to be fair most Gooners here are puzzled by the stick he gets too, when we talk Hector it's always " why do other Arsenal fans not like him "?
It must be a ( spit in the street ) thing in your area Steve :-)

30 Oct 2018 14:22:59
Ha ha gunner, however big or small, there is no argument, he has a role in our poor defending. We let silly goals in and he is an ever present.

30 Oct 2018 17:59:52
It's all a matter of prerspective Steve mate, it depends on how we chose to view any situation as to what we see.
if those of us who aren't Xhaka fans spent 90 minutes only looking for his good bits apposed to consenting on his weaknesses and those who think Xhaka is brilliant did the opposite whey they took more notice of the times he gives the ball away rather than just the times he hits a long crossfiled pass that comes off we might all come away with a more balanced opinion mate.
Sometimes we all allow our preconceived opinions blind us from seeing anything differently, I'm always intriguide as to why people see things differently to me and when it's the vast majority of people then I'm always ready to consider maybe just maybe I'm missing something.

30 Oct 2018 19:01:22
Agree gunner, until you look at our defensive record. If we weren't letting in so many goals from so many mistakes from all our defenders and our record was better, we could all look at it differently.

30 Oct 2018 19:50:18
It's true Steve that we have conceded double the amount of goals of the clubs around us but it's also true that we are learning a completely different style of play and the players are being asked to do things that they haven't been asked to do before so would it not be weird if we were as defensively tight as City Chelsea Liverpool and and Spurs who are either under manages for the 3rd season or have been recen champions?
It's possible that by the end of Dicks first season players who are struggling now might be much more comfortable confident and capable with what is new to them now?
Maybe even you might be a fan of Hector by next May Steve:-)

30 Oct 2018 20:08:27
Unless he becomes braver gunner, i doubt it. But who knows, he's a bit flakey for me, i like strong players and characters. He seems more concerned about his stupid hair and daytime pyjamas. But i'm sure his mums very proud, so what i think is not important. Lol.

30 Oct 2018 20:27:40
I'm sure his parents are extremely proud of him mate, didn't he donate a £100 to charity for every minute he played in the under 21s world cup finals?
I have high hopes for Arsenal Hector and you too this season Steve I'm optimisticly predicting a positive season from all :-) .

30 Oct 2018 20:36:51
Good on him, he's got a heart of gold, let's hope he can become an arsenal great as well.

01 Nov 2018 10:28:09
Could not agree more. A left back and one quality centre back in January will leave us very strong. Add a world class winger and possibly Dembele (Ousmane) in the summer and life looks better than good.



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