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03 Sep 2018 07:16:23
The start to the season has gone much as expected, with 2 consecutive wins after the defeats against top clubs in the opening 2 matches.
On the positive side we look good offensively having scored 3 in both of the last 2 matches and could easily have scored more. The team has more energy, presses more and look more positive in general.
From a defensive point of view, the defenders haven't been too bad, but the cover from midfield hasn't been good.
Cech has been laying well, part from clearing the ball. He seems uncomfortable playing the ball out short and doesn't seem to know when not to play short and launch the ball long. I have a feeling Leno will be given a chance in the cup matches and he looks much more used to playing out short. The defenders also aren't yet used to receiving and playing out short, nor are some midfield players. This will no doubt improve with time. The international break should be good for us, as we may have few players away on duty, so more work can be done on the training ground.
It will be interesting to see Leno and Torreira begging to start matches. A big flaw yesterday was Ozil's lack of defensive cover for Bellerin and this was noted by Emery, as you could see Ozil trying, in vain, to cover more in the 2nd half. Away from home we could push Bellerin forward to the right midfield attacking role and slot Lichtsteiner in at RB. The other possibility is to play Guendouzi, Torreira and Xhaka in a 3, which may protect the defence better,

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03 Sep 2018 07:58:38
Xhaka protect the defenders? Not a chance.

03 Sep 2018 08:40:15
Perhaps Laca and Tor should teach the players how to defend with a bit more aggression. I like how these two hurry the opponents. Most of our players just contain the opponents instead showing some aggression in tackling. We need to work more on defending and also to pass quicker than we do.

03 Sep 2018 09:38:33
We are much better going forward than we have been for some time but impossible as it sounds I think we are slightly worse at the back than we were under Arsene and the midfield is still disorganised umdisplined and of no protection to the defence.
Dick is going to stick with Petr Cech playing with his feet and Granit Xhaka doing whatever he does and all we can hope is it comes right for Dick Xhaka and Cech.
Most of us wouldn't play Xhaka and many of us would play 3 at the back and I think all of us would start Torreira but it's Dicks party and it's only just got started so we can only let him get on with it and hope it makes sense to us all as the season unfolds.
It takes a very discerning eye to spot Xhaka value to the team and obviously both Arsene and Dick see something very few people (me included) have the football knowledge to see in him but obviously there must be something, I'm just yet to meet a single person who is willing or able to explain what Xhaka brings to the team that no one else does and why we are better with than without him in the team, it's a mystery to most people and until someone explains what we are all missing I guess it will stay that way.

03 Sep 2018 12:27:45
Interestingly the supporters seem to dislike Xhaka, yet Emery, Wenger and the Swiss National team manager all like him. I believe he is one of Emery's 5 'Captains'.
He looked best alongside Torreira during the last two matches. Guendouzi is a fine young player, but is extremely similar in look and playing style to Elneny. Torreira provides a far better platform for Xhaka to play off, opposed to Guendouzi who isn't particularly disciplined. Next to Torreira, Xhaka is able to play slightly more advanced as a deep number ten. In this position his fine range of passing is evident.

03 Sep 2018 13:19:56
We all seem to have this obsession with Xhaka not being a good DM or a decent shield for the defence, which is correct. However i would also say I don't think he has ever been a proper DM and perhaps to judge him purely on this is slightly incorrect. This is partly based on his role at previous clubs before Arsenal and for Switzerland, where for the latter he plays as the deep lying midfielder rather than DM. Also, despite our obsession, no one seems to moan about some of our other midfielders lack of defensive qualities, such as Ramsey, who is arguably even more useless in protecting the back 4 than Xhaka. Also Chelsea signed Jorghinio in the summer, who i can't help noticing is successfully playing the deep lying midfield role (as Xhaka should be) , but yet I not aware of any Chelsea fans or pundits moaning about his lake of bite or protection for their defence. Is it because he is putting in big tackles that i missed, or is it perhaps because he is just playing alongside the best midfielder in the premiership in Kante, who can do the serious defensive work, and allow Jorghinio to get on with his role of being the ball carrier and distributor (Chelsea fans feel free to contribute here) ? Therefore perhaps we should at least partner Xhaka with Torreira for a while so he can get on with being the deep lying midfielder whilst Torreira acts as the DM sweeping up behind? I think I would at least prefer to judge Xhaka on his performance in this role rather than as a DM (and TBH, he probably still isn't good enough but at least we gave it a go! ) .

03 Sep 2018 13:38:12
I understand what your saying Epping but if you take the defensive side out of the equation completely what else does Xhaka provide for the team? I'm still lost as to what does for us in any positive way.
It's not a case of not wanting to see it it's just that I can't.
Mustafi I see some good qualities to go along with his weaknesses not enough but there are some on show sometimes but Xhaka must have played 70 odd games now and you'd struggle to pick 7 good games out of them it fact it's a struggle to remember any good games from him, a good shot or even a rare good goal but a good 90 minutes? I seriously can't remember one.

03 Sep 2018 14:38:39
Agree gunner, he is a non influence on the team.

03 Sep 2018 17:32:07
To get into a midfield of a Top side which we are aspiring to be again you have to offer something that can make a difference either from a defensive side or offensive side. I could live with Xhaka being poor defensivly if he actually was offered something offensivly.

To me a midfielder should be either be skillful on the ball and can beat a man (Ozil, Miki even Iowbi in and out can do this) , have good pace and a dangerous cross if out wide (This one type we don't have as proper wide midfielder) make good dagerous runs off the ball and make those deeper runs into the box to find space (Ramsey can do this) , make regular defense splitting passes on the ball (Ozil) , a great reader of the game on the defensive side who picks up all the loose balls (Guendouzi looks to be of that Ilk) or a strong agressive but clean tackler that can doninate physically (Torreria type) . You need to be someone that effects the game not just run around a lot or make simple 5-10yd passes else you not Top team material.

Xhaka has none of these qualities of any significance that a shown on a any regular basis and to me is largely just a body on the pitch who can make simple passes, the only thing he does have is the occasional power shot that is not enough.



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