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29 May 2018 02:52:19
Hello Gooner family. Hope you guys had a good weekend.

With Liverpool signing fabinho, keita and possibly fekir, the gap between us other big teams seems to be getting bigger and is scary prospect.

City, united and tottenham have better teams and the Manchester teams will probably make a few signings for big bucks making the task of catching them even harder.

Chelsea having lost a champions league place, will be desperate to get back. They will be fun to watch next season with the impressive sarri in the dugout.

Sarri's methods take time for the players to adapt to so my prayer is that abrahimovich loses patience with him and fires him before he creates a monster. I am sure, given time, sarri will create a formidable team.

I feel like we will have a hard time catching the teams above us because we have a wrong philosophy at the club;the self sustaining philosophy.

The thing with the self sustaining model is that it only works for teams that are established brands, teams like real, barca, united and bayern. If you are not an established brand, you can't rely on the self sustaining model because you won't be generating enough revenue. You won't be attracting enough sponsors. United make 75m from their kit we make 30m, how are we going to compete with them? They can sign better players and on better wages than us.

The way around that in my opinion is to invest heavily in the squad in the short term while having a long term vision that will eventually lead to self reliance while being competitive like united's case.

This will work as history teaches us that chelsea and city won the league 8 times between them in the last 13 years having spent heavily in their squads.

To conclude, i think we need to spend in the next few seasons and that means we will be competitive hence attract more commercial partners leading to more revenue. I don't see us doing that hence i fear we will only fall far behind.

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29 May 2018 05:37:23
Hi P
If we spend all our cash reserves available and settle our short term debts - that’s not a huge amount of cash for one season but let’s say that happens.
Where do we build on next season as nothing changes that quick in business - we will have no cash in year two.
Didn’t the CEO lose their job for overpaying for Utd’s shirt deal - ours is up for discussion next year and not sure when the stadium is up again but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Our deals are always improving but not to the limits of City, Utd etc
We need to buy very smart and invest in youth and experience while getting the mix right
We can rebuild the back 5 this season + a CDM which should secure us top 4 but that’s about the limit of our ambition plus cups unless something seriously changes like you hint above.

29 May 2018 09:59:16
14 years without a title challenge, 2 seasons of non top 4 finishes and last season we had nothing to play for in the league with 10 games remaining.
Change has finally arrived and with it I thought would come a wave of hope and optimism but not for everyone it seems.
Why not let the new chapter begin and unfold a little before writing it off as a waste of time.

29 May 2018 13:06:52
I love waking up to an upbeat Punani post.

29 May 2018 14:13:01
SY4,a back four and a defensive midfielder won't get us top four. This because our rivals have far much better squads but still they are planning to spend. The manchester clubs and liverpool are far ahead so they will definately take the top three spots next season. that leaves one spot for the champions league. Who do you see getting that final spot between us, spurs and chelsea? I know who i will bet my money on.

29 May 2018 17:37:07
Singooner, chances of me being upbeat are as high as chances of sergio ramos vacationing in Egypt after the world cup :-)

29 May 2018 20:46:00
Good for you Punani mate, you stand your ground mate.
You wanted Tuchel or Nanglesman and nothing Emery or Arsenal do will ever change your mind mate because for you it's set in stone, if Emery wins 20 champions league titles for us Nanglesman would have won 21 and gone 30 out of 29 seasons unbeaten.
Stay strong Punani and don't let a little thing like being open to being wrong wear you down mate, you know it makes sense, well to you it does anyway :-)

29 May 2018 22:33:37
Gunner mate i don't think emery is bad coach, he is decent and he has shown it over time, I have nothing personal against him, i am just not sure if he is a right fit for the club. I will support the team and hope he proves me wrong. I only have my doubts because of his time at PSG. Before PSG i think we can all agree he was excellent.

30 May 2018 08:10:44
Let go of the doubts and embrace the new fresh start Punani mate, there will be plenty of time for criticism outrage and disappointment if and when things should go badly.
Now is the time to enjoy and dream of what might be possible in the next few years for us, maybe a title challenge, maybe 80÷ points in a season for the first time in a decade maybe a champions league final and who knows maybe even more!
The last thing any of us want is to be on the outside of a fresh wave of optimism that sweeps through the club and carries us to hights we haven't known for years, don't be the only one who doesn't enjoy the party simply because you told everyone you wouldn't before it started.



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