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28 May 2018 21:08:59
Liverpool have signed Fabinho £43mil with Kieta already signed for £55mil and can still possibly sign Fekir too! Arsenal look set to sign a 34 year old RB on a free and a 30 year old CB for £16mil. Arsenal fans need to realise that we aren't going to keep pushing this! We will sign a class player ever now and again and will always be weak on one too many areas of the pitch! Emery has a big big mountain to climb to get us back to the top which he will do all he can to achieve. With a board like ours though it's going to be tough.

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28 May 2018 21:33:35
Look at Liverpool a few years back and then dry your eyes mate. We will make well needed signings this year. Liverpool are an exciting prospect now and what’s happening at Liverpool is within the reach of arsenal. We’re not miles away. Next year we will be better and if we get champions league things will pick up again.

28 May 2018 22:11:56
Liverpool are two and half years into refurbishing their house and are looking to add a jacuzzi and a conservatory as well as the new bath they desperately need, Emery has inherited a state of the art high tech tv and some stylish cushion covers but our washing machine is clapped out our beds are worn out and we have nothing to sit on but the floor. Plus we have no bath and our boiler needs replacing too.
We may have to accept hand me downs and buy second hand here and there to begin with simply because we need so much but we will replace and upgrade as we go along.

Plus sometimes you can get some real bargains at charity shops while you can also pay top dollar for shoddy goods that come with lots of hype, as we should be well aware of as we've bought a few of those in recent years.

28 May 2018 22:45:30
Reports coming out we made a late bid for Fabinho. Sounds like same old story but if true at least indicates there is money to bid on bigger names. We are all thinking N'Zonzi type level.

28 May 2018 23:15:52
I don't think we will play the same silly games this summer SG, all those players we linked ourselves with but were never going to sign in the past are old Arsenal and think we are going down a different path now.
Spurs have had much less sensational nonsense headline transfer talk under Poch but better results and I think we will follow that similar path where dreams aren't built up purely for pacification purposes.

28 May 2018 23:31:12
Do we want every player that goes elsewhere?

29 May 2018 00:08:41
I do think what Liverpool are doing is great. The players they are buying and the age they are.

I'm also happy with the signings since Sven has come in.

29 May 2018 01:45:31
Glenn the gap is only getting bigger between us and the other top teams. With liverpool having signed fabinho, keita and possibly fekir, they are only a decent goalkeeper away from challenging city for the title. United are a very rich team and will heavily spend. Tottenham are stable club and chelsea will spend heavily after having missed out on the champions and with the impressive sarri on the touchline, expect them to over-perform. It is only going to get tough.

29 May 2018 08:13:22
It's not the fact that they are signing players that annoys me, it's the Arsenal fans that continuously think it's okay to sign out of date, pointless players and think its acceptable! Brilliant, we will sign a CB and a RB but its not like they are pushing for anyone special! Both players would of been fabulous signings 3 or 4 years ago but not now. They are rotation players and that's about it. If the board really wanted Arsenal to be an elite club then they would join the rest of the top half of the premier league and spend big money! Everton and Wolves will both spend more than Arsenal this summer, mark my words.

29 May 2018 09:21:42
Why so pessimistic Glen, you me nor anyone else has a clue how the new Arsenal management system is going to perform in the market, the only clue we have so far are Pea Miki and the young Greek CB and I see no reason to be pessimistic about any of those.
The Sven men haven't let us down so far so let's give them a summer before we write them the new manager or the club that is no longer being run by Arsene a chance.
Was it the club or was it Arsene who wouldn't spend in the past? Let's find out before we write ourselves off completely.
It was certainly Arsene who said there were no players who could improve us and that he spent the clubs money like his own, that we do know for sure.
Judge the club and the management in late August and judge the new players they bring to the club in January not now because none of us have anything to judge them on yet mate, nothing has happened simply because nothing has had a chance to happen, the widow isn't even ajar yet let alone open.

29 May 2018 10:43:55
I agree Gunner, and I mean no criticism towards the manager at all! I can't wait to see what Unai brings to Arsenal and I'm sure it will all be very positive! However, we need to get real come on. These 'potential signings' aren't the signings of clubs that have money to spend. They're signings of a fund restricted club. Arsenal do have they money to invest and we all know that. Kronke has been investing hundreds of millions of pounds in to his american sports with players, stadiums, sponsors the lot and it was the same story with Liverpool. Their owners finally realised that Liverpool were a great prospect and went from zipping up their pockets to investing large amount of cash. We can all comment on the final bla bla but the fact of the matter is, who wants to join Arsenal when they can play for Liverpool? Or city or any of the top clubs for that matter. You can say don't be pessimistic but we are already being linked with every player under the sun and early signs show no difference from the last 7 or 8 transfer windows. I hope I am wrong, I really do. Maybe we will clinch 3 world class players for £50mil a piece but can you honestly see it?

29 May 2018 13:10:22
We are simply not going to get back to the top, or anywhere close, if we lack ambition in the transfer market. We are already behind the five clubs who finished above us in the league, and we will be further behind if all we get is a makeshift team. I think what we are seeing is that the lack of transfer activity in the past, was less a consequence of Wenger's intransigence, and more the result of Kroenke being happy with a profitable, but unsuccessful club.

I hope I am wrong and the reports of targets and budgets are nonsense. I fear not however.

29 May 2018 14:24:35
Agree with you glenn. The reality is Arsenal are a club with no ambition. Why are we linked with a 34 year old right back? I watched a few of juventus games last season and towards the end lichsteiner was replaced by de sciglio as a fast choice and unless i am wrong, i think juventus are signing the PSV right back. He is past it even as a substitute.

Bottomline Unai Emery is a decent manager but the board at Arsenal really making his job tougher. Rather than sign quality players, we are linked with sub par players. The owner needs to invest in the team. I think this stories of wenger wanting not to spend, are not true. I think his hands were tied but he is not the one to rant about. My suspicion is that we did not go for Allegri simply because he demanded money be spent. Now that wenger has gone, i think that will come out more often.



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