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09 Feb 2024 15:29:52
Curtis Jones:

'The gaffer, the way he fist pumps the crowd, that’s kind of our thing, ' Jones told the BBC when asked about the scenes in north London.

'If they want to be stealing our stuff, it shows we’re on the right path if they’re copying us. '

Celebrating invented by Liverpool.

{Ed014's Note - what an absolute W⚓️ shows they’re on the right path my arse! ?‍♂️?

Arteta has his own personal way of celebrating and it isn’t copying what Klopp did in Dortmund if that’s what Liverpool want to do!

They need to suck up the bitterness!

#celebratinginventedatDortmund ??

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09 Feb 2024 17:55:57
I can see his point though, Imagine if any club was to steal a song from a musical film and try to pass it off as theirs and theirs alone, now that would be ridiculous act of plagiarism surely and worthy of mention.

{Ed014's Note - now that would be embarrassing! ?

Just shows how little Mr Jones knows about the history of his club.

09 Feb 2024 18:55:36
Is he the one that has a Kevin keegan hair do.

09 Feb 2024 18:56:36
Hi Ed014 mate, I can't believe all the fuss and nonsense about how a club celebrates a victory.

Obviously I could understand it a club, any club celebrated in a racist, misogynistic, politically insensitive manner because that would be a national embarrassment provoking questions being asked in thr house of commons, but to my eye's nothing remotely close to anything like that took place. All I can see is that some people's over sensitive over inflated egos have been offended by their inability to accept defeat with good grace.

Those who are still moaning almost a week later are surely an embarrassment to their club and the vast majority of their fans who would just want them and everyone else to get over themselves.

{Ed014's Note - couldn’t have put it better myself mate, you have it absolutely spot on!

09 Feb 2024 20:10:03
Hi Ed014 mate, if the boot was on other foot and any of our players, ex players or fans were behaving in this way I'd be cringing with embarrassment wiling them shut the fudge up and stop making our club a laughing stock.

I genuinely feel for all rational and reasonable Liverpool fans like Bill who had the humility and courage to come onto this page last Monday and congratulate us.

{Ed014's Note - it’s a shame as always thought they were a decent bunch. Bill a genuinely top bloke though.

Just a shame some can’t take a defeat and have to be endlessly bitter about it!

Thankfully I don’t do social media as imagine that’s been pretty sad!

09 Feb 2024 21:00:44
Me neither Ed014, twitter has absolutely no appeal for me whatsoever mate.

{Ed014's Note - think that would drive me nuts having that! ??

09 Feb 2024 21:23:30
Their just bitter brookside was taken of air.

{Ed014's Note - ??

09 Feb 2024 21:48:38
Anything driven by Elon Musk isn't for me mate.

{Ed014's Note - now that is one weird human being!



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