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31 Dec 2018 11:18:15
Have always been concerned that we are too similar under Dick versus Wenger and in particular the way we defend. We still hold far too high a line for too long, making us far too easy to be hit on the break, and don't attempt to stop teams crossing the ball, which just seems to help teams see us as a team that will always give them a golden chance, no matter how much of the ball we have. We also concede goals at bad times, such as just after scoring, or close to half time etc, which is a basic problem of concentration. What i am not so sure about though, is how much this is down to our individual defenders and recent injuries, or the way we play and set up to defend as a team. Although i suspect the former has hurt us more in recent games, i think its the latter that is causing us the same issues season upon season. I think it was Gabriel who made some comments about how we defended as a team didn't help him, and that no matter who plays in CD they would look poor due to the way we set up. A good example for me is our game against the Saints versus Man Citys yesterday. The saints always seemed up for it against us, knowing they would get chances, and played down the channels and put in crosses, which worked a treat, as we never tried to stop them. Yet yesterday, they were well beaten by Man City, who yes are a much better team then us, but who played a midfield 3 containing David and Bernado SIlva, and only 1 defensive player in Fernandiniho. This is not exactly a powerful and dominating trio you may want in a difficult away game, and yet they comfortably controlled the game whilst protecting their back 4 for most of the time. This for me shows its more important how you set up as a team to defend, and how your attacking players must be used as part of a pack to help protect your back 4. For me, unless we change our set up, i don't think we will see much of a change no matter who we sign as a CB.

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31 Dec 2018 11:57:27
Playing with a high line depends on defending as a team. Aside from PEA, few of our forward players can do that effectively. This is the reason Ozil is conspicuous by his absence in tough games, the problem is what we have in his place is not much of an improvement. This does not absolve from blame a truly dreadful set of central defenders where surgery is most definitely needed in this window and the next, but it does indicate why Emery is looking at attacking forward players in the transfer window (if of course reports are to be believed) who can play that role.

I do think that this is a three year project to transform the style of play and who is playing it. It's worth noting that if we are not going to buy world class players, for reasons of parsimony or poverty, we might be better moulding the young talent into the team Emery wants, rather than buying second best; Toreirra style finds are likely to be less, rather than more, prevalent.

31 Dec 2018 12:00:50
I think it was pretty obvious before December and before all the defensive disruptions, that he was trying to change things. We had just gone three at the back and were playing bellerin and kol as wing backs. December has been a bit of a disaster in every way. I have a tendency to look back, to see where all these problems may stem from. One of the common themes is obvious but the other common denominator in all of this is Steve Bould. I may be barking up completely the wrong tree but does he (being an ex defender) have any input into the way we defend?
He is a coach, i doubt he is involved in the attacking side, he was involved before in our troubles at the back, is he part of the defensive coaching problem?

31 Dec 2018 12:24:56
Spot on Steve - Stevie was not accountable or given the authority to coach the defence (? ) and now we are still the same. why wasn’t he banging on the bosses door day 1 - Boss we need XYZ and make XYZ changes.

Get Keown in.

31 Dec 2018 13:00:33
Emery is the man and all and any coaches have to take thier direction from Dick if not there would be total confusion for the players, imagine Hector being told by Dick attack but Keowen defend?
Coaching meetings should be held by Emery where he and his assistants all speak freely and emerge with one clear plan that everyone sticks too.
Many voices is good in a private meeting but when presenting the plan of action all voice need to talk the same language and ultimately everyone has to pull thier Wight in Dicks direction.

31 Dec 2018 13:29:46
Very true but you have a defensive coach for a reason and his / her vision must tie into the managers overall strategy for the team. The goalie coach works with the goalies and the attackers with the attackers while working on specific areas but as you say they must all tie into Emery’s overall goal / direction.

31 Dec 2018 13:44:58
Yes correct, Emery is the boss and steve bould is one of his coaches. People are saying nothing has changed, a lot has changed but bould is still there. Emery will ultimately take the can for what goes on around him and quite right in the long run but he relies on things in his set up. Can he rely on bould?

31 Dec 2018 13:47:32
Gunner my question was, is he part of the defensive problem?
Or not.

31 Dec 2018 16:59:34
That's something only Dick can answer and sort out Steve mate.
All teams are only as strong as their weakest member.

31 Dec 2018 21:25:50
Hi Steve, I believe the problems stem from the Wenger era and still need addressing. In Emery's favoured 4-2-3-1 formation we simply have no players that can defend in the '3' of the formation. This leaves us vulnerable defensively . Hence why Ozil and Ramsey are playing less regularly even in an injury hit team. We clearly need to bring in players such as Ever Benega who can perform defensively as well as offensively. In addition, we need a RB that can defend and as I stated repeatedly last season, neither of our LB's are good enough and we reportedly tried to sign a LB late in the summer window.

The injury to Holding didn't help. The defence needs a rebuild. Koscielny is well past his best, Mustafi has been a disappointment. We need a couple of CB's. All 5 of the players signed by Emery were defensive, Leno has improved the goalkeeping situation, but Cech needs replacing in the summer, Lichtsteiner was clearly a stop gap and needs replacing. Torreira has been our best signing. Guendouzi is a fine young player. Sokratis is decent, but is now the best or our CB's. I expect a CB and a wide attacking player to arrive in January, p.



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