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26 May 2018 22:36:28
There will be better days for Jurgen Klopp and this Liverpool side, in truth they have had a fantastic season.
If someone had told them at the start of the season that they would finish top 4 again and make the champions league quarter final they'd have taken that but in the reality is they did a bit more than that and if anything in only Klopps second full season they over achieved.

If Dick can do for us in his first two seasons what Jurgen has done for Liverpool, I certainly won't be complaining.

Lick your wounds Liverpool, after the disappoint wears off you will realise just how far you've come in such a short space of time.

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27 May 2018 00:53:43
It does beg the question, how far is the prem still behind the top table?

27 May 2018 06:51:54
A keeper who doesn't have the worst game of his career I'd say Steve.
Liverpool flew the flag brilliantly not just for the premier league but also for all teams without billions to spend.
Peole talk about our net spend but what is Klopps? The sale of Courtinho must make it quite low in comparison with Real PSG Utd City yet there they were last night an injury to their best player and their poor keeper having the worst game of his life away from club footballs biggest prize.

27 May 2018 08:19:54
I think that was Liverpool big chance, echoes our defeat in cl. The team will now be picked apart over the coming seasons salah, sane etc. will go, milne will retire. They put in some good performances but needed that win to push on to bigger things like we did so many years ago. Despite playing well in pl they finished fourth (just) , i think next season could be tricky for them. May seem a bit harsh but in the same way winning g a competition in stills a winning mentality, losing one can make players wonder if they are good enough, just ask a spurs fan.

27 May 2018 09:21:59
62 - what does the history books say in terms of trophies for Klopp?

Every team has injuries and should have a squad to cope.

It’s his keeper - right?

Good season yes

Spurs good season - yes

But have they win lots if trophies.

27 May 2018 09:26:36
Agree BS madrid and Barcelona will come calling. Gunner, at the monent we are way behind, now and, again we get a team to make an appearance in the final but it is dominated by Spain.

27 May 2018 10:07:21
There is optimism and there is pure fantasy wishful thinking, I don't think Liverpool Spurs and now Arsenal too have to fall into the fantasy football bracket to be optimistic about thier future.
Yes Jurgen has lost another final and no Poch still hasn't won anything and I have to hold my hands up and say for all his trophy success else where Emery still hasn't won a trophy in English football! Is it time to part company with him? :-)
The future hasn't happened yet so none of us know what it will produce we can only use our own judgement to decide what is possible and what we can't find any reason to see happening.
Personally I would say Arsenal for the first time in a very long time are trying something different with a new manager and new back room system, where is the evidence to suggest it will or won't be successful?
Liverpool have been here before with Rafa and Brendan but failed to build on a good season in the champions league or the premier league and deliver continued success, where is the law that says Klopp has to follow suit? Spurs have been been nowhere for decades but now are top 4 regalulars 3 seasons running, have their best manager I can remember and a new shiny stadium to move into so I think Spurs fans are entitled to see a lot more rainbows that thunder clouds right now.
But I guess that's the difference between people, some want to see thunder clouds even when there is good solid reasons to believe the sun might be about to come out and others just insist the sun will shine because that's what they really want to happen despite no obvious break in the clouds on the horizon.
SY mate i think some of your optimistic bones left with Arsene and there might just be a part of you that desperately hopes our future might not improve without him because it will prove once and for all he really did hold us back.
If I'm wrong mate i apologise but you do seem to be looking for every negative since Arsene left mate.
Now If I was a united fan I would be feeling pretty negative because despite their multi millions invested they look to be getting nowhere fast accept the title of worst team to watch under both Lvg and Jose, United fans who are negative right now I have some sympathy for but Arsenal Spurs Liverpool fans? What's to be negative about?

27 May 2018 11:55:02
62 - Wenger is history ( good history ) . Emery is the future and I am excited about the future but also realistic.

You got what you wanted and I think thevtiming was a year late at least but we had a few FA Cups.

Everyone goes on about Pool and Spurs - but what have they won? The managers were responsible for the defeat in FA Cup for not really caring, players celebrating 4th and the other team ending up outside of top 2 with no trophy. The stuff we moan at here - not winning

I personally want a change in the board as they don’t want to compete enough - that’s my beef and if every Wenger our person can shout about that then why can’t we shout about the boards lack of ambition. that’s my issue not that Wenger has gone but that we will need to sell to buy again

I like the Emery signing and new hope but let’s set expectations - top 4 and a FA Cup. What’s changed? From FOUR years ago - I see what’s changed from last year and by Christ we needed to change as our away record was shocking

Chelsea, City and Utd will heavily invest again - how do you see us breaking into that top 3 without 200m then we have Spurs and Pool and Us

Negative or realist? But don’t say I am against the change or looking for Arsensl to fail to say Wenger should have stayed.

27 May 2018 18:16:51
I apologise SY no offence was meant mate and I'm genuinely sorry for any I've caused Geeza.

27 May 2018 21:20:13
None at all 62 - didn’t mean to be shirty. I just wanted to be clear on my opinion but doesn’t always come out right. Sorry about that. Hope you have a great weekend.

27 May 2018 21:59:53
Iam chuffed they lost as I work with one of the worst Liverpool fans ever, if I didn’t know him I would have thought different.

27 May 2018 22:41:21
Top Geeza SY mate, I will buy you a preseco when we hit the 80 point mark next season:-) , hopefully with 10 games remaining:-) :-) :-)



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