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14 May 2018 13:27:13
Thanks eds for all your hard work this season and I feel sorry for you this summer coming up.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, I have a feeling it will be a long one!}

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14 May 2018 14:53:14
Yeah me to.

{Ed001's Note - actually it has been pretty long already...}

14 May 2018 15:06:57
Ed01 isn’t it constantly summer in Dubai. ☀️☀️☀️ I’m stopping over for a few days in September and it’s supposed to be up near the 40’s and that’s after the summer! 😅.

{Ed001's Note - it gets cold in the winter mate, sometimes drops as low as 14c in the early hours. September is still hot, very hot, the beginning is still summer really. Mind, after 4 years here now, if it gets below 30c I am reaching for a jacket!}

14 May 2018 15:55:37
L7cky for some ed.

{Ed001's Note - it has certainly done wonders for my health being out here.}

14 May 2018 16:07:06
And here’s me melting in a balmy 18 degrees. 😁.

{Ed001's Note - whereabouts are you going and how long for?}

14 May 2018 16:46:22
Just doing 3 days there ed from 15th Sept, staying at the Atlantis and will probably, well no probably, as the wife will insist, do the Dubai Mall along with the Burj up to the 125th or 148th.

Got any recommends?

{Ed001's Note - bloody hell you must have some money! I only really know the cheap bits mate, though I do admit I love Dubai Mall because I love the aquarium, could spend days watching the fish. Also love the shop for the aquarium, well not the shop, the shop window which is a big fish tank. The mall is huge though, you could easily spend 3 days just exploring it and the market across the opposite side of the bridge by the dancing fountain. By Burj I assume you mean Khalifa? There are a lot of Burjs as it means tower. I have to say the Burj Al Arab is a great place to visit too. The lobby is incredible.

It is well worth a trip to the Gold Soukh and La Mer or Al Seef are really nice. A trip down the canal is good and the night time dhow cruises are worth doing. If you are going to go to the gold soukh - get a abra across the creek from Al Seef, that is really nice (and cheaper than getting a taxi) and you will be able to wave to me as I live near the creek. Jumeirah Beach is nice mate, but as you are at Atlantis you have the beach there and the water park there is nice and relaxing, though a bit boring I think. I could write you a huge list of places to visit but it depends what you want, what kind of things you want to do.

The Marina is nice, as is the walk along JBR, particularly at night, with the Real Madrid café etc. Oh and if you want an experience you really can't get anywhere else, go to the ski centre in Mall of the Emirates and take the missus to meet the penguins. That is something else. It is literally the only place in the world that you can actually hug and kiss a penguin.

One thing I would say is, don't bother getting up and going out early, nothing really opens before 10am. It is an evening/night time place mostly.

If you need a guide let me know, my Egyptian mate Sayed is a tour guide here, so if you want to do things like the desert trips let me know and I will speak to him about getting you discount. He is a good lad, spent a fair bit of time in England so you will actually be able to understand him very easily!}

14 May 2018 17:49:30
Haha, I wish I had loads of money ed, I’m still trying to win the lottery, a single ticket won £21 million Saturday and sadly it wasn’t me.

I’m going to have to copy and paste your reply and start googling, the wife has just said she’d love to do the penguin bit. 🤪

With only 3 days it’s getting around to doing it all, though will no doubt go again and yes the huge tower as its supposed to be pretty impressive. A lift that does 125 floors in about a minute sounds like a Disney ride too.

Thanks for the offer re Sayad but I’m not sure we’ll get out to do a desert trip this time but if we do I’ll get in touch.

I’ll give you a shout when we’re out and if your in the Mall I’ll get you a coffee and cake or what ever they do. 😁.

{Ed001's Note - I can easily get to the Mall from mine mate, it is only 10-15 minutes away. If you want bars, every hotel has a bar and there are thousands of hotels. I just assumed you were minted staying in Atlantis as that is dead expensive. I am not a fan of the Khalifa as I am terrified of heights, went in the Burj Al Arab's bar right at the top, the one that sticks out and couldn't sit near the window as I was sick each time I looked out.

Oh avoid the Mall on a Friday - it is hellish in there on a Friday as that is the main day off, so everyone goes.}

14 May 2018 18:20:15
You must be minted ed as apparently afternoon tea for two in there Burj Al Arab is over £400! 😂

From what I’ve read that’s the only way you can get in that place. I’m not really a drinker ed hence the offer of coffee, bit sad I know, haha. I’ll give you a shout nearer the time if that’s good with you.

I went to a nice hotel in Pathos last year which was pretty expensive and was even more this year so wife suggested Mauritius and 3 days in Dubai and 10 in Mauritius was the same price for this year in Cyprus. Crazy.

{Ed001's Note - I went many years ago and the company paid for it as it was my then gf's birthday.

I don't drink either mate, I was just assuming you would. Coffee suits me fine. Feel free to give me a shout nearer the time.

Dubai used to be dead cheap back when I first came here, now it can be expensive if you don't know where to go. I live in the old part where it is cheaper, much cheaper, places like Satwa (otherwise known as Little Manila) are cheap, or Naif right by the Gold Soukh is cheap but not the area you want to take the missus!

If you avoid beachside hotels you can get a much cheaper stay here and they all do a free bus transfer to the malls and beaches anyway. I still use the free buses to get around sometimes, as you can jump on them in the mall and no one ever questions you!}

14 May 2018 19:49:17
Will do ed and won’t do Naïf, I think I’ll probably skip the afternoon tea too as £400 is mental.

{Ed001's Note - you are in Atlantis, I would suggest getting out of there for everything that is not included in the price you paid, only it is very expensive. You can spend a fortune in Dubai very easily on just eating out etc without noticing when you are a tourist. If you get out of the malls to eat, it is much cheaper.}



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