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22 Sep 2019 18:42:15
Well done today in obviously trying circumstances. Ten men and a goal down is very serious. Well done to all on the pitch for pulling it round. Great result and great results from other games today and yesterday. Didn't agree with the team selection today at all but, i can't moan when we win, the win is all important today.

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22 Sep 2019 18:53:01
Load of rubbish Steve not your post well not all of it, this is worse than a worse thing on an even worse day, Emery is a bigger con man than Wenger.

22 Sep 2019 18:53:06
Although I basically agree Steve, did you see Aubameyang's face when they scored? It really looked like he was totally incredulous. How long can you hold a team together if they only scrape wins (at best) and lose faith in the manager, the tactics and then each other? Saka looked great today though, and although chambers lack of pace showed and a couple of mistakes, did well too.

22 Sep 2019 18:55:48
I don't remember winning ever stopping you moaning on Arsenes shift Steve mate! Sorry mate but you really do seem to have one rule for Emery and another for Arsene.

22 Sep 2019 18:58:46
I great come back Steve.

It must be said that Guendouzi certainly injected some forward impetus that we required. Been giving him some stick as defensively he leaves us very exposed with stray passes and no sense of defensive duty. Didn’t he leave his runner for th3 first goal? If I’m going to give him stick I also have to appreciate his contribution to getting us going forward and attacking the opposition.

Nice to see Pepe score even if it’s from the spot.

Great finish from the handsome Chambers

Worst player excluding AMN was Luiz again. Another poor performance from 🤡23 - he must be due a good game soon and not cost us another goal. He’s at 1.2 goals at fault per game in EPL . That’s an outstanding stat.

Get a grip Emery before the big bad board demote you to a more appropriate challenge. Nothing against you as you seem a nice guy but you don’t have th3 tools for this job.

3 points = can’t moan 😉.

22 Sep 2019 19:00:39
It was a shocker, we are even below the level left on.

22 Sep 2019 19:01:16
It was the mighty Villa - remember. We’re lucky to have such a great manager who pulled off a great result and dominated the game. Did you see how many passes we made! We restricted the mighty Villa to less than 30 shots. What’s to moan about 🍾🎉🎊👏.

22 Sep 2019 19:03:42
He has the tools but not a clue how to use them.

{Ed047's Note - I honestly think we have a lot of talent in this squad that he is wasting and it’s criminal.

22 Sep 2019 19:11:01
Totally agree Ed the summer window was a good one but at the moment it’s wasted.

{Ed047's Note - our front line and midfield (excluding Xhaka) is quality, if we had a manager to organise our defence (excluding Luiz) top 4 should not be a problem.

But he’s making a right pigs ear of it.

22 Sep 2019 19:18:16
Nothing wrong with the tools is the man using them that is the problem, he's obviously lost both the fans and players confidence so it's when not if he is let go, why leave it too late to save the season?

22 Sep 2019 19:35:42
No Gunner, thanks for the lecture but i'm not too upset that we won, in fact because of all the other results, i'm actually very happy. i'm not happy with what Emery is doing with the team but i got fed up of years and years not enjoying winning under wenger and seeing the same things. Like i said, i had a summer off the slagging roundabout and decided to be more relaxed. On one side we are leaking goals like a school boy team and Emery is picking Xhaka and the same old culprits each week and on the other we have had one defeat away at Liverpool and lie 4th in the league. I didn't know i had to be psychoanalised as to my perseption of wenger to Emery. i'm happy we won you arent. When we end up languishing in 7th or 8th for a few weeks and not competing, i will be moaning with the best but i am happy tonight. I think Emery should be making all sorts of changes to the team, formations and defence but when we win, i'm more relaxed now and when we lose, i'm not. I also accept we can't win every game and we will lose lots we shouldn't but that's football. If we lose lots, Emery will be gone. I actually said last week, i thought the second half against Watford was one of the worst in years, Thursdays game was excellent and todays game was a win with ten men, so i'm feeling better than last weekend. Emery may or may not be out of his depth as some interesting people on here have said but ultimately his fate will be decided on results, not by what you and me say. I will go into work tomorrow moaning about the team but i have some mates who will be moaning as well and they support "bigger teams" than me and they are struggling too. Is Emery clearly doing worse than ole, poch and Lampard, i think not, is he doing worse than pep and klopp, i think so. Things need addressing and that is a fact, i don't see us improving if they dont. If they get worse, we all know the outcome "NEXT! "

22 Sep 2019 19:45:05
62 - I meant he doesn’t have the tools in his own tool box. You are right in that the squad attack wise has enough to out shoot any attack while there’s definitely a defensive weakness but also a talent in the club that can be unearthed through coaching and tactics ( only thing he’s responsible for ) or exposed through naivety and lack of experience from the coach.

Ditch a back four with 🤡23 - pretty simple

Ditch Xhaka and give us two solid CDM, one of which is a beast and the other can play a pass. Both need to be defensive minded. Then go crazy with creativity

We tinker with midfield and attack but never from a defensive perspective. So frustrating it’s crazy. How can a second manager be so blind to our problems.

I’m waiting for the moment that the wedding ring is dropped onto the floor a cold breath and Emery suddenly gets the plot like Bruce. But I don’t think he has any sense.

22 Sep 2019 19:46:25
No offence meant Steve I didn't mean to lecture you but I struggle to understand how people who were so unhappy with Arsene can be happy with Emery even though nothing has improved and have actually got even worse now than then.
My bad and your entitled to your opinion no matter how much I struggle to understand it.

22 Sep 2019 19:48:57
Steve, your performance shouldn’t be based on how others are doing . I don’t give a damn about other managers it’s about Arsenal and we are dreadful

End of.

22 Sep 2019 19:55:37
I’m in for the long game - a win is great and a come back like that is awesome. But when we are trying to sort out the issues the club has - performances and addressing issues and a plan make me far happier than a hapless hopeless directionless lucky win.

Still it’s a silver lining on a 💩stained cloud.

22 Sep 2019 20:16:28
Banbury, Emery will only be sacked when we lose on a regular basis, regardless of how we look.

22 Sep 2019 21:17:40
Sy I think
Maitland Niles Papa Chambers Kol
Guendouzi Luis Cellabos
Pepe Auba
Is good enough to handle Vila at home Watford away as long as they are organised and trained where by everyone knows what they and others jobs are as individuals and as team.

Yes you can have
Belerin Papa Holding Tierney
Guendouzi Torreira Ceballos
Pepe Lacca Auba
When all are fit but either way mother 11 should struggle against already struggling Watford and Vila.

23 Sep 2019 00:59:14
The funny thing about today is that you can take so much negative than positive.
It’s very clear we have a very big problem at the back and what’s worrying that it has been going for years and until this day absolutely nothing been done about it.
Yes we are happy about the come back and the win today but we don’t have what they call a winnable game no more, every team is a threat because of our defense and team set up.
I don’t see any team is afraid of us no more it’s almost like we are becoming Man United.



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